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“Where’s the love?” “Sometimes you’re just asking for it.” “Stop trying to scam everyone!” – Things that are wrong with YouTube ‘celebrities’. (Massively long rant, 16+)

Hello guys! So this is kind of a ranty topic tbh and I don’t normally rant but well this was kind of asking for it; it’s a bit of a mixed up rant as well, so I’ll try my hardest to keep it flowing smoothly without jumping all over the place and I think it will require a little bit of background knowledge to start with:

Okay so about 4 years ago I think, I came across the Singaporean blogger Xiaxue and I can’t really remember how I found her, maybe I just happened across her on YouTube one day possibly when she did a joint video with Michelle Phan. At first I just watched her videos ‘Xiaxue’s Guide To Life’ (which btw I got HOOKED ON and watched the entire lot throughout the summer – I think she is the reason that I now love pink and all things cute) but then I decided to check out her blog and this was when I got hooked on blogging. She stirred up a new passion in me for sure and started out exactly the same, rambling about her life’s happenings including break-ups, pets, school and boring part-time jobs; it was completely different to her latest posts which mostly consisted of ads for cosmetics and pregnancy talk, but hey she wrote this blog for 10 YEARS I am happy that she is where she is now because despite what some might think about her attitude towards things, I think she worked real hard on her blog because she doesn’t seem like the type to just flog it, and at least she is honest.

Blogging is really popular in Asian countries; Nuffnang is a popular blog advertising company amongst many others in Singapore and these companies helped faces like Xiaxue, QiuQiu, ohsofickle, Sophie Wilocq, Naomineo, Racheltan, Yutakis and Miyake Ng – and let’s not forget Cheesie from Cheeserland even though she is Malaysian and not Singaporean, to become famous and hold a celebrity status. All I ever see are these guys together; hosting parties, doing videos, competitions and meet-ups, always together! All looking incredibly happy, being super interactive with their fans and doing fun things on a regular basis. Granted about 3 of these ladies I watch (XX, QQ and C) all have babies now and can’t post as much, but they still do and still give epic content; sometimes Cheesie posts several times a week whilst having recently juggled moving to Singapore, a toddler and expecting baby no.2!! Trust me guys, I am going somewhere with this.

My main point is that these guys have built their empire and are still actively involved in it today whether it is their blog that they started out on, modelling or being on YouTube; they are older and have more life commitments, yet they still continue to interact with fans and create content for us to enjoy. Though some might not think that it is enough considering they have made a lot of money out of it, but these guys really didn’t ask to be famous when they started typing on their computer and still give us today what they have been doing all these years, perhaps a little more with all the meet-ups they do; writing a blog is far harder than posting a video to YouTube!

Thanks to people like this, YouTube has exploded with mini ‘celebrities’ and created lots of amazing opportunities for people who simply make videos in their bedrooms; some people have even become millionaires! And yet…there are lots of these ‘celebrities’ that do sweet f*** all when it comes to giving back, what’s with that?? I’m not going to name names, perhaps you can guess from the information I give you but this somewhat bothers me that some YouTube ‘talents’ (if you can even call them that) will go out of their way to exploit their fan base for more money and give hardly anything back! Its like youngsters these days don’t understand the meaning of living in reality and working the real life because they live a ‘YouTube life’ and become famous as young as 15! Don’t get me wrong, kudos to those who have managed to organise themselves properly and continue to upload great content and interact with their fans regularly, but maybe I am just following the wrong people because some of the ‘famous’ people I’m following don’t do that?

I am just going to insert an important disclaimer right here – Note: Last January I wrote a post regarding the ‘trash a guru’ website Gossip Guru; I expressed my dislike for those who spend their time sitting behind their computer screens and anonymously attacking people online. I do not take back what I said, that I find it incredibly cowardly for people to nit-pick at people they have never met over the tiniest of things just for the sake of gossiping (literally so many were scraping the barrel), and how really people should keep their thoughts to themselves on such trivial matters as consistent gossiping, rumour spreading and hate-making is considered a form of bullying. I also stated that I understand that people feel the need to voice their opinions but I only really deem this acceptable if they have been offended by something or would like to raise a concern; not constantly badgering one person just because you don’t like them, whether they can see it or not.

This part – “if they have been offended by something or would like to raise a concern”, sometimes there are people out there who don’t help themselves and who give others reasons to gossip about them; it is hard not to be judgemental about someone when the talk floating about is backed up by truth, even more so when they do something that causes offence. So that is why today I am grouping a number of unnamed people in this post and not writing a personal vendetta, and I think many people will agree with me on what I say.

*Phew* sorry, just covering my butt because I know that someone out there might want to get huffy over me being honest and potentially complaining about their YouTube idol lol. So yeah, within the last what 4 years? A number of people, in the UK also, have become famous through YouTube and just don’t do jack with their famous status and newfound wealth, like not even for themselves really.

Example 1 – Ignoring their fan base:
One became a millionaire and released their own super expensive cosmetics line which was unaffordable for the majority of the fans who helped them to get where they are today; they rarely post videos anymore, and any that are posted are really useless and have been created through an entire team rather than their own mind. It’s like someone else comes up with the idea and slaps their face on it! What about all of the loyal fans who wait for them to upload something? They never upload anything anymore like now that they are a millionaire and selling their overpriced cosmetics they don’t need to appreciate their fan base anymore.

Example 2 – Guilt tripping, breaking promises and scrounging off of their fan base:
Another YouTuber recently set up a funding page to help them raise money for a deposit for new accommodation amongst other, unnecessary, things. They have a lot of negative attention on them already regarding their current living arrangements and personal relationships, which they are very flippant about sharing with their fan base (one minute yes, next minute no); this just angered people further because not only was it the first, but THIRD time they were requesting such a thing from their viewers! They were asking for an incredibly high amount of money, more than anyone should ever ask for, and they weren’t ashamed about it considering the first two times were shut down fairly sharp.

Promises that were made to fans were then broken because the person in question felt ‘bullied’, therefore gaining sympathy from loyal fans and keeping them on tenterhooks that if they are good they will get what was promised. A lot of people saw through this act and they lost a number of subscribers; okay, so there’s bullying and then there’s people calling you out on your bull****. Some people may have shared some hate, it wouldn’t surprise me, but the majority of comments that I read were people honestly disagreeing with such a beg for money. Originally the campaign was to afford accommodation and donators would receive a gift of sorts if they reached the required criteria for that gift (e.g. £1.00 got them such-a-such); they then changed it to make it sound like you weren’t donating but buying their ‘products’ to help them save for it. When it still didn’t work out, they guilt-tripped their viewers even more on their social media accounts before closing the campaign.

They later changed their excuse for the campaign to being able to make their content ‘better’ when their content already lacks the best of their ability to make it the best for their viewers regardless of what equipment, space, or even topic of discussion that they have! They do not feel guilty for being shameless of their current lifestyle or appreciate what they have compared to so many others, especially after everything going on in the world lately.

Example 3 – Using whilst conning their fan base:
My last example is a UK YouTuber who became famous quite recently but complains that they didn’t ‘set out to be famous’ because they don’t like the downs of being famous, despite undergoing a number of different projects and appearances that would put them directly in the limelight. Another example of someone who has someone else working behind the scenes but slaps their face on everything and lets them take the credit for it! Books, a beauty line and TV appearances has them rolling in dough, enough so that they pretty much do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with their life besides lounge, nap and eat, getting away with uploading just one useless video a week. Like you have £££, why don’t you go outside or abroad and vlog more than the inside of your living room and what Netflix box set you are watching for 10 hours a day!? Why do you hide away and only interact with your fans over the internet, complaining that you’re ‘so busy’ when we all know you are still unwashed in your pyjamas and probably going to have a nap soon?

And then they complain about the fact their fans know where they live because they were stupid enough to practically hand out their information; queue the major guilt trip session and hate on the fans that are so desperate to see their idols, crocodile tears coming from the people that set themselves up to be famous by taking on everything that makes you famous and recognisable. You can’t have it both ways! Either embrace it or drop it, you can’t love your fan base and then blame them for not being able to live a normal, quiet life, and then use them to attack anyone who disagrees with you!!

Seriously YouTubers do NOT have it hard, and I expect my three examples have never worked a proper day in their lives (I mean like a bog standard 9am-5pm daily job, not managing their next book/skincare range/scam plan). These people have enough money to travel the world and produce some amazing content that their fans would love; they should be so thankful to the people that watch their useless, mediocre videos for giving them the fantastic opportunities and luxury of not having to work a shitty, boring day job, and yet they don’t? I don’t even understand how they can be called celebrities because they are nothing like real celebrities; they don’t interact with their fan base regularly enough, they don’t donate or volunteer for anything, they can’t even upload semi-worthy content for their famous status on a regular basis! Why are they even so famous?? Why do they have die-hard fans?? So many of these YouTubers who hit the jackpot and have let their ego go to their head try to con their viewers into buying shitty products or funding them for something useless.

I personally have experienced giving to someone from YT expecting nothing in return, and really did get nothing in return (barely a thanks compared to what they were saying they’d do out of gratitude); I feel a little like my kindness was taken advantage of and not respected, if someone had given ANYTHING to me then I would be so, so thankful!! Like shout it from the roof thankful!

They are nothing like the bloggers I mentioned at the beginning of the post who despite living an adult life, have a large number of advertisements (sent through to them by their management company), are moving house (or country), have a baby/are pregnant or whatever, still post regularly and give great content, attend events to show their face, arrange meet-ups, host competitions and give-aways, all of which these lazy YouTubers could be doing to not only increase their popularity and fan base, but enrich their lives massively!! So many are depressed with so much money they don’t know what to do with, and they aren’t even 30 yet!! It is clear that the majority of these new YouTuber celebrities are just hopping on the bandwagon in the hope for a stroke of success, and that includes the fame as well as the money.

YouTubers have got it so easy; kudos again to those YouTubers who do go out of their way to make better quality videos and upload videos, answering comments and interacting with their fans on a regular basis, but so many YouTubers these days upload poor quality content and become YouTube celebrities because of their fan base. I think it is a little harder for bloggers because you have to write interesting content that people actually want to read, whereas videos are easy to run in the background or watch as a gap filler. Regardless of whether you are a blogger or YouTuber, I feel it is whole heartedly your job to make the content you produce to be worthwhile for your viewers, and if you do ask for funding to make it worthwhile for those who are donating towards your cause!

I’m a blogger, I thoroughly enjoy blogging and I am incredibly grateful to all of you who read my blog; a little while ago my blog ran out of space, I could’ve attempted to appeal to my readers to donate towards paying for my blog upgrade which is a £250.00 a year Business Upgrade, quite a lot to be spending so close to Christmas, but I didn’t because I HAVE A JOB. I have no sponsors, everything you see on my blog is paid for by yours truly! If I want my blog to be better for my readers, I research new content, I buy that new camera or that light, I spend hours writing that post, because although I love blogging I want my readers to love it more! So that you guys enjoy my posts, I go out of my way working to make it more enjoyable for you and I do that because I WANT to. I do not ask you for donations for that new piece of equipment I need to take better quality pictures for you to enjoy because I do not see it as your responsibility to make me a better blogger! I take care of that part! There aren’t many people these days who go out of their way to produce content simply because they enjoy doing it and want their viewers to enjoy it too.

If I became a millionaire however that may be (fingers crossed I win the lottery), I would be donating to different charities and volunteering in my spare time; I would be travelling the world and vlogging every second to share with my viewers, and buy items to do give-aways. If I ever had the luck to become famous, then I would love to do meet-ups, and none of that formal shit guys lets sit down and build lego together and chat, share stories and become friends. Why do these new YouTubers not do this!?

Omg I have really ranted on haven’t I?? So sorry you guys but does anyone agree with me?? Let’s take a look at a couple of YouTubers who are doing it right:


  • Might not update her beauty channel as much now since having a baby but vlogs and uploads daily (more often than not).
  • Works with her husband at home to package and ship all of the orders for her brush collection, and is currently working on a new jewellery range designed by herself.
  • Travels frequently whether on holiday or to events and vlogs everything so has lots of interesting content to share with viewers.
  • Designed clothing and raised money to build TWO schools in the poorer regions of Laos.
  • Interacts with fans, arranges meet-ups and constantly thanks her viewers.

Promise Tamang/Phan:

  • Works really hard on ensuring her videos are frequent and accurate; puts a lot of effort into her handmade props and sets.
  • Donates money to help her parents who are part of a charity organisation that helps those in need in Nepal.
  • Took her sister on and pays for her to attend school and live in the USA; encourages her to do what she wants to do and helped her set up her own YouTube account.
  • Travels frequently and vlogs interesting content for viewers.

I hope that those I mentioned (not mentioned) above get their act together this year and be a little more appreciative of the people who got them where they are today, and perhaps do a little more for other people instead of just continuing with their money swindling ways. Such a shame that many of these people started out as the nice, honest, down-to-earth, everyone-can-relate-to kind of people but not anymore because they let money and fame go to their heads; you could be doing something so good with your life right now because you can actually afford it, you should think about how damn lucky you are!!!

Cookies to all of you who made it to the end of this rant, if I had more money I’d do a give-away as the prize lmao! Abrupt end of rant.

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