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I’m back! – Life snippets, updates and my recent self.

Hello everyone! I am sorry that I have been away and sorry for my last post not only being short but incredibly depressing. Basically I have been having a tough battle over the past month, not with anything specific but I realised with a number of things that I let get on top of me. I went about some things badly and now I’m making up for it, so I haven’t been inspired to write anything because my state of mind has only been negative.

However I am feeling better and since I have had to scrap today’s plans thanks to being ill (again), I figured that I would use my spare time to get on with some things that are well overdue, like a blog post lol. Since I haven’t been up to an awful lot, this is just going to be a photo post of randomness! Enjoy~
P1100582 P1100595 P1100597On the 22nd of August, I went to my first ever baby shower! I’ve never been to one because it isn’t a tradition here in the UK, it is more of an American thing but in recent years more people here have been throwing them. I was a little nervous of going at first because I was going to know about 4 people but I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself. We got to write down our predictions for the baby, we played pin the pacifier on the baby and also a ‘guess the poop’ game. The poop game involved 5 nappies with melted chocolate inside and we were to guess what the chocolate was by looking, smelling and tasting it; we all felt really wrong for doing it especially since the nappies were still warm from the melted chocolate haha. The cake was made by one of my work colleagues and was really tasty and even though it was only for a few hours, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It felt so refreshing to get out and be in the company of new people, I was really pleased with myself and the day.
IMG_1492This was my make-up for the day, very simple and doll-like. I also wore my chiffon floral dress that I had not had the chance to wear all summer haha. Unfortunately that dress and a number of other summer clothes have been put away because the UK has decided that Autumn is now here and is too cold for such clothes T_T. Until next time my friends, I will save you for next year!
IMG_1437 IMG_1438The day of the baby shower was the last really hot day that we had before the weather turned horrid, not so much at the end of this week, but the end of August/beginning of September has brought some serious rain. Thankfully I didn’t have to go out this day but the weather has been similar to this whilst walking to and from work…
IMG_1453 IMG_1459Some days though I would be all set for the wet weather and then it would come out bright, sunny and warm! I’d be looking a bit stupid with my brolly and it is annoying having to carry it around but ofc the day comes when it looks nice out and I don’t take my brolly, it decides to chuck it down when I was less than 2 minutes from home and stopped as soon as I got through the door ¬_¬.
IMG_1452It’s that time of the year where we experience a high number of eight-legged friends entering our houses! I hate this time of the year and after I have written this post I will be tidying my room and spraying spider spray to repulse spiders into staying out of my bedroom! I think I will spray the bathrooms too… Anyway my dad was away and Vince had moved out, which means I have to start dealing with these buggers by myself; thankfully we have a ‘spider trapper’ which I could grab and trap the blighter before he made his escape and I could release him! He was only as big as a 50p but I knew he would get much bigger because he was the same breed as the one I made my dad chase out of the bathroom only a week before.
IMG_1464Yup…CFR yet again. Bank Holiday weekend and my dad didn’t want to cook since they were going to bed at 8pm to get up early to catch a plane to Germany, so this is what we ended up with! So damn delicious, I know I have uploaded so many photos of this dish but I don’t care, it’s so good!!
IMG_1468 IMG_1471R spontaneously decided to come home for the Bank Holiday weekend after he forgot about the extra days holiday; we were planning to go and see his friend for a drink, so I got ready and wore this t-shirt which I am pretty fond of but I don’t know what it says or what brand it is, all I know is that there are lots of Japanese models, e.g. KPP, who wear it and it has cut out angel wings in the back. However we were too nackered (especially R who had been working on the farm) to go out that evening, so it was wasted effort. =_=;IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1483So my dad made my brother promise to visit me whilst he was away in Germany, so naturally it involved a lot of game playing especially since Liam purchased the new Jurassic World Lego game! It was a lot of fun and he even completed the evening by making me JW tea in a JP mug – so cool! Afterwards he made me into a character and gave me a baby Velociraptor!
IMG_1482 IMG_1496 IMG_1497I often have to deal with this face when I visit my brother, Sootie their pet cat is very fond of lap-hogging. I do like her but she is no where near as lovely as R’s cat Eric!
IMG_1498 IMG_1500My brother also downloaded Castle Crashers which I love! They put this new knight in called ‘Pink Knight’ and he is SO KAWAII!! He has a kawaii pixel bow and arrow, and his main magic attack is a rainbow that he does the peace sign for but also makes the enemies return the peace sign if they are hit with it!!! So cool, I am in love and I have hinted at Liam to buy me the pink knight plush for my birthday lol.
P1100623 IMG_1503Last weekend I visited Pixie for the day since she doesn’t live too far away now; I decided to dress up a bit and get the use out of my pastel clothing because I don’t wear it that much these days. I wore my pastel MLP t-shirt, acid washed skinny jeans, mint sneakers, lilac star hoops, Dreamy Bows star ring and my new pink leather jacket!! I also wore pink, sparkly eye make-up for a change!
P1100629 P1100632As sad as it sounds, I took some rememberance photos of my t-shirt that I purchased at KPP’s 2014 concert last year; Abi Pop reached out to me on Twitter desperately searching for the t-shirt that she was unable to purchase last time in order to complete a cosplay she was making ready for when she goes to watch and meet KPP at her London concert this year at the Roundhouse! Since the t-shirt has only been worn a handful of times and spent the majority of its life in the wardrobe, I thought the best thing to do was to give it to someone who I knew would appreciate and love it. I purchased the KPP poo and towel, as well as getting a polaroid with the KPP mascot, so it’s not like I haven’t got anything to remember the concert by; it wasn’t until recently that I pulled the t-shirt and hung it on the wall but I knew it wasn’t going to be hanging there forever, and it is too nice to wear to bed but too big to wear as casual clothing, it swamped me! Abi however has collected KPP merchandise and attended her previous concerts, so I knew that she would look after it! So it is currently on its way to its new owner presented as a gift ^_^. I will not be attending the concert this year or getting to meet Kyary, but at least my t-shirt will!
IMG_1517Pixie let me borrow her ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ dvds and I have been watching these over the weekend; I finished them today and although it can be somewhat weird, once you’re past the initial weirdness it is such a cute and fun comedy!! It has really helped to brighten my mood and distract me, and I am so sad that it is over and I won’t get to see anymore of Tamaki-Senpai’s funny antics! However, I can’t wait to read the Manga once I have finished Fruits Basket! Tamaki-Senpai’s puppy dog eyes are one of my favourite bits!
IMG_1518What did I say about spiders? Had to face this beast at 04:30AM this morning when I went to the bathroom and I noticed him sat on the landing as I was coming out. I didn’t like the idea of leaving him there since he could come into my room, so I decided to trap him under a glass and leave him but then I thought that my dad might accidentally knock it over, not only releasing the spider but breaking the glass if it falls down the stairs…I tipped it up and put it on the ledge but again it could get knocked over, so I took it downstairs but having made it all the way downstairs with him and still not really trusting him, I took him halfway up the garden before releasing him =_=. I am getting braver by the day and apparently 04:30AM me is very brave.

So that has been my boring life for the past however many weeks; my Niblings and cousins came over yesterday which was lovely and I got lots of cuddles from my favourite man, they never fail to make me happy. Summer is growing really fast and is still as smiley as ever, she won’t stay little for long!

As I said, September is a quiet month as will October because I have to do some saving for the birthdays and Christmas that is fast approaching! I just need to get these 2 months out of the way before it gets exciting again! Thanks for reading!

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