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My mini Hyper Japan shopping haul – Say hello to my new Alpaca!! ♥

smaller picHello everyone, it’s that time again (about time too)! Today I have another mini shopping haul to show you, this time from this year’s Hyper Japan! This time I only took £150.00 with me for the day and that was to include food as well; if you have read my Hyper Japan 2015 post then you will know that I was quite disappointed this year (if you haven’t then you can read it here). Apart from the fact that there weren’t as many stalls as I had hoped, I also realised that I no longer feel the need to buy absolutely everything I see! I guess with this being my 4th convention, I have grown accustomed to what can be expected at the events and what is likely to be available, and have fished out from the usual stalls what stalls I actually like to buy from!

I had a set list of things that I wanted to buy this year, and I did this to prevent silly spending like I did last time:

  1. An Alpaca plush
  2. A PS1 game
  3. A Manga-Japanese-related book
  4. An Anime figure
  5. Large hair bows
  6. Some gifts

So without further ado and in no particular order, let me show you what I bought!
P1100447Funnily enough the first item I bought was this black/pink/lilac star ring from Dreamy Bows, and it also happened to be the first item that I purchased at last year’s event in the peach/lilac style. They didn’t have any in black last time and this was the last one on the shelf costing just £5.00; considering I wear a lot of black and loud colours compared to my pastel-love of last year, I snapped this up because I absolutely love my other ring and this would work much better with what I wear now!
P1100440I wanted to buy some gifts for a couple of special people in my life who are always quite fascinated with me and my Alpacas, so I got them their own Alpacas in this adorable mini size for just £6.00 each at Tofu Cute!
P1100457 P1100461I came across a stall selling random toys and blind boxes and decided to buy a Cardcaptor Sakura blind box for £8.00; this would cross off Anime figure on my list and it gave me a nice surprise too, and since this is my favourite Anime I really didn’t mind what character I got (although I really wanted Pink Cat Sakura)! I had a good feel of the boxes and chose this one as it felt rather heavy (was hoping it would be one of the ones with her wand) but instead I got Keroberos and Spinner Sun sitting on a doughnut, cute!~♥
P1100437Of course I purchased another box of Kit Kats and in the Sakura Matcha flavour too! I preferred these ones over the normal Matcha ones because they are a little sweeter which I really like, and the packaging is sooo cute! I bought these again for 3 for £10.00 which they always have, I gave R a pack of normal Matcha ones with a bottle of Ramune soda and gave PastelHorror a pack of the Sakura Matcha ones along with some other sweet treats. ^_^
P1100432I bought a can of this when I went to MCM Comicon in March and I thought it was super yummy and refreshing at the same time, so I bought myself and PastelHorror one each since there were only 2 left and they cost me £1.00 each which is super cheap!
P1100455 P1100431I had also been looking for a large hair bow for a while now since the majority that I own are tiny, I had also seen a photo posted by PastelHorror of large ‘creepy cute’ hair bows and wanted one straight away! I bought myself the black bow with a pink, glittery ‘cute’ in creepy cute-style font for just £5.00, knowing that this would go exceptionally well with my clothes as well as the Dreamy Bows ring that I had purchased earlier in the day! I also got to choose a free gift with my purchase and in the end decided to advertise her stall with a pastel ‘Sugar Coated Sprinkles’ giant badge!
P1100448 P1100451I found Kam Creates’ stall and immediately checked out her earrings as they are always super unique and yet pocket friendly! The ones I bought from her last time I really love, and this time she had a little pot with earrings in selling them for £2.00 a pair, and some acrylic ‘bar’ earrings really caught my eye! I bought a bright neon pink pair and a neon lilac colour pair, and she told me that they glow under a UV lamp! Perfect for my style of fashion, perfect for a night out!
P1100465When I reached the Nintendo and Anime Game Park area, I was really tempted to buy another figure but the stalls were so crowded that I barely got a look in; I came across a stall that sells Manga books and other Japanese-inspired books, and was originally tempted to purchase a Tokyo fashion book but in the end I settled for this Otaku Encyclopaedia book! Last year I bought a book about Japanese School Girls from the same publisher and I really enjoyed learning from it, so decided to buy the Otaku book to learn more about the modern world of Otaku and the Otaku Paradise, Akihabara! It cost me £7.00 and crossed another one off my list!
P1100425 P1100426Since I struggled to get a look in at the Anime stalls, I was very grateful that I didn’t purchase anything (was super tempted to buy a large CCS figure for £23.00) because I came across the game stall that usually sells many retro games! This stall has been there each time and last time I purchased Unholy War but this time I was willing to splash out a little more on a game that I spent a lot of time watching my brother play and thoroughly enjoying its storyline – Digimon World! It cost me a pricey £35.00 but it is a game that I have been dying to add to my collecting for a long time! I love the Tamagotchi pet-style game play and the goal of defeating Digimon to get them to come back to the city!
P1100480 P1100482Last but not least is my favourite and most wanted purchase of the day – an Alpaca plush!! OMG ISN’T SHE JUST THE CUTEST!? After searching Tofu Cute and Love Jojo, I was very disappointed to not find an alpaca that I wanted; I saw a cute pale yellow one but I just didn’t have that love-at-first-sight feeling which is very important to me when buying one of these since they are pretty expensive, I want to walk away feeling super happy with them! I came across another plush stall which usually sells Alpacasso and Poteusa Loppy Bunny, as well as accessories like tattoo tights and cat eat bowler hats, and I spotted this little face mostly hidden from sight amongst all the rest and immediately fell in love. I pulled her out, checked her over and was super happy because she was from the Pop’n Ribbon collection which I was yet to own any of, and she has a bright peach coat unlike my other alpacas! She’s even cuter with her eyelashes, blush and pompom bow and cost me £30.00! I have named her ‘Momo’ which means ‘peach’ in Japanese because of her obvious peach coat (that’s how I decide their name); it was originally going to be Miruku’s name but it suits her much more!! She’s so cute, I love how bright and happy she is and she is so cuddly! She is Miruku’s younger sister because she has all the same features as Miruku except her colour and accessory!

So that’s my little haul from Hyper Japan 2015! I really meant it when I said that I had not purchased that much this time round! However, I purchased all the things that I wanted and got some gifts for people, and I know that I will get a lot of use and happiness out of what I bought compared to some of the things that I have purchased at previous conventions =_=’’ Everything here will be well used and loved!

Thank you all for reading, until next time!~♥

4 thoughts on “My mini Hyper Japan shopping haul – Say hello to my new Alpaca!! ♥

  1. Such a cute haul! Loved playing that digimon game when I was younger as well, you’ll find a lot of PS1 games sell at that price nowadays since they’re sadly out of print now!
    The Sakura Matcha kitkats sound reallllly nice! Need to get my hands on them sometime.
    P.s. your eye make up is gorgeous! Wish I could get away with make up like that, you’re super cute!

    1. Aww thank you!! Yeah a lot of the games I am after weren’t popular in the first place but bring me nostalgia. They are super yummy! Thank you, it’s not daily makeup haha just for when I dress up for posts like this but it is fun to do! ☺️

      1. Makes them even rarer which is a shame! Hope you manage to get some of the others you are looking for! (One of my favourites on the PS1 was Landmaker! Such a fun game!). I can imagine haha :p It does suit you though and it’s definitely fun to dress up a wee bit for posts like this!

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