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Haul Time – My miniature birthday haul!

Hello everyone! So today I thought I would do a haul post since I haven’t done one in a really long time (not including my HJ and MCM ones). If you have read my birthday post then you’ll know that I didn’t come back with very much that I actually wanted because for some reason all of the stores were out of stock of everything I had in mind!! I still managed to have a nice day though and got the majority of what I wanted in the end when I visited the shops in my work town! So let’s take a look at what I bought:
P1140108Originally I was going to get these socks as a gift (I think cute socks are always a great present, who can ever have enough socks!?) but I thought they were so cute that I scrapped that idea and bought them for myself haha. I really like the white pastel pair, they are so winter-y! They were on offer 3 for £4.00 so I bought the cute unicorn ones and a pair in the same pattern as the pastel ones but with darker colours.
P1140104I really adore hair bows and quite often I will pick them up from New Look; this one is SUPER SOFT to touch! Kind of like suede, so I just had to have it! It cost me £2.99 I think and was on offer buy one get one free!
P1140103So I picked up this adorable fluffy pompom hair tie in a nude beige colour with the offer; I think it would look really cute in my hair for a winter princess gyaru-style outfit!
P1140092I am very sad that I have finally used up the very last of my signature fragrance; since I was about 17, I have been using the same perfume and it suited me really well. It was the Body Shop Dream perfume but they discontinued it, so in haste I purchased 3 large bottles that were on discount in the shop. It’s amazing how quickly you get through perfume though I did use it every day that I left the house, but now I have ran out I need a different fragrance T_T. For the time being, I decided to purchase myself an affordable fragrance whilst I look for another one. I’m not one of these people who has about 7 different fragrances on my dresser (here’s looking at you Pixie), I like to stick to one and have it be my ‘signature’ fragrance. I visited the Body Shop but didn’t find anything that I liked, so I picked up the Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist which I used years ago and really liked; it is quite a big bottle and cost £7.50 but thanks to it being my birthday, I received a £5.00 gift which they deducted from my purchase, so it cost me just £2.50!!
P1140100I have wanted some of the Real Techniques brushes for the longest time! I hear they are really good and my favourite make-up guru, Stylesuzi, uses them a lot in her videos. They were also on offer for 3 for 2, so I picked up the Sculpting Brush, the Expert Face brush and the Miracle Complexion Sponge. I don’t really use sponges but decided to pick it up because it cost just £5.99 which is a lot cheaper compared to the famous Beauty Blender sponge. I’ve seen a lot of people using this sponge and since there weren’t any other brushes from the range that I wanted available, the sponge was the next best thing. Once I get my beauty blog back up and running, I’ll definitely review these but I mostly just wanted the Sculpting brush as I don’t own a decent brush for contouring!
P1140101A little while ago I was introduced to the new character on Castle Crashers! I’m pretty sure that I posted a picture of him in one of my posts and he’s on my Instagram, but I fell in love with his kawaii personality and rainbow magic abilities, that I asked my brother if he would kindly buy me the plush toy for my birthday! He has a jelly bean head but he’s so cute! He fits on my shelf nicely with all of my other pink plushies!
P1140195 P1140196I wanted to get a few more nude-ish lip colours as I have a lot of pinks and a couple of reds but barely any nudes. Just to make it known that I was not inspired by Kylie Jenner as I do not follow her or the Kardashians but I do follow Stylesuzi who follows her and she recently posted up a video on her YouTube about nude lips and well, I wanted to get a few more for myself as I really like the way Stylesuzi does her make-up! I tried them out on the back of my hand to find the ones that were more pinky as I have a fair complexion but suit colours that are cooler slightly better than warmer colours (orange-toned) and I came back with this one; it’s from Maybelline Colour Sensational Nude collection and it is called ‘Velvet Beige’ and it is this beautiful pinky-brown colour! I am really enjoying the dark and natural lip colours, be it plums, reds or browns! I definitely want to add more nudes to my collection, I got it from Boots AND because it is my birthday month I’ve got a little voucher which gives me double points for every purchase I make!
12115624_10153208704523994_4591209835508514052_nJust like Fantasy Life, I was bombarded by those I follow on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram about the excitement of the latest instalment of Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer!! I own Animal Crossing: Wild World but found that tbh there isn’t THAT much you can do on it, even less so that I had no one to hook up with online! I was going to get myself New Leaf but got Fantasy Life instead, and then this one came out which I thought to give a go because it seemed much more up my street. I bought it with the NFC reader which I am yet to use although collecting the cards is really fun because they are so cute! I completed the game within 5 days O_O and I will be writing a more detailed review on this game when I’ve played it a bit more, so watch out for that!

So that’s everything that I got for my birthday apart from some bits and pieces from Primark; I got some more money, gift vouchers and cute kitchen things today from family members, and the bf got me a SW keyring (lol XD) and some LUSH Cosmetics products which I love!! I have definitely been spoiled this birthday and although it is very sad that it is over, I am still excited because this coming Wednesday I AM GOING TO THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOURS IN LONDON!! WOOOOOOO!! Until next time!~♥

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