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The Ultimate ‘Wow’ Factor – Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 3 (Long and photo heavy)!

Hello it’s me again! Sorry that I have been quiet recently, I ran out of space on my blog again because my upgrade expired O_O. This is the final part of my Harry Potter Studio Tour experience, and if you have not read the previous posts then you can do so here: Part 1 and Part 2! No need for introductions, you know what’s coming!
P1140643P1140668Just outside of the café were some of the outside sets and props! This is the rickety bridge that got installed in the third film PoA, it really does look like someone used part of an old bridge! Godric’s Hollow looks really spooky!
P1140645The Night Bus was pretty impressive; I didn’t know it was a real prop/set! No idea if it actually drives because I expect the weight it is carrying is too much but it was really well put together!
P1140649P1140658I really liked Privet Drive as well and I wish there were houses like that around here because the design is really nice! It was mega windy and chilly but I think my photos came out pretty good.
P1140666The outside section also had a snow machine to fit the ‘Hogwarts in Snow’ theme, so it looked really nice from inside the café with the snow blowing around Privet Drive! 🙂
P1140675heartfaceThey had the flying Ford Anglia and Hagrid’s motorbike that you could take a photo in, so I immediately jumped at the chance. I went for ‘can barely see over the steering wheel’ and ‘drive like a lunatic’.
IMG_1738IMG_1739IMG_1743IMG_1744IMG_1748IMG_1756IMG_1760So at this point my beloved camera died, I was very proud of it to be snapping constantly for the past however many hours. Thankfully I still had over half of a battery left on my iPhone so it was time to swap over! The next section was full of creature designs and animatronics which was really interesting as I love the creatures in the films! Fawkes looked so real with real feathers, he would look so cool in your front room don’t you think?

There was a bunch of life-sized models of the main characters but they all had their eyes closed and looked like they were floating oddly (kind of like how Hermione and Ron looked in GoF when they were taken as hostages under the water); Dobby was there too, he is full of detail and bigger than I thought he would be.

The Thestrals are one of my favourite creatures, I don’t know why but I think they look so beautiful and mysterious; there was even a baby one! Again the Hungarian Horntail bust was also incredibly detailed; did you know that the Horntail that you see in the cage in GoF is not CGI, it was made up of an animatronics head, wings and tail of the dragon that spat real fireballs over 40 feet!! The werewolf costume was another favourite, just look at those paws!! They actually made an animatronics suit for the actor to wear but it was too stiff and heavy so they had to add CGI to it to make it move more freely. I nearly died of cuteness when I saw baby Fawkes, omg sooooo cute! Look how little he is, so small I had to zoom in and risk a poorer quality photo just to capture him!
IMG_1761IMG_1766Aragog was pretty scary looking but can we just focus on how big he is compared to the Basilisk bust? Lol, the Basilisk might be long but Aragog definitely looks a scarier monster!
IMG_1768Last but not least is everyone’s favourite, Buckbeak! Or is it Witherwings? The screen behind had a video talking about how they made the Hippogriff move, and Buckbeak started moving his head and wings before bowing to us; he looked so real, and all of his feathers are real and strategically placed!
IMG_1772IMG_1774IMG_1777IMG_1782Next up was Diagon Alley; I was kinda hoping it would be a bit bigger and the lighting was a bit rubbish in some areas making it look really dark. However, seeing the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was quite good, and the Puking Pastilles display was really puking!
IMG_1792IMG_1794IMG_1797We passed a lot of artwork, paintings and sketches for the sets; there were lots of card models on a small scale though they looked just as detailed as the real things, they must’ve put so much effort into it! My favourite is the Prefect’s bathroom with the glass-stained window! So pretty!
IMG_1798IMG_1804IMG_1811IMG_1813IMG_1819IMG_1820IMG_1823IMG_1829This was the mega wow factor that I actually wow’d at out loud. We were all wondering when we would get to see it, it was even more exciting as it would be decorated in snow but I never expected something like this!! I was expecting a small table model that you could walk around but I never thought it would be so massive, I don’t think anyone else did either! It took up an entire studio room by itself and there was a descending walkway around it so you could take photos from all angles, you can see how big it is compared to some people when we reached the ground floor! Look how big it is compared to me!
IMG_1833The next room contained an Olivander’s-style store room full of wands; I’m not sure if they actually contained wands but it was fun running around trying to find the actor’s names and everyone who was involved in making the films! The tour then ended and we entered the gift shop!
P1140693The gift shop was very expensive and although there were lots of things that would’ve been nice to own, it was all unnecessary haha (although their Slytherin mugs were really good quality). I decided to settle for a packet of Jelly Slugs which I ate when I got in the car; they had the texture between jelly babies and wine gums, and had flavours like pear, tangerine, sour cherry, banana and watermelon! They cost me £3.95 which is quite expensive but I got it for the novelty.
P1140695P1140697As you saw in Part 2, I got to enjoy a Butterbeer! It costs £4.95 or you can pay £6.95 and choose a souvenir half-pint tankard to take home! I got this one which is a more feminine-looking tankard than the ordinary tankard.
P1140694P1140698This was my present from my dad’s girlfriend; it’s the broomstick photograph that I took in the green screen section! Originally they cost £14.95 I think but any after that is £7.00 – expensive but worth the souvenir.
P1140699This was also another gift given to me on the day by my dad’s girlfriend; it’s a Harry Potter adult colouring book! I don’t do colouring, who knows maybe I’ll give it a shot at some point but these have become very popular this year however the detailed colouring pages are really pretty.
P1140702Last but not least is my main purchase of the day – a Pygmy Puff! Ginny Weasley has one called Arnold that she purchased from her brother’s shop and it sits on her shoulder on the Hogwart’s Express in the 6th film. Not gunna lie, these plush versions are much cuter than the one from the film! I got one in purple because I own a lot of pink plushes and the pink ones were very bright pink; it is so cute and soft! It cost me £6.95 for the key ring version or you can get a bigger version for £13.95. I haven’t given mine a name yet, I quite like just calling him Pygmy Puff haha, maybe like Puffsky or something I dunno.

Well that’s it for my HP Studio Tour posts! I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was so exhausted afterwards that I slept all the way home in the car! I’m really glad that we got in for the 10am tour because we didn’t leave until 15:45! We didn’t realise how long we were walking around for but it is totally worth it to make sure you get there early to have plenty of time to look at everything closely, and despite being there for so long I still missed some things! I hope you enjoyed reading these posts, I am very close to finishing the HP books, I am currently reading the last book so it won’t be long before once again my HP adventure is over. How sad!

I hope you enjoyed these posts! Thanks for reading, until next time!~♥

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