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Review Time – My first thoughts on New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward!~♥

SI_3DS_NintendoPresentsNewStyleBoutique2FashionForward_enGBHello everyone! I’m back with another Nintendo 3DS review; so soon you ask? I know I’m pretty impressed with myself too! Today I’ll be reviewing the recent release ‘New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward’! I follow the Nintendo Girls Club account on Instagram which frequently posts about games that girls would like, their YouTube channel uploads videos created by other YouTube talents who are also Nintendo fanatics such as Beckii Cruel and Nooderella, and since I also follow them on Instagram and Twitter these accounts get bombarded with the latest, cutest Nintendo games released! Again please forgive the quality of the photos as these were screenshot from my 3DS, and remember that this post will contain potential spoilers.
WVW69ivQilsuG7fR5zStyle Boutique is an all-over-girl game without a doubt; if you liked dress up games as a kid or love fashion as an adult, then I guarantee that you will enjoy this game! I for sure am still addicted to it after having picked it up a couple of weeks ago as a treat to myself, it is the perfect gap-filler game to play whenever you have a spare moment like a lunch break or during a morning commute (so perfect for me)!

I can’t help but fawn over how pretty and cute the overall game design is! Known in Japan as ‘Girls Mode 3: Kirakira ☆ Code’, this game which was created and first released in Japan on April 16th 2015 holds lots of Japanese touches such as the Anime-style characters and Japanese-inspired fashion!! Like, OMG *fangirl time*! So not only is this game enjoyable for anyone who enjoys fashion but it is PERFECT for those of us who not only enjoy Japanese-inspired fashion such as Harajuku and Gyaru, but Anime too!! It was released in Europe on November 20th 2015 and I had been eyeing it up but unsure of whether this game would be too childish; thankfully it’s not!!
WVW69ivQ1EErac22tJThe plot line is that you meet a girl named Sophie who just so happens to be the Granddaughter of your Grandmother’s best friend; she is the manager of a boutique that once belonged to your Grandmother, and so hands it over to you to make the town more fashionable!
WVW69ivQk9sWadBl8oWVW69ivQucYaCsBUeOWVW69ivQzaopeMr9gDUpon starting, you get to design what your character will look like, so typically I chose blonde hair and blue eyes like myself before dressing her in an adorable Gyaru-style fashion (which I am so tempted to recreate in real life).
WVW69ivR6xo7-Y2Mi_After a bit of story mode you’ll be left to your own devices; your job is to greet customers that enter your store and help them find what they are looking for from what you have in stock. They’ll throw key words your way to make it easier to find what they are looking for, and then it’s up to you to seal the deal and sell them the item! This part is particularly satisfying in my opinion because if you were like me and used to play a lot of shop-related RPG games then watching your shop’s income go up is very exciting!
WVW69ivRX5ocp4r0p0WVW69ivRbi8NUBCTpeHNI_0024You can leave the boutique anytime you want and get out on the streets; I’d suggest having a quick chat with anyone that’s around as this will help to either progress the storyline or entice customers to check out your boutique!
HNI_0026HNI_0032Eventually you’ll be thankful that you helped out all those girls that entered your boutique because the shop’s balance will be used to restock your shop with lots of new and fashionable items from the available stalls in the Exhibition Hall! This is my favourite part because you get to choose what to stock up on!
HNI_0035Another reason why this is my favourite part is because sample pieces will get put in your wardrobe, which means you can dress up your character however you like with the clothes your boutique has in stock for free!!

The more you play, the more you unlock as the story progresses; this makes things much more exciting by giving you more people to talk to, more places to visit, and features that will make your boutique even better!
HNI_0057So far I give this game a 5/5! I am so in love with it, and the easy anytime save feature makes playing the game during short intervals really easy! As mentioned earlier, I thought this game had the potential to be childish and short-lived; I knew it was only a basic game with a basic goal but I still wanted to try it because there aren’t many games on our market that are inspired by Japanese-fashion. I was really amazed by the design of the game, and surprised that there is a simple storyline to follow rather than just unlocking new objects/places/themes etc the more you sell. Faces you’ve sold to before will reappear and become loyal customers, and there are certain characters that will become more involved in your story as time goes on. The small and simple features of the game make it more enjoyable to play than a basic shop-and-sell arcade game and the plotline is just enough to keep your interest piqued into continuous, *cough* addictive *cough* playing.

Well that’s it for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I didn’t spoil it! I tried to just touch on the main features of this game since it has a storyline and I don’t want to ruin it; I’m still brand new to it myself so I can’t give any tips though not that you’d need it because the game is very easy to follow. I don’t know what it is about this game but it is just so fun to sit and play despite fairly simple. I also think that it is a great way to get some fashion ideas and outfit inspiration, there are at least 3 outfits that my character has worn (created by yours truly) that I would wear myself! Especially if you are new to a certain type of fashion e.g. Gyaru, I think it is a really good way to see what sorts of colours and items look well together, and then you can try to find similar looking items to recreate the looks!

Thanks for reading, hopefully it won’t be too long until I have another Nintendo 3DS review for you as I have a few in mind that I am itching to try! Until next time~♥

P.S. I’ve been a little worried that my recent review on AC: Happy Home Designer was a little too in-depth, but I don’t think I discussed anything that could be considered a ‘spoiler’ (unless you count scooting between furniture and helpful tips to be spoilers); since the game didn’t have any storyline other than to decorate customer homes and town projects, I found this game hard to spoil since I didn’t discuss anything that wasn’t already mentioned in the game’s written description or in other reviews. I didn’t really consider it the same as spoiling the ending to a story or listing all the un-lockable items (or perhaps in this case all the possible decorating themes), and since I only gave it a 3.5/5 because I was disappointed with it, there wasn’t that much to talk about; that’s okay isn’t it? Gah, well it’s posted now and I did note that there were potential spoilers, so I’m sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone but I didn’t think there was that much to spoil :|. Sorry, really needed to get that off my chest haha!

2 thoughts on “Review Time – My first thoughts on New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward!~♥

    1. I was sceptical too tbh but it’s such a cute game and addictive too! I play it during lunch and commutes, perfect for those types of times when you need to be occupied. I’ve got great outfit ideas from there because there’s so much to choose from and it’s strangely satisfying! I’d definitely recommend if you like this sort of thing!

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