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A week from work – Break downs in Toys “R” Us, meeting my sister and Tsum Tsum galore!!

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! My poor blog (as well as the rest of my life’s routine – not that I’m complaining) has been pretty neglected lately because R was home for 2 weeks, so pretty much all of my time was spent with him leaving little time for me to update my blog or even prepare the content for blog posts. Now that he has returned and I am back at work, I have spare time again to upload regularly!

Despite having to work one of the weeks that he was back, I was in a very good mood so it flew by; he would pick me up most evenings and drop me off at work in the morning ^_^. When Friday was over, it hit me with a great rush of excitement that I was off for 9 DAYS. COME AT ME!!
IMG_1276R picked me up after work on Friday and we went to Nandos for dinner with his parents which is pretty standard for us now; whilst at the restaurant I refused a pudding but after dropping his parents off decided that I did want one after all, so he took me to Tesco to buy something and we spotted this whilst in the car park – I LOVE hot air balloons! They really make summer feel like summer, and where I come from, we have a big hot air balloon festival that happens each year not far from where I live! Hopefully next year I can go and watch the festival for the first time, I would like to see it at least once!
IMG_1278So I knew exactly what I wanted for my pudding, these GU chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes are THE BOMB. They are so rich and creamy, yet they aren’t sickly or make you feel sick because they are really moreish!! They are the kind of desserts you would pick up if you were doing a 3 course meal deal from Marks & Spencers or something, and at £3.00 for two jars, I don’t think it’s a bad deal!!
IMG_1280Here is a super rare, unaware, no make-up, lazy photo of myself concentrating on the TV (thanks R); this is a rarity so take a good look at how undignified and ugly I look when I am not being pretty!! Note: dig the double chin!
IMG_1315The next day we decided to pop into town and do some shopping as I needed to pick up some cosmetics and something for Harry’s birthday. It was super hot, so I took the opportunity to wear some more summer clothing and this is my OOTD! I am wearing a cream chiffon blouse, floral chiffon skorts, pearl bracelets and cream lace dolly shoes. Simple but cute! I was comfortable in the heat all day and I was super happy when my skirt arrived only to discover that they were skorts!! Always wanted a cute pair of these!!
IMG_1319On Sunday we went and visited R’s Granny for a couple of hours before heading over to his other Grandparent’s house for roast dinner. I hadn’t met them before and I was super stunned by the beauty of their house!! They live in a section of a large estate-like house in the countryside, with a large garden and some spare land!! It is so big and beautiful, I really wanted to live there myself! Their house is a section of R’s aunt’s house who was away on holiday at the time, so they were also looking after her two golden labs, Honey and Amber, who, along with their own dog, had free roam of the land! I’m not sure which dog I captured in the photo, but you can see how big and beautiful the garden is!
IMG_1320On Monday we had another busy day, we decided to go to Cribbs Causeway near Bristol to do some shopping! Here you can see what living in the countryside looks like near where I come from; we have this beautiful rolling green land all around us, it really is a relaxing and pleasant part of the UK to live in! Unfortunately the photo was spoiled slightly by those dark clouds looming…
IMG_1361As soon as we got into Cribbs we were hunting for breakfast but surprisingly there isn’t much there to eat unless you want to sit down for a full-blown meal. To curb our hunger, I invested (yes invested because it cost £8.00+) in a smoothie and health juice from the Boost Juice Bar for me and R! They were super yummy though and healthy to start off our healthy eating agreement we had made for that week. Whilst R was looking around at some cars (as you can see in the background), I decided to do what I do best – take a selfie!!
IMG_1339 IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1344 IMG_1345I’m not sure if this happens all across the UK but I know it occurs yearly in Bath and Bristol, that giant blank ornaments are decorated and placed around the cities! So far from what I can remember, we have had pigs, lions and gorillas, but this year it was Gromit and Shaun the Sheep! They had a shop dedicated to them and even though Wallace & Gromit doesn’t really excite me, I decided to take a look at the artistic creations of artists, designers and celebrities!
IMG_1346 IMG_1349 IMG_1351 IMG_1352Me and R are super big kids, so we were mega excited when we got into Toys “R” Us! Unfortunately we were not there for us but there to buy my nephew Harry some more birthday gifts! We were however hoping to get my brother a gift as he had been super generous to us recently, so we decided to purchase him some Batman Lego as a thank you! It still didn’t stop us from checking out the Lego and almost walking away with something for ourselves (one day, one day…)!

Unfortunately I struggled find something suitable for Harry because he is at the funny age of 2 where he is too old for anything over the 1+ mark and too young for anything 3+ mark, so we were in there for at least an hour and a half hunting! Poor R almost had a mini break down because he was so tired and hungry, and moaned at me a lot because I kept shooting his ideas down because it either was too old for him or too big for him (he’s only little)! In the end I settled for some Toot Toot toys of a tractor and quad bike (which coincidentally my dad had just bought him a big set of *phew*) and an adorable kitten plush because he loves cats lately!
P1100605I still find kids toys cute (especially those Zelfs, I want to start collecting them because they are so pretty!), and R actually bought me a Care Bear plush in the hope it would hurry me out of the store; it didn’t and he had to grab my hand and drag me to the till, but doesn’t she look adorable!?? I actually purchased the ice creams from Hobbycraft to go with my pink and yellow ones that decorate my room!

I spent £40.00+ in Hobbycraft on a number of crafty things including pastel coloured acrylic paints, a scrapbook, mixed media paper, a 3D unicorn blank, paint brushes and cookie cutters!
IMG_1355We then headed over to IKEA! It was my first time visiting there and I was super excited but first we needed to eat, and R kept going on about their famous meatballs; I’m not a meatball fan but there wasn’t much else on the menu that I wanted, so I had meatballs with gravy and mash, and he had it with chips! It was actually really nice although the kind of food that once you’ve had enough it makes you feel sick to be near it lol. I also got us some desserts but R didn’t eat his because it was insanely sickly but my toffee crunch slice was super nice, cheap also!!

We only spent an hour or so in there since neither me nor R own our own space to put anything in; I did spot PINK SHELVES AND A PINK DESK, which I think I might order to save for when I have my own Princess/pink/pastel art room/blogging office. It was a great experience and we had such a laugh whilst being in there but now I know why everyone raves about it! Afterwards we were pretty relieved to head home and chill out.
IMG_1359So…R has this thing where he has to have like two dinners because he’s such a glutton; so at about 21:30 at night he decides he’s going to order from Wagamama’s. I was hungry too since we hadn’t eaten our meatballs since 14:30, so he kindly offered to swing by our local Chinese to pick me up some chicken fried rice since I had been craving it all week and he had promised me that we would have it at some point but we weren’t going to because he decided to eat healthy during his second week off (but that went right out the window). IT WAS FREGGIN GOOD.

On Tuesday we visited my sister whom R had not yet met; I was super excited for him to meet her and my Niblings, and to give Harry his birthday presents! When we arrived, my sister was out in the front garden with Harry and when asked what she was doing, she told me she was trying to get her son in for the last 10 minutes who had at this point rushed inside perhaps out of shyness or out of spotting the giant pile of presents which he knew where for him! He seemed to love everything and above all the kitty plush that I got him! He was a little afraid of her at first but apparently it was the first thing he grabbed when he woke up from his nap!! So cute!!
IMG_1365 IMG_1374On Wednesday we just chilled out and spent time together, we were pretty pooped from running around visiting and meeting family members and with his parents gone for a few days, we took over the front room. I managed to blog, he painted Warhammer, we watched Fast and Furious 6, cooked dinner, and of course cared for the animals which includes the chickens. Dorothy here is rather brave and decided to enter the kitchen.
IMG_1414Due to R having to look after the animals and me having to be up at 07:30 to greet the man sorting out our internet and TV, me and R spent the night apart which gave me plenty of time to get ready the next day for his BBQ! I decided to go a little heavier with the make-up and actually style my hair because we were likely to go out ‘on the town’ later that evening. I quite like the dark look on me!
P1100555 P1100557When R’s friends from the RAF arrived, I was pretty nervous but they all seemed really nice. I still felt out of place, so every now and then I would go upstairs to re-sort myself out and check on the cats who were both hiding in the bedroom we were sleeping in. Eric is pretty relaxed overall so I got to give him some good fussing and he also helped to calm my nerves.
IMG_1390This was me the next day…I felt pretty poorly because I had been up much of the night with nausea thanks to the side effect of some medication and also feeling slightly tender from the consumed (though not much) alcohol. I was starving and I had to wait FOREVER for food because R was busy being a good host and cooking breakfast for everyone else first…
IMG_1391I was extremely grateful when it was my turn and I felt so much better afterwards, so much so that I fell asleep and missed saying goodbye to his friends! I spent the rest of the day being looked after and had chicken fried rice AGAIN that evening because no one felt like cooking and wanted takeaway instead lol. So much for healthy eating indeed, I am sure that I have put on a few pounds!!
IMG_1395 IMG_1402 IMG_1411On the Saturday we decided to spend our last full day together just chilling and looking around some shops in town; we checked out Dreams because my small double bed is far too small for both me and R, and is becoming rather uncomfortable to sleep in. My dad does have a spare bed that I am going to use but it didn’t stop us checking out the fancy mattresses and TV hidden bed frames!! We spontaneously decided to visit the countryside which also happens to be the resting place of my mum, so we took her up some red roses to put down and enjoyed the beautiful view she has. Everyone else was also enjoying the weather and the view with picnics, hang gliding and dog walking!

When we got back we attempted to watch Fast and Furious 7 but I fell asleep; I was super sad the next morning because R was returning home and I won’t get to see him for at least 3 weeks T_T. After a little cry, I distracted myself with tidying my room and sorting out photos for my life scrapbook that I plan to do. I’ve been feeling pretty lonely, especially since none of my family have been at home all week either, I went from being incredibly social to incredibly unsocial within a day so I’m a bit lost lol. I am keeping my chin up though as next week is a Bank Holiday weekend, I get paid and then I only have to work 4 days the week after, woo!
P1100560To cheer myself up in the meantime, I purchased some more Tsum Tsum’s from Clintons! Can’t believe they’ve gone up to £3.50!! I was super excited to see that they got brand new stock in for Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story!! I still have the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Stinky Pete left to purchase but I got the cutest ones and those that were clearly popular! They also have medium-sized White Rabbits and Green Aliens which I am very tempted to get but I am running out of room to put things, I have so many now that I am struggling to stack them properly without them toppling over lol!
IMG_1420Spotted another hot air balloon one morning whilst walking to work; it was like 08:25 in the morning because the trains have been messed up and I have been having to get up even earlier for work! They really are popular this year, I think one day I will brave my fear of heights and take a hot air balloon ride, I think it might be pretty fantastic!
IMG_1424One of my mini craft projects was to decorate the boring front cover of an A5 sketch book that I had just bought; it had a boring black cover, not cute enough! So using some HK wrapping paper, cute puffy stickers and Hatsune Miku stickers, I decorated the front to look much more cute!
IMG_1430My evenings have otherwise consisted of me sorting out my photos on the laptop and of course being a typical British person, drinking tea.
IMG_1431A random picture but I came across this little video of a hamster talking to this perverted man on the phone; she was answering the man’s questions very innocently but the man was taking them in a rather perverted way…I found the video super funny, typical Japan getting away with being dirty yet super cute at the same time! I watched it a number of times and discovered that it is called ‘Ebichu The Housekeeping Hamster’ or ‘Oruchuban Ebichu‘ which translates to ‘Ebichu Minds The House’; it is about a hamster who looks after the house whilst her owner is away and always embarrasses her in front of her sexually perverted and cheating boyfriend. I am going to give this a watch for a laugh, I’ll let you know how it is!!!

I don’t have any plans for September or October tbh, I have spent a lot of money recently so I think it will be a quiet couple of months so that I can actually save some money! I have a feeling that the next month and a bit will fly by because R will be going to Spain for 5 weeks for work and stuff like that always flies round fast!! 😦 However it is Halloween soon, one of my all-time favourite times of the year, and my birthday in November, and hopefully I will be taken to the Harry Potter Studio Tours as a birthday treat!!! Woo!!! Ending this post with some funny pictures that I found on Facebook, the long hair thing is so true!!
IMG_1230 IMG_1363 IMG_1421

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