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Goodbye and Thank You 2015 – 2015 recap and resolutions for 2016!

Hello everyone, and a Happy New Year to you again!! I still can’t believe I’m writing this post again already! I do enjoy writing these posts though, its fun to look back at the resolutions that I made for last year and everything that I have done to see whether or not I stuck by them – you can read my one for 2014 here! Last year I promised to:

  • To spend more time with family and friends.
  • To prepare myself for a new direction in my life.
  • To love and appreciate myself more.

I definitely feel that I have achieved all of these, woo hoo; I have definitely spent more time with my family and friends because I have been at home a lot more and always kept days open for when we visited family, and I’ve also spent more time with my girls whether it’s a night out or (usually) an evening at my house just chilling and catching up. My life, unfortunately, didn’t actually move anywhere because the friend I considered moving in with ended up moving to Tunisia temporarily for holiday work, but I did collect more stuff for when I eventually move out and enrolled myself on a Computer Accountancy course which will help me to get a better job after I’ve taken the exam later this year. Finally, I said that I would love and appreciate myself more, and become more independent before getting into a new relationship; well that last bit failed but the person I am with now has given me far more confidence in myself than I have ever have, and for that I appreciate myself more and continue to do the things that I enjoy.

I don’t really believe in fortune telling, but last year was the year of the Sheep, my year – you can read about it here; I was hoping that it would be an easy year but unfortunately, from what I could make out, opportunities would come my way but obstacles would be in front of them, typical. At first I didn’t see many opportunities and thought either I had read it wrong or it really was just silly superstition, but maybe I just needed to look at it from a different angle?

My relationship was completely brand new and incredibly stressful, the circumstance was one I really didn’t fancy being in, but this person (for the first time in my life) brings out the best in me and makes me truly happy; we rarely argue (usually I just get grumpy with him because he is too laid back to argue, and it never lasts more than an hour either because I just can’t stay mad at him) and we are extremely passionate about each other. I have faced and overcome a lot of my demons, each day I am a step closer to being happier and winning against my Depression and Anxiety, something that even 3 months ago seemed impossible. Perhaps my opportunities were more to do with improving myself rather than my life, and the obstacles were things that I had to get over in order to be happier with myself? These days I am more appreciative, relaxed and positive, and I feel that R definitely deserves a lot of credit for this because without him I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now.

So overall I am happy with how last year went, especially since I got to experience more than I did in 2014! I am going to push myself even more this year and do even more to help my life move in a positive direction; although it is unlikely I’ll be moving out anytime soon, I am hoping that my next steps will drastically improve my life and I’ll continue to save money and squirrel away things for when I can move out (I am going to start looking at bathrooms now).

Let’s recap on what the year 2015 brought me:

  • 1st January – Spent the New Year’s celebration with close friends.
  • 3rd January – Watched Star Wars for the first time.
  • January – Watched Indiana Jones for the first time.
  • February – Redecorated bedroom.
  • 13th February – Made relationship with R official! ~♥
  • 14th February – Spent first Valentine’s Day with R (and his parents haha).
  • 21st February – Had a Black Tie house party with friends.
  • 28th February – Celebrated Vince’s birthday and took family to a Japanese restaurant for the first time.
  • 9th March – R departed for America for 2 months. 😦
  • 21st March – Went to Birmingham and MCM Comicon for the first time!
  • 3rd-5th April – Went away for a weekend by myself for the first time (Plymouth).
  • 10th-11th April – Pixie visited and went shopping together for the first time.
  • 7th May – R returned from America! 🙂
  • 11th-14th May – Went to Portsmouth for a mini holiday with R for the first time (went on our first holiday, stayed on a boat, visited the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, watched horse Lacrosse, tested a virtual headset, popped R’s Wagamama’s cherry, and saw a wild jellyfish all for the first time).
  • 14th May – Became an auntie again!
  • 17th May – Met my niece Summer for the first time!
  • 22nd May – Attended a wedding (aunt’s) for the first time.
  • 29th May – Reached savings goal!
  • 10th June – Enrolled on a Computerised Accountancy course.
  • 27th June – Attended Armed Forces Day for the first time.
  • 11th July – Went to London for Hyper Japan!
  • 31st-2nd August – Attended a Charity Ball for the first time (navigated London Tube alone, visited R and stayed on an RAF base, and endured 5+ hour car journey home with R all for the first time lol).
  • 22nd August – Attended a baby shower for the first time.
  • 14th October – R departed for Spain for 4 weeks. 😦
  • 4th November – My birthday!
  • 10th November – R returned from Spain! 🙂
  • 18th November – Went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the first time (Hogwarts at Christmas)!
  • 1st December – Visited mum.
  • 4th December – Bought a domain for my blog – Now http://kawaiikanae.com!!
  • 17th-18th December – Looked after a puppy for the first time.
  • 25th-26th December – Spent first Christmas and Boxing Day with R. 🙂
  • 28th December – Watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
  • 31st December – Spent first New Year’s with R as a couple. 🙂
  • HELLO 2016!!

I know that a lot of these memories were with R but since being in a relationship is important to me, so are all the firsts that come with it and therefore make those memories very important to me. I do feel that I did a bit more out of my comfort zone this time, I attended more events with people that I didn’t know and travelled a bit further. I hope to go even further this year too, I am determined that 2016 will be even more adventurous, exciting and colourful than 2015! So without further ado, here are my New Year resolutions for 2016:

  • To learn how to drive – By the end of this year I want to be able to drive and have my own car. I never thought too much into it before but with R living 200 miles away and driving us about when he comes back, I’ve learned to appreciate the freedom that having a car will give you. Yes, I might be a bit skint to begin with but I am hoping to strategise my spending so that I get the most out of it whilst spending less and saving more. Having a car will not only give me the freedom to go where I want whenever I want, but will allow me to travel further afield for jobs and visit family members more regularly without the concerns of travelling alone or relying on public transport. I think being able to drive will compensate for the loss of extra money that I’m used to because the freedom it will give me will be worth it!
  • To learn how to cook – This might seem like an odd one to some because surely at the age of 24 I can cook right? Well yeah, I can cook potatoes, meats and pasta but I lack the knowledge of cooking decent dishes from scratch. I want to try out stews, pies, curries and bakes, as well as cakes, tarts and biscuits; I want to further my basic cooking knowledge so that I can cook for my family on a regular basis, as well as for my man when he returns home. Also because I am a fussy eater, my cooking skills lack the ability to cook ingredients that other people like, e.g. eggs, because I don’t eat them and this prevents me from being able to cook up many dishes. I hope that by cooking with such ingredients it will broaden my palette and have me eating foods that I wasn’t as fond of before.
  • To get back into art – What feels like many moons ago, I used to thoroughly enjoy drawing but for the last 5-6 years (maybe more) I have barely picked up a pencil; I love drawing still and my skills still aren’t too shabby, so I am hoping to make more time to get back to art this year and go further with it, I am already working on a gift for someone and a tattoo for someone else! As well as art, I am hoping to get back into being creative in general, so you’ll be seeing a lot more creativity from me this year!

I’m excited to get straight into things, I think pushing myself for the past 2 years has got me into a more productive, less apathetic mind-frame that I want to continue, so I am certain that I will be able to get all of these achieve in the year 2016!! Thanks again for all of you that read and support my blog, I will continue to post regularly and hopefully even more interesting content for you guys!! Hope you all have a fantastic start to 2016, what are your NY resolutions?? Until next time~♥

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