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Halloween and my birthday! – Chocolate mess, Halloween fights and a birthday with no presents! (Photo post)

Hellooooooo readers! Have you been enjoying November so far? It got cold quick didn’t it? Well it did here in the UK brrrr! Today is just another random photo post of what I’ve been up to recently but more importantly it focuses on two of my favourite times of the year – Halloween and my birthday!!
IMG_1678So as I said, it has gotten really cold lately, like see your breath cold. I hadn’t got a new coat at this point so the scarves needed to come out to keep my cosy!
IMG_1594I used to be really good when it came to eating, every lunch would be a health shake and some fruit, but since the cold weather has creeped in all I want to do is eat hot, filling food!! So fruit went out the window since it is usually pretty rubbish this time of year, and in with things like bread, soup and delicious, hot home cooked food. I got home from work once and was craving sausages and mash but since dad had already cooked, I had to have whatever he had made me – WHEN YOUR DAD IS AMAZING AND MAKES YOU SAUSAGES AND MASH. I literally felt like the happiest girl in the world.
IMG_1596Please ignore the mess in the background; I am so lazy when it comes to putting clean washing away! I bought myself a new parka coat, and yes it is green and I’ll look just like everyone else…but the last one I had was pink and got dirty real fast, it also had no hood and I wanted one that did, plus I didn’t want to wait like 3 weeks for it to arrive so I bought one in a shop. I have to wait for my train in the cold and most of the time it is delayed because First Great Western (oh sorry Great Western Railway ¬_¬) are shite, so I was in dire need of a cosy coat to wear!
IMG_1597So my brother created a simple Slenderman outfit for Halloween and posted this on FB; I basically told him to do one when he told me he was going to enter the house quietly and just stand at the bottom of the stairs. Slendy really scares me…
IMG_1601Meanwhile I was busy setting up my Halloween costume by setting my fangs in place! These were rather expensive but I can understand why now because you can keep reusing them once they are moulded to your teeth! I was super happy when they had set and now I can have fangs anytime, not just at Halloween!!
IMG_1605 IMG_1606On Friday 30th, my dad had some friends over for drinks and they bought a giant box of Guylian chocolates with them. I was told to help myself and I was super excited, until I opened them to find them like this! Clearly they had melted and then reformed into one giant chocolate! They were pretty embarrassed by it but I still managed to save some of the chocolates before it got thrown away.
IMG_1607 IMG_1608So I got asked this question on and I don’t get often faced with questions or comments like this because I am not OTT about my interests in the countries, but I decided to give them a mature answer that explained my interest in Japan and South Korea; I take it that I supplied a suitable answer as they didn’t comment again.
IMG_1616So it was Halloween and I had spent the majority of my day sewing and watching fantasy movies on TV (Alice in Wonderland, The Brothers Grimm, Hocus Pocus etc.) before J popped over to get ready with me! She was kind enough to curl my hair although she didn’t have the foggiest idea what she was doing but she got there in the end, even if my hair fell out in a matter of seconds…
IMG_1631P1120096P1120143P1120155P1120126Yay! We were ready to hit the town but not before we took some selfies! I had dressed myself as a vampire bat (not a vampire) and J was a black cat! I had spent the majority of the day crafting the wings which was originally meant to be a giant bow but it didn’t work out, and since I wanted to wear a bra with the dress which has an open back, I thought up the clever idea to add little straps to the wings and slide them onto my bra strap to cover it! Ta da! We caught the train and went to a Weatherspoons club to wait for Pixie and her friends.
SAM_0004SAM_0006SAM_0015SAM_0019We got a lot of unwanted male attention which if you want to read in more depth, you can do so here in my little rant post about it. The men were such a pain in the ass! We also lost each other at one point which resulted in people freaking out, getting upset and getting pissed off unnecessarily because they didn’t know entirely what was going on and jumped the gun.

At one point I was looking for my friends who had both disappeared, a girl who was obviously way too drunk just fell limp to the floor and her friends were struggling to get her up; some fat 30 year old woman was pissed off with this for some reason (I don’t know maybe the girl fell into her or something) and started shouting at the girl’s friends, one of which started to defend her. They were both in each other’s faces before the fat 30 year old suddenly grabbed this girl and threw her across the dance floor; she landed a good few feet away, landing on her arm and clearly shocked by what had just happened that she started to cry. The poor girl was no older than 21 and as thin as me! The woman looked like she was about to lunge again but some guy stood in front of her and I grabbed her arm to hold her back, to which she rounded on me and with her finger raised shouted “get your f***ing hands off me!” (that or “don’t you dare f***ing touch me!”) I hadn’t even thought of the possibility that I might get a smack, I just wanted to protect the young girl who was clearly in shock! Luckily the bouncer was straight at my side and took her away, and the girl she threw was still crying but she was mostly just in shock.

I eventually found my friends, explained the situation, calmed people down, got a drink and had a little dance before we decided to head on over to…The Beach!
SAM_0024SAM_0028SAM_0035SAM_0040The Beach is like the only night club this town has haha but we decided to have fun and dance anyway! We took a lot of photos, danced until our feet hurt, and I got grabbed by some guy on the dance floor. Come 2AM we were hanging to go to bed, so we got a taxi and Halloween was over…
IMG_1646On the 3rd I went and had dinner with my work colleague who I am good friends with; I would’ve taken a picture of my food had I not been so damn hungry that I ate it first. Afterwards I had chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream, yum!
IMG_1665On the 4th it was my birthday yay! I turned 24, so I planned to drown my sorrows by shopping since me and my dad both had the day off and he planned to take shopping! It would’ve been great only EVERY shop I went into was out of stock of pretty much everything I had planned to get!! So I basically came back with nothing that I had intended to buy…I bought a Christmas present, my sister’s birthday present and a necessities haul from Primark but nothing that I was actually excited about! I plan on doing a mini birthday haul, so I’ll share with you what I got in another post! After that we went to my dad’s girlfriend’s who cooked me spaghetti bolognaise and baked me a yummy cake!
IMG_1652 IMG_1658Yummy red velvet cake with vanilla icing! It was so good and everyone sang happy birthday to me. My dad insisted that I had to have photos with it and played on the fact that he was old and didn’t understand why the camera didn’t make a shutter noise when it took a photo to take like 20 photos of me haha, Liam taught him well.
IMG_1663 IMG_1664With the fact that the last box of these chocolates were destroyed, my dad bought me another box to cheer me up from the fact that I didn’t get much that I wanted. Unfortunately when I put them in the bag to take home, they had opened and dropped in the bag…FML. =_=
IMG_1667Just before bed I decided to check my Twitter account which I don’t often update but still check here and there, and they celebrated my birthday with balloons! Google also celebrated my birthday by changing the Google Logo because I was logged into my Google account at the time.

So that is everything I have been up to! Lots of photos and more to come! I’m back at work now but I have a birthday meal tomorrow to celebrate mine and H’s birthdays (hers is today, happy birthday H!), and then HP studio tour to look forward to in just over a weeks time! R will be returning to the UK as well next Tuesday, so lots to look forward to; I am so excited!!

Watch this space for my mini birthday haul! Until next time ~♥

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