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The Gaijin Ulzzang – Beauty blog update!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to inform you all that ‘Sugar Reviews’ which was my beauty blog is no longer existent, BUT not to worry for it has only had a name change and can now be found under the name ‘The Gaijin Ulzzang’! The page on this blog above has been updated with the new name and URL – https://thegaijinulzzang.wordpress.com/ which contains everything from my old blog!

I have neglected this blog for a very long time, it was my first blog and what created my love for blogging in the first place! Unfortunately all of my attention became focused on this blog and Sugar Reviews was abandoned although always in the back of my mind and still being visited from time to time by outside readers.

The name and URL are the only things that have been changed at current, all the information including the old name, posts and blog layout remain the same until such times as I get a moment to properly sit down and resurrect it all. I am hoping to have updated and got this blog back up and running by the end of this year, I am determined to at least get the main layout updated!! So if you are wondering why you can no longer access it, this is why!

I will continue to write reviews on many different products as well as lots of other exciting posts! Hopefully the new blog will be useful to my readers as well as another fun and creative project for me!

Thank you for reading!~♥

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