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Boring September and October – The recent highlights of my life (truthfully).

Hello guys! Hope you’re good! It has been such a long time since I wrote a personal blog post, why? BECAUSE MY LIFE IS BORING RIGHT NOW THAT’S WHY.

Both September and October were destined to be incredibly quiet for me because I did quite a lot in the summer and needed some down time to save, even more so now that I have decided that I want to be driving with my own car next year! It has been incredibly boring for me, especially October because the boyfriend has gone to Spain for work and I won’t be seeing him for many more weeks U_U. I did manage to get out and see my friends but a couple of Mondays I got struck with a terrible chest cold and had to quarantine myself much of the time, especially last weekend when I should’ve been spending it with my sister and niblings; however Halloween has just been and it’s my birthday next week so things should get more exciting!!

So I have been filling in my absence with blog posts about Japan and other things which I hope you have been enjoying! I finally have something to write about so here’s what little I have been up to over the past few weeks!
IMG_1519Okay so this seems to happen to me A LOT. Anyone else?? My nails grow too long and then they split. I think I was pulling my jeans on and completely bent my nail backwards in half, it had to come off because it was broke and because it hurt so badly anyway I just ripped the rest off. It left fresh flesh and blood, and omg it hurt for days after because I kept knocking it on everything! I really need to stop letting my nails grow dangerously long!
IMG_1578A few of weekends ago I went to visit my niblings which was really nice because none of my other siblings came, so I got them all to myself! I wrapped up warm wearing my new maroon knit jumper dress, boots and scarf!
slide (1) slide (4)My nephew is SO CUTE. Everyone must get absolutely sick of me talking about how adorable he is; I thought the novelty of being an auntie would wear off at some point and I’d love him a normal amount but nope! I wondered if I would have enough love to spare for anyone else but I love my adorable niece Summer just as much!! He’s beginning to talk a lot more now, he even said my name (I am going to assume it was my name because it sounded very much like my name and he was looking at me and talking to me whilst we walked together), and he said it more than once!! We went on the slides, shared ice cream and I pushed him on the swing for a long while, it was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!! At one point when he was on the swing, I asked him what he was looking at because I thought he looked bored and he casually replied “Just watching.” He was having a relaxing time just watching everyone come into the park or join him on the swings! ADORABLE.
IMG_1531I had deleted my Snapchat for a little while because the damn thing wasn’t working properly but since I’ve been feeling a little happier and more confident in myself again, decided to get it back. So my hair is in need of a good cut, and I really want to lop it off into a long bob but turns out my normal salon’s phone just cuts me off and since I haven’t been there for a couple of months, I think they may have shut down!! Absolutely sucks because I need to now find a new hair salon and I have been going there since I was 15, even though their staff turnover was high and they swapped hands at least 3 times, it was convenient for me because it was a 10 minute walk up the road. My hair has now grown out (I only got it cut in July) and is super long, so when I blow dry my hair it ends up looking like this, like I’m a lion lol.
IMG_1579 P1100704P1100718P1100724On Friday the 16th the girls decided to hit the town. I wasn’t in the best mood for going out but we had been talking about it for ages and only just decided what was going to happen the night before! Luckily I had already planned my outfit and make-up, so it was a matter of touching up my make-up and getting dressed; I was ready by 19:30 which is definitely an achievement for me!! No one else was ready to leave at 20:00 like I said, so I decided to take selfies beforehand!
SAM_0023 SAM_0024 SAM_0034 SAM_0042SAM_0089By the time I was out, I was feeling pretty good and it was nice to be out dressed up with the girls again, especially since JD who had been away living in Cornwall for the past year had recently moved back home. She and my other friend H bought a homeless lady a whole Burger King meal before we went to the Slug and Lettuce for drinks! The bartender flirted with me and JD (silently by teasing us with the drinks and money), they had these really nice raspberry and strawberry cocktails on buy one get one free offer for ‘Think Pink’ breast cancer awareness which we all took advantage of! JD got up and danced (rather awkwardly) with an old man pulling his best moves by himself on the dance floor and got a free drink out of it, and there was lots of posing in the bathroom (why does Weatherspoons always have really fancy bathrooms with some sort of chairs in there??)
SAM_0108We ended up moving to a club across the road which was underground and by this point I think we were all pretty jolly. We all realised that despite it not being a student night, the majority of those in the club must’ve been barely over 18! We all felt so old, especially when J was chatted up by a young apprentice who asked her what year she was in and I was silently stalked the entire night by a guy who always ended up dancing behind me (though thankfully his back was always facing me and there was no actually contact except for when JD fell into me and I fell into him). JD’s boyfriend joined us shortly after we entered the club before driving us back home where we gabbled about random shit in the car and broke the toilet roll holder in a garage restroom (we’re so classy).
IMG_1581So the next day I had to be up early to visit Pixie who I was staying with for the night, and thankfully I wasn’t feeling too bad as I had slept pretty well and drank more than a pint of water before bed. I was overall still tired (so cue the filters haha) but very excited to see my best friend!
P1120001P1120008 P1120011So we decided to go straight into town for lunch and I was starving as I had not eaten much other than a bit of toast; Pixie and her fiancé ended up having a full English breakfast (let’s not laugh at the inappropriately positioned sausage and eggs now children…), whilst I settled for a cheese and ham croissant which was really yummy!!
IMG_1536 IMG_1543P1120048P1120051P1120057When we got home we decided to be vain as hell and take lots of photos together, gossip, catch-up and watch Disney movies. It was a lot of fun until I had a bit of a bad turn that evening and called it a night.
IMG_1553 IMG_1554On Monday I visited my brother for some chill time as I was feeling pretty poopy and lonely since my dad had just gone on yet another holiday away. Sootie their cat was obviously a bit confused by the lack of people in the house and immediately rushed to me for cuddles when I got in. She’s a real kneader so I didn’t really want her on my lap; my brother tapped her on the head from behind where she gave us this really grumpy look and refused to look at me when I called her, then when I ignored her she gave me this pleading face. In the end I submitted to her wishes and became a cat bed/claw cushion yet again.
IMG_1556I am still loving my bed right now, even though it appears to make me really warm at night without me realising; there is so much space that sharing it with R when he gets back will be even less of a problem when he decides to starfish diagonally across the bed or invade my personal space and push me to the edge!
IMG_1557So come Tuesday it was very clear that I had developed a full-blown cough and my desk at work was looking like a mini pharmacy. The Lemsip did jack and actually made me feel 10x worse so I threw half of it away and now have 9 sachets sitting in my desk doing nothing. Thankfully I am mostly over it now!
IMG_1571Whilst I was suffering from my cold, I asked my dad to get me some more soothers and some medicine but he only bought me a three pack of soothers. I didn’t think I’d need so many but now I have one at work, one upstairs and one downstairs haha.
IMG_1573 IMG_1574I was very productive on Sunday much to my surprise, having that extra hour sleep from when the clocks went back had me getting up around 09:30. I tidied my room, did all my laundry, put away photos in their original photo albums and did some other bits and bobs which resulted in me finding my ‘Lego deco’ tin in the shed. I basically had a tin full of different Lego deco and had wondered where it had got to when I didn’t see it in the attic along with my Harry Potter Lego; I was really pleased to find it so I rooted through it to see what I had and put it into a different box. I found an Ewok and Norbert the dragon!!

So that has pretty much been it! Not that much excitement other than spending time with friends, I’ve mostly been reading Harry Potter and Manga, and watching Youtube videos. Life has been little more exciting now that Halloween has just been, and my birthday and the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOURS TRIP is fast approaching! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I haven’t abandoned you blog! ♥

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