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Fukubukuro – The amazing wonders of the Japanese lucky packs!

Hello everyone, it’s that time again! Time for another random Japanese information post for those of you who like to learn a little more about Japan (as well as myself)! If anyone has anything they would like to learn more about or anything they think that I should write a blog post about, please do leave me a comment and I’ll hop to it!!
1411_luckybag_mainToday we’ll be learning about ‘Fukubukuro’ aka lucky packs! I follow a fair few people who love Japanese fashion and regularly order online from Japan using a shipping service; in many of their hauls or common buys are these lucky packs. You remember lucky packs as a kid right? Cost like £1.00, inside has stickers, sweets, perhaps a comic or colouring book with crayons, and a toy?? Yeah these lucky packs aren’t like those ones, but you’ll definitely be more excited by the contents!
P1100461Actually Japan likes to do a lot of lucky/mystery packs, not just with clothing brands but even with toys; these are called ‘blind boxes’ and if you have read my Hyper Japan 2015 shopping haul, then you’ll notice that I also bought one which contained an Anime figure from the Anime series Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura and I got Kero and Spinner Sun sitting on a doughnut!!
Harajuku-Fukubukuro-Lucky-Bags-2012-077Fukubukuro are really common in the New Year and usually contains a number of unknown items and is a much cheaper alternative for those wishing to buy from the brands, with a total of up to 50% off the items! So you can see why people in the West who have little access to such brands would opt for buying a lucky pack instead of purchasing straight from the shop; although there are usually shipping and custom fees, the overall pricing of the items is much lower.
img03The Lunar New Year, which is celebrated not only in Japan but also other countries such as China and Korea (you can read my post about 2015’s Lunar New Year here), carries a superstition that one must start the New Year fresh, hence why houses are usually thoroughly cleaned, new money notes are given out and leftover or unneeded rubbish is thrown out. The lucky packs carry the same principle in that the bags are filled with excess or out of trend merchandise from the previous year in order to make room for new stock. However some brands release lucky packs with new releases which also sell out really fast for those who want to get their hands on new or limited edition items!
tumblr_inline_o09vf97enr1qeycpw_500There are a few problems with regards to purchasing a lucky pack; firstly you might not get what you want in the lucky pack since ofc you don’t know what the lucky pack holds, you might end up getting an item that either you didn’t want or already have. Secondly there is a possibility that you might get an item in the wrong size which would be really upsetting especially if you get the item that you really wanted!!

Other than that, you can’t complain too much since the risk comes with buying the lucky pack. Just think if you get what you want then you’re a winner but even if you get something you don’t, there will be someone out there who will want it so you can just sell it.
listenflavor_luckybag_2016_main_600listenflavor_luckybag_2016_detail1_600.jpgIf you are in the UK and would like to get your hands on a Japanese fashion lucky pack, why not check out the Dreamy Bows website where you can get your hands on a Listen Flavor lucky pack!!? No shipping or custom fee for those of you living in the UK and it costs just £64.99! Not convinced? The lucky pack comes with 1 x tote bag, 2 x tees, 1 x sweater, 1 x hooded top and 1 x exclusive cat top! All of these together cost far more than the £64.99 purchase price!! I am considering buying one myself!

Anyway that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed learning about Fukubukuro! Until next time~♥

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