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A little bit of magic and a little bit of snow! – The Harry Potter Studio Tour! Part 1 (Long and photo heavy!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog post of Witchcraft and Wizardry (see what I did there, eh? Eh? No?…) Today I am going to be sharing with you a very magical experience of mine (literally) and you can probably guess what it’s about from the amount of times I have mentioned it in recent posts as well as the topic of my last post; I went to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio!!

Omg it was so much fun and today I am going to be sharing my entire day with you! But I must warn you that there are spoilers in this of what you will see, so if you are hoping to visit one day then please do not read this!! I really don’t want to ruin it for anyone but I took a photo of damn near everything, and if you read this then you may as well not even bother paying the £33.00 tour ticket because I would’ve just given you a tour of the place myself!! However if you are from another country and/or are unlikely to ever visit the studio or at least not for a very long while (at least a year so you forget everything in this post), then please do read on ahead! Unlike the HJ or MCM events where they change venue, stalls, guests, performances etc. each time, this event barely changes; so I warn you one last that time that reading this post will spoil your experience if you are planning to go!! I will have to split this topic into 2-3 parts because the sheer volume of content is insane, hence why it really will spoil things for you if you decide to read it and then go. Anyway, let’s begin!
P1140198P1140214P1140250IMG_1840I didn’t know what to expect of the place, all I knew was that I had to get up early at 5am (no snooze alarm or anything T_T) to get ready; being such a special day, I ofc had to apply dedication to my outfit! Lucky for me I had managed to collect a number of suitable pieces for a Slytherin outfit! That’s right, I am a Slytherin as sorted officially by the Pottermore website (which is no longer a fun game and story site but now a boring wikia blog…) I wore a Slytherin green knit top, black lace skirt, black cat print tights and Golden Snitch earrings handcrafted kindly for me by my brother’s fiancé! I would also be wearing a black bag, black leather jacket and black sneakers, as well as my Slytherin scarf that was bought for me by my dad back when he visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Orlando, which I hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. I wore my hair in bubble twin tails for that student-y look.

We left at 07:20am and I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I stepped into the car, tired from the early wake-up, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what the journey was like haha. I woke up about 3 minutes before we pulled into the car park, when we saw…
P1140258Omg, omg! I could not contain my excitement, me and my brother’s fiancé (we’ll call her N and her sister Y) were jumping about in the back of the car waiting to park; we got there at 09:30am and as soon as we stepped out, we immediately become photographers.
P1140275Guys, can we just take a minute to check out these giant chess pieces? These are REAL props used in the film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ during the chess match near the end. How amazing are they!?
P1140278P1140284We then headed over to the box office to collect our pre-booked tickets which luckily for me were bought by Y as a birthday present (thank you Y!!!!)
P1140283If you are coming from London then you can ride the HP themed bus to the studios, we drove so it wasn’t necessary but how cool do they look??
P1140286P1140287P1140288P1140295P1140297When we entered the lobby we got really excited; there were these giant posters all around the room and different props and decorative items from the films! On the left was a cafe that you could sit in whilst you waited and on the right was the exit of the gift shop.
P1140289P1140294Actually the first thing that caught our eyes was this beautiful giant Christmas tree! The reason being was that we had visited when the studios were putting on the ‘Hogwarts in Snow’ or ‘Hogwarts at Christmas’ theme, so everything was decorated for Christmas! Everyone wanted a picture with this tree, including myself!
P1140302P1140303We were really lucky because we had got there so early and there wasn’t that many people, that we were allowed to join the 10am tour instead of the 12pm tour that we were booked for. We got super excited whilst waiting in line and got to see the cupboard under the stairs where Harry spent 11 years of his bedroom life! Remember that all of the props and sets that you see are OFFICIAL from the movies, so you’re seeing the real deal!!
P1140304I think this quote is really inspirational and true; so to all of you beginner bloggers/artists/novelists, remember that as long as someone reads it then you can feel accomplished that you wrote a successful piece. Even someone like me who just blogs about her boring life, I am very grateful to all of my subscribers and readers that follow me and making blogging worthwhile!!
P1140309P1140312P1140313When the doors opened we got taken into a dark room with tv screens on either side displaying HP movie posters from around the world; we were asked not to take photos in this room though I’m not entirely sure why as there wasn’t anything worth taking photos of.

The tour guide gave us an introduction to the tour and explained some of the movie posters around us. She confessed that she was a Slytherin supporter and asked if there were any others in the room, to which I woo’d only to find out that I was the ONLY ONE; everyone else supported Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, and about 3 people supported Hufflepuff.

We then got taken into a cinema room where we watched a short recording of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson explaining the world of HP and the tour we were about to experience, before being led to the entrance to the Great Hall! It looked really magical, and the tour guides asked for those who had a birthday to come forward and open the doors to the beginning of our tour!
P1140317P1140318P1140321The Great Hall was decorated for Christmas and it was all so beautiful! Giant Christmas trees with witches flying around the top, Christmas foods and crackers!
P1140319P1140320P1140322P1140327Doesn’t the food look amazing? Well it’s fake. Apparently during the feast scenes in the first film, they would use real food and it smelled really yummy with roast after roast being brought in; unfortunately people got sick of the smell very quickly and a lot of food started to smell off and go to waste, so apart from the food being eaten, the rest is all fake. The lighting was also designed to make the food look excellent in pictures so you didn’t need to use the flash!
P1140324P1140325P1140334P1140335Dotted around the hall were uniforms that cast members actually wore in the films, including Cedric Diggory’s Goblet of Fire attire and Harry’s first year uniform!
P1140336P1140338P1140339At the back of the hall where the teachers famously sat are some of their costumes! Professor Flitwick, Professor Trewlawney, Mad-Eye Moody, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Hagrid and Caretaker Filch.
P1140340P1140342P1140343In the middle of all the teachers was the famous Professor Dumbledore standing at his podium which is so detailed and magical, I especially love the base!
P1140347Just a quick photo with all of the costumes; it is pretty unreal that I was so close to Dumbledore’s table! I noticed in the back there is the House points system but I totally missed that and didn’t go to get a photo of it!
P1140352P1140353P1140356P1140357We then got moved into the next room which is basically a museum of official HP costumes, props, sets and animatronics. Some of my favourite costumes were the Yule Ball outfits! I love the detail on Cho Chang’s dress and Hermione’s just looks so stunningly beautiful! Ron’s dress robes also look just as hideous in real life as they did on screen!
P1140358P1140359P1140361This chocolate dessert table must’ve caught all of the girl’s attention! It looked so real that I wanted to snap an ear off of one of the rabbits there and then!
P1140367P1140382The main gate of Hogwarts! I still remember on the Play Station game of HPPS you had to defeat one of the boars which was enchanted and then levitate it back onto its post haha.
P1140373P1140374P1140375Some more of my favourite costumes! Luna Lovegood’s dress that she wore to Bill and Fleur’s wedding, and her Slug Club party dress; and we mustn’t forget the Dirigible Plum earrings! Did you know that Evanna Lynch, who played Luna, handmade these earrings and put her creative opinions into the costumes for Luna? Luna is definitely my favourite character!!
P1140384P1140385This was not the real Goblet of Fire as that was displayed in a glass case elsewhere, but this one showed us how the animatronics worked in the film; it spurted blue and red flames, and even spat out bits of paper!
P1140387P1140389P1140396P1140408P1140409P1140411P1140414Next up was the famous Gryffindor common room and boy’s dormitory sets! Again, it was all decorated for Christmas with presents included! We noticed that the beds were extremely small, so I’m assuming this was just a visual set with different beds used for close-ups. The famous original Fat Lady painting before Dawn French replaced her; I kinda liked this one better because she felt more like a ‘portrait’. The common room had costumes for Harry, Hermione and Ron from The Prisoner of Azkaban, including the famous fireplace that Sirius appeared in! Everything looked so comfortable, apparently they redecorated the furniture with red velvet then spent a lot of time trying to make it look worn and threadbare.
P1140415Harry’s invisibility cloak makes an important appearance! I guess the green side was used when they wanted the invisible look, but unfortunately the cloak didn’t look shimmery like water as described. 😦

Okay so that’s all for this post! I don’t want to overload it too much as there is just so much to share with you! I really hope you liked reading this and enjoyed it visually! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming very soon!~♥

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