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A quick update – goodbye blog.

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! Don’t worry about the title because I am not deleting THIS blog, NO WAY. Basically I have decided to delete my other blog which was named ‘The Gaijin Ulzzang’; it’s sad I know, really sad because that was where I first started out blogging but I made the decision to delete it because I never use it.

Without a doubt, I want to get back into writing beauty related posts, but I figured that not only would it be a hassle to try and maintain two blogs, but that if it ran out of memory then I would have to pay out a separate amount for that blog which I am already doing for this one, and I don’t think I can afford £500.00 a year on two blogs!

So I have decided to delete the other blog, including its content, and start afresh by introducing beauty and fashion-related posts here on this blog! I am really interested in Japanese and Korean fashion, as well as their cosmetics, so I think it would fit in well with the topics that are already covered on this blog. It makes sense to use the unlimited memory I have on this blog too, so why not!

This blog will also be undergoing an update in due time, I am hoping to make it a little easier to navigate around and have easy access to my social media platforms! I’ve found a template that I like the look of, so now it is just about setting up the links and putting the final touches in place before it goes live (hopefully by the end of the month)!

Thanks again for all of you that follow and support this blog, I hope you will continue to do so! Love to you all!~♥♥♥

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