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“Welcome to the Host Club!” – My newest favourite Anime!~♥

Hello everyone! Today I am going to write about my newest favourite Anime, or at least the newest in my top 5 – Ouran High School Host Club! I mentioned it in my most recently life post that my best friend had lent it to me to watch and it successfully distracted me and cheered me up from the problems I was currently facing in life. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to read the Manga and enjoyed that even more! If you like highly comical and romantic Animes then you’ll love this one!!
kyoya_ootori_x_reader_chapter_2__the_game_plan_by_cutiepie247-d69ivwqThe Ouran High School Host Club is a club activity carried out by 6 charming and handsome male high school students [with too much time on their hands] who use their good looks and princely charms to flatter and entertain the female high school students [who also have too much time on their hands] of Ouran Academy, a prestigious elite high school for those with money and high status.
tumblr_static_haruhi32Haruhi Fujioka is a scholar student who was accepted into Ouran Academy with her excellent grades and entrance exam score; however her intelligence does not enable her to hide the fact that she is not of a high or wealthy status, often called a ‘commoner’ due to her family’s middle-class status. She is not one for maintaining her personal appearance and being unable to afford the academy’s expensive uniform, she is mistaken as a male student when she accidentally happens upon the host club in Music Room #3 whilst searching for a quiet area to study. During her meeting with the host club members, she accidentally smashes a priceless Renaissance vase (that was supposed to go up for auction), putting her in debt with the club by 8 million Yen. She is taken on as the host club’s ‘dog’ but after Tamaki takes pity on her commoner background, he proposes to ‘train’ her to be a host and if she succeeds in getting 100 guests to request her then her debt would be paid. No one in the club is aware of her gender as they all assume she’s a guy, but one by one they click on that something isn’t right; Tamaki is the last one to realise the truth (in the Manga he discovers from her I.D card but in the Anime he walks in on her whilst she is changing into the uniform) but the club decide to keep her secret so that she can pay off her debt, earning herself the title of the ‘natural’ type.
Tamaki-suohTamaki Suoh (full name Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh) is the founder and president of the host club; with a ‘fetish’ for Japanese culture, Tamaki moved to Japan from France at the age of 14 to live with his father due to family circumstances. His personality is flamboyant and dramatic, he is sensitive and easily offended or moved, and is dedicated to his friends and responsibility of a host. Although he spends a lot of time with the host club, he is also dedicated to playing the piano and experiencing Japan as much as possible. He is considered the ‘princely’ type and woos his guests with shameless flattery and romance, a character that is quite unlike how he is in real life. He sees the host club as his family with him being the father and his co-founder and best friend Kyoya as being the mother; upon learning that Haruhi is a girl, he considers her a ‘daughter’ and becomes very overprotective of her whilst she has the ability to knock his emotions the most. He is incapable of not helping someone with a problem whoever they are and is naturally kind and caring to everyone he meets. He enjoys cosplay, regularly creating ideas for themed days within the club, and is known as Tomo, Boss, King, Milord, Tamaki-Senpai and Tama-Chan by the other members.
The-Twins-ouran-high-school-host-club-18870364-800-600Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are known as the ‘Hitachiin Twins’ and are considered the ‘sons’ of the host club family. They are the ‘little devil’ type with their selling point being the ‘forbidden brotherly love’; the pair are inseparable and relish in tormenting Tamaki, often challenging him to different games. Despite being the eldest twin, Hikaru is less mature and struggles to manage his emotions when dealing with others, whereas Kaoru is more mature and easy-going, capable of seeing things for what they are and often using this to help widen his brother’s world. Since they are so identical, the pair often like to challenge their guests with the ‘Which one is Hikaru? Game’ by covering their hair with identical caps; it seems that no one other than Haruhi states correctly (they do not accept random guesses and require a reason as to why the guesser chose their particular answer), something they are not used to having always been mistaken for one another which in turn resulted them shunning everyone from their world except each other as children until they joined the host club. The pair are often faced with social difficulties that they must overcome due to this, which not only sees them growing as characters but also sees them becoming individual characters by the end of the series.
kyoya_ootori_x_reader__by_xchasingthemoonx_d74f6jn_by_chronoszee-d82e29fKyoya Ootori is the ‘mother’ and Vice President of the host club, and Tamaki’s best friend; he was instructed by his father to befriend Tamaki when he arrived in Japan and although found him annoying at first, the pair developed a very strong friendship. He is the third son in his family and works hard in order to live up to his father’s strict expectations, believing that in order to please his father he must surpass his two older brothers. Despite believing this, Kyoya decided to co-found the host club with Tamaki in order to do something outlandish and different compared to his brothers, although he still maintains the management and financial aspects of the club. He is often referred to as a ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ by Haruhi due to his money-swindling ways with the guests and his self-benefiting attitude; to begin with he only complies with plans that will provide merit to him but by the end of the series he finds himself involved with projects that have a more personal gain. Kyoya is very charming and polite although serious thus giving him the ‘cool’ type.
Honey-mitsukuni-haninozuka-14367133-640-480Mitsukuni Haninozuka is the oldest club member and often referred to as ‘Honey’; despite his age he is the ‘boy lolita’ or ‘loli-shota’ type which is an older boy who is attractive because he is child-like and cute. He is also the smallest which helps the innocent child look that he portrays, and loves cakes, sweets and rabbits, especially his Usa-Chan plush rabbit which he carries with him everywhere. He also takes midday naps, rides his best friend and cousin Takashi’s shoulders, and often has flowers floating around his head when he’s happy. Although he seems more like an elementary student than a third year high school student, Honey-Senpai is actually very intelligent and often is the first person after Kyoya to pick up on things that the others usually miss (such as Haruhi being girl), he is also a highly skilled martial arts champion.
Takashi-Morinozuka-takashi-morinozuka-17444832-600-450Takashi Morinozuka is the second oldest club member being in the same year as Honey; he is known as the ‘strong and silent’ type and is often seen with Honey. Historically the Morinozuka family served the Haninozuka family for generations until marriage joined the families, but ‘Mori’ is still loyal to serving Honey. Despite being quiet he is incredibly fast, strong and observant, being a champion in Kendo and a skilled karate practitioner. He is very caring and protective, liked by all those around him despite not being very social and a lover of animals; Honey and Haruhi are considered the closest to him, having been the only two that he has smiled at more than once.
ShiroShiro Takaoji is an unofficial host club member and although appears briefly in the Anime, has a more permanent role in the Manga. Desperate to learn how to make girls happy, he approaches the host club and begs Tamaki to take him on as an apprentice and teach him the ways however he is incredibly stubborn and spoilt, and runs out on the club out of exasperation when the club don’t help him the way he wants them to. Tamaki realises that Shiro does not wish to make girls happy but one in particular and sets about helping him the correct way now that they know of his situation. Shiro is given the ‘naughty boy’ type as his character.
Renge-ouran-high-school-host-club-22579579-853-480Renge Houshakuji is a major Otaku who is obsessed with dating sim games; she transfers to Ouran Academy after spotting Kyoya in a photo who closely resembles a character called Miyabi in the dating game ‘Uki Doki Memorial!’, and decides that he is her real-life fiancé despite having never met him. She establishes herself as the club’s ‘Lady Manager’, offering advice on how to turn the club’s bland characters into characters that girls will really fall for using her knowledge as an obsessed dating-sim Otaku and often proves useful for spotting underlying issues in certain situations by providing a female point of view. She is very intelligent and out-spoken, and enjoys cosplaying on a regular occasion.
vlcsnap-88524Umehito Nekozawa is a member of the Black Magic Club and is often referred to as ‘Nekozawa’. He wears a cloak and dark wig, and is never seen without Beelzenef, a hand puppet that looks like a cat but is supposed to resemble the cat curse dolls. Despite dabbling in the darkness, Nekozawa is actually a very kind and considerate individual, especially towards his younger sister Kirimi; he suffers from Photophobia (sensitivity to light) which is why he is always hiding in the shadows. Tamaki is particularly superstitious of him and his hobbies, but Nekozawa’s real appearance highly resembles that of Tamaki’s. Although Nekozawa is considered a minor character, he does appear in the Manga frequently.
2d3b4e5c-a47f-4ebc-8aea-b53bb1245b32Ryoji Fujioka is Haruhi’s cross-dressing father who raised Haruhi by himself when her mother died. Vowing to never love another woman other than Haruhi’s mother, he takes on the life as a transvestite under the name ‘Ranka’. He is extremely over-protective and loving of Haruhi taking on the role of both mother and father, and always wishing she would dress up in frilly clothes (even sometimes repacking her bags). He secures a good relationship with Kyoya who updates him via phone and email about Haruhi’s progress at school and within the club because Haruhi never tells him anything; often Haruhi will leave the house during the day because this is the time that Ranka brings home his lovers.
MisuzuchiIsao Sonoda is Haruhi’s father’s cross-dressing friend known as ‘Misuzu’, who owns a pension in the resort town of Karuizawa where Haruhi is sent to work during the summer. He is also the father of Mei Yasumura and a skilled seamstress, and although is a minor character in the Anime, is a more permanent character in the Manga.
MeiMei Yasumura is a Manga-only character but she plays an important role to Haruhi as one of her only close female friends; she is loud, crude and unladylike, dressing in heavy make-up and gaudy clothes that resembles the Ganguro fashion. She enjoys designing and creating her own clothes claiming it to be the only thing that she is passionate about, and has a crush on Tamaki. She is sent to live with her father Isao but runs away and ends up staying with Haruhi for a short while; she is disgusted with Isao’s transvestite lifestyle but her angers stems from the loneliness created when he left her and her mother to set up the pension although he was actually driven away by her mother who disapproved of him spending time with Mei.
Ristu_Kasanoda_Ouran_High_epi_22Ritsu Kasanoda, also known as ‘Casanova’ or ‘Bossanova’ by the club members, is the successor to the powerful Kasanoda-gumi, a powerful Yakuza club in the Kanto region. He is feared by many because of this, as well as his loud voice, hot head and dangerous appearance when in reality he is kind, nurturing and lonely. He approaches Mori-Senpai to teach him how to be liked by others as he considers Mori to also be cold and scary-looking yet is respected and approached by many people. He develops a crush on Haruhi as she is the first person who is kind to him and isn’t afraid of him, although whether he has a crush on Haruhi as a boy or girl is questionable as his feelings don’t change even after he finds out that she is actually a girl.

So that is all of the characters of OHSHC! There are lots but I felt like they were all worth mentioning because a lot of them do play large roles, especially in the Manga which btw is definitely worth a read! The Anime ends differently to the Manga probably to prevent the Anime from becoming too long, thankfully (unlike Fruits Basket) this Anime doesn’t leave that many loose ends; I decided to read the Manga because I thoroughly enjoyed the Anime and the characters, and the Manga goes much, much deeper into the story, their backgrounds and their relationships with one another! Hopefully I explained this Anime without revealing too much of the storyline!

I also want to say that there is a live-action version of OHSHC but I don’t really want to watch it because I don’t think it will be any good compared to the other dramas taken from Manga’s such as Life and BOF. I mean, let’s take a quick look at the characters for the live version:

For anyone who is new to Anime, just starting out or simply loves the Romcom types, I would highly recommend this one! As I said, you’ll have to get past the initial weirdness such as the Hitachiin brother’s forbidden love and the OTT princely acts but once you do I promise you’ll be hooked! I’ll end this post with some funny gifs. Until next time~♥
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