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It’s been a bit crazy – The last photo post of 2015!

Hi guys, how’re you? Did you have a nice Christmas?? Life has been quite busy over the past few weeks what with the run up to Christmas and R returning home for the holidays, I haven’t really had much opportunity to talk about what I’ve been up to because I was busy posting about my Harry Potter Studio Tour experience and AC: Happy Home Designer before it got outdated!

Not gunna lie, I can’t really remember much that happened at the end of November or beginning of December because I have been so busy for the past week that I forget what I’ve done! I’ve got a compilation of photos in my blog folder that dates back to mid-November, so let’s see what I have been up to!!
IMG_1692IMG_1694One evening, me and my friends went out for a late birthday meal to celebrate mine and one of my girly’s birthdays! We went to the local Indian restaurant and I wore my mermaid leggings teamed with mermaid hair! These were pretty cheap and unfortunately have holes in the crotch (this was the first time I had worn them) and although the material is really strong because I attempted to prise the holes open, I think I’ll have to get another pair!! Still they made me look damn good haha.
IMG_1706IMG_1711Work can be a drag most times, especially since I was waiting for R to return home! At the moment I have been reading Sailor Moon during my breaks to entertain me.
IMG_1878IMG_1890IMG_1880So I was waiting for R to return home I think (thinking that he would not be coming back for another 2 weeks) and decided to send him some selfies of me and the Alpaca that he bought me when he visited America earlier this year. Not sure if I posted about her yet but I named her Derpy Delilah because her eyes make her look dopey; I guess she’s an American version of the Japanese Alpacasso plushes and she has eyes like those TY toys. I still think she is cute though because she is soft and squishy with pastel splotches on her coat and a bow on her head! If I try to do anything with her eyes though she just looked pissed off!!
IMG_1887Back when I visited my best friend for the day, we passed a shop that sold lots of vintage toys and teddy bears; brands like Steiff and Charlie Bears could be found there I think because the owners specialise in finding and selling them, probably collectors themselves. I spotted this teenie tiny deer in the window and fell in love immediately; he has the same face as my childhood toy and I was sad that I could not afford to buy him at that moment as November is full of birthdays for me! Lucky for me, my best friend is awesome at getting me things that I’ll love, so I was extremely pleased when she bought him for me! Isn’t he the cutest!? I called him Prince Bambi because Bambi is one of my favourite Disney films; I’m smitten with him!!
IMG_1894R returned home for a week and I decided to cook for him, bangers and mash – simple yet yummy, good enough to fill a hole. I added extra cheese in the mash and made him curry beans which he wanted, he even said he would eat the whole tin of beans because I don’t like them, but his eyes are bigger than his stomach and after devouring like 5 bourbon biscuits before dinner he lost his appetite and couldn’t finish!! I was pretty grumpy with him for wasting food that I had slaved over a hot stove to make, but after 15 minutes of resting and chatting he finished it like a good boy haha.
IMG_1899On the 1st December, me, my sister, my niece, my brother and my dad all took our annual trip to the place where we scattered my mum and laid roses for her. It was an incredibly windy day so we just placed them in bunches along the hill overlooking my home town. Summer came with us and she was wrapped up snug in layers, a hat and Harry’s old bear suit; she didn’t feel a thing and dropped off to sleep shortly after getting out of the car.
IMG_1901My dad visited my cousins and baked Christmas cookies with them since my aunt and uncle were going out, and he decided to be cute and seriously decorate his batch at the table when he got home. He decorated this cookie especially for R because he is a farmer boy!
IMG_1911IMG_1914One Saturday evening and with R’s parents out, me and R decided to be mega grown up – we drank wine and watched Harry Potter. I’m not a wine fan but he bought some Rose wine which was actually quite nice but unfortunately me and R are both light weights, so we ended up severely hung over the next day. Never again.
IMG_1918I had an alcohol-induced grumpy episode that evening and when R dashed out to get us more wine (he got very jolly very fast and was rather insistent that we have another bottle), he bought me some flowers to cheer me up – what a romantic, bless him! It was the first time he bought me flowers and I was very grateful!!
IMG_1927IMG_1929This thing came in the bouquet but it wouldn’t fit in the vase with the flowers; I wasn’t sure wtf it was although obviously it resembled a rose-shaped cabbage. I asked on FB if people knew what it was because to me it just looked like a cabbage wand, and apparently it is just a decorative cabbage lol.
IMG_1935So lately I have been enjoying rice pudding from Muller, they are super yummy!! I asked my dad to get me some more because I had been eating one every evening for pudding after work and he delivered by buying me 12 pots haha.
IMG_1983IMG_2052I went shopping with R during his week off and found this gorgeous Mermaid Milkshake bottle that I just had to have!! The bottom is an ombre pink, so it looks really magically when you put milkshake or milk inside! I decided to dress up pretty too to match! We were visiting my aunt’s as it was my cousin’s birthday a few days before and also to hand out presents since my nan would be away in Germany for the Christmas holidays.
IMG_2019IMG_2022I was mega excited a couple of weeks ago because I was only going to be working TWO DAYS that week; my boss bought in a ton of freshly ‘picked’ (more like hacked at the branch) mistletoe that he managed to harvest in an orchard near where he lives. There was so much of the stuff and he thought it was wise to hand out fresh mistletoe to our colleagues who were coming in for a meeting that day, most of which are middle-aged women, when he was singled out as the only gentleman in the office (and 23 I might add) lol. The office started to look even more festive with the decorations up and mistletoe.
IMG_2023I can’t remember why I put this back on, but somehow R was informed that I had a Pikachu kigu and he stated that he wanted to see it as he didn’t know I had one. I put it on to show him and then proceeded to wear it down the street to visit my brother, where his fiancé decided to put on her Stitch kigu and chill out with me haha.
P1140836P1140840P1140843IMG_2032The Wednesday of that week we went shopping to get the last of our Christmas shopping (which I succeeded, hurray!); the ice skating rink was really wet from melting because the weather has been so mild lately! I thought the castle looked really pretty too though not sure what it was for as I didn’t go in it. We went into Toys R Us and I managed to get the last of my shopping for my niblings and cousins, and spotted this giant unicorn plush!! It cost £30.00 and was massive, would’ve easily taken up the majority of my double bed! It was really cute but I have absolutely no where to put it, actually find anyone who has any room to put it because it is that big!
P1140864After a busy day of shopping, we took a detour on the way home to pick up…A PUPPY. Spontaneous or what?? Early Christmas present to me! I wish. R’s mum had been hunting for a puppy since she was told she was allowed one earlier this year; this pup happened to be a lucky accident when the mum got unexpectedly pregnant with 5 pups. R and his mum had visited the pup once when they spotted him on the Pets4homes website; he’s a mixed breed, coincidentally the same breed that R introduced to his mum the last time he was down when she had a completely different breed in mind! He’s incredibly friendly and laid back, though he was incredibly whiney in the car and kept struggling to get out of my hands on the journey home.

We pup sat for 2 days whilst R’s mum was at work and though he is fairly good, he has his manic moments and does bite/chew everything! We were exhausted by the end of the day when his mum took over haha. It was my first time ever puppy sitting, or even properly being around a puppy actually, but it was very fun and made us both realise the commitment a puppy needs. Although I was disappointed that we didn’t go down to the boat like we had planned, the experience of looking after pup-pup (his nickname from me, he does actually have a name lol) was well worth delaying the trip.
IMG_2033On Saturday me and R went to visit Pixie and her partner; we met them in town and went for a hot chocolate and a catch-up, so that R could properly meet them both as they are very important to me! It was also Pixie’s birthday so presents were swapped as well! Of course when it comes to us, we couldn’t help but take a selfie!
IMG_2038On the Sunday, R’s family threw their annual Christmas cocktail party which I was pretty nervous about as his mum’s side of the family of 3 sisters and their broods, all of which I was yet to meet, were coming. I dressed up in the same dress and heels that I wore to the Great Gatsby ball earlier this year, gold rings and gold Christmas bauble earrings! Unfortunately no one else seemed to dress up as glam as us, so my heels were swapped for my slippers pretty sharp and then into comfy clothing by the end of the night before all the guests had even left haha.

I’m saddened that I did not manage to get any photos of me and R dressed up, it was more of a gathering rather than a party like I thought it was going to be (so my effort was a little wasted as we were the only ones properly dressed up, lucky I didn’t stick on any falsies), and he spent the majority of his time entertaining family members that he had not seen in months; so I snapped this quick selfie on Snapchat hence the terrible quality.
P1140886P1140888P1140902Christmas finally arrived! I wasn’t feeling particularly great tbh, this Christmas wasn’t as good as last year if I’m honest but I am still grateful for it nonetheless! I got lots of gifts, far more than I ever expected, and had great food! The lizard is a joke btw, my dad said I could have a lizard if I wanted one and so he bought me this for my stocking, he even handmade the hat; he has been named Chris the Christmas lizard.

We had bacon sandwiches in the morning, dinner and then watched some Christmas movies – Muppets and Micky’s Christmas Carol! I then went to R’s that evening to hand out gifts to him and his parents, Christmas day flew by!
P1140912Say hello to Summer! Look how much she has grown!! My sister and her family, as well as my aunt and her family, came over for Boxing day! It was a fun-filled day with lots of gift exchanging and happiness! R spent the day with my family, watching movies, stuffing our faces and getting to know everyone a bit better; he was rather spoilt too! My sister and the niblings stayed over that night too, Summer was incredibly naughty and refused to go to sleep!

I’m sad that Christmas is over now, it comes around so fast! The next 4 months are rather boring to me with hardly anything going on. My last couple of days off work had me visiting my brother and playing Cards of Humanity (hilarious btw) and watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens today!! It was incredibly good, I recommend it to everyone even if you aren’t really into SW!

Unfortunately it is back to work for me tomorrow…I am not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to pay day on Thursday and having another long weekend! I’m really sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time, but life has been really crazy lately what with Christmas and R’s parents getting a new puppy that has had us puppy-sitting a fair bit; he’s getting a bit more leggy now and finding his voice, he was a right rebel today and bit us a lot! Puppies are hard work!!

Soon I will be blogging reguarly again and will be able to pay more attention to what I write but I am trying to rush this post to get the last one in before 2015 ends! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic New Year!! Until 2016, thank you for all of your support!~♥

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