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A random photo post…That is proving difficult to write with a cat on your lap.

Hi guys! How’ve you been?? I think this is my first photo post/life blog post I have written in 2016! Why? Because life has been BORING. Just as I predicted it would, Jan-March is always boring for me. Life goes back to the boring norm after the Christmas run up and it was pretty tough getting back into the normal routine. So here’s a little peek into what my grey life has been like…
IMG_2094Let’s start with a photo of Eric, whom I adore (I feel like I’m cat cheating with Sootie sat on my lap/laptop). I took this photo before the bf returned to work. 😦
IMG_2194Trying to get through all of the sweet treats I received over the christmas period and heart-shaped marshmallows was one of them! I decided to put them in hot chocolate and now I’m addicted!!
IMG_2233Here’s a no make-up silly selfie, never take yourself too seriously! Sent it to the bf to cheer him up. 🙂
IMG_2263Went out shopping with my bestie JD and LUSH had my favourite bath bomb back in stock – Dragon’s Egg!! I love this bomb, has to be my absolute number one!!
IMG_2267Decided to camwhore AF before JD picked me up; I used these bendy rollers for the first time in an attempt to easily curl my hair that will actually last. It wasn’t bad for my first attempt, JD even had hair envy!! Not often I can pull off a really elegant selfie so I’m pretty proud of this one lol.
IMG_2271IMG_2272IMG_2274So with my resolution to start learning how to cook better this year, I learnt how to make American-style pancakes! These are cooked from scratch in a frying pan, not a machine! I am still trying to figure out how to get that flat, even, golden sides they have lol but for a first attempt it wasn’t that bad! I topped it with fresh strawberries and honey.
IMG_2327IMG_2316Unfortunately the boyfriend was unable to come back for the weekend of our first anniversary and Valentines day; I was really bummed out because first he wasn’t able to and then he was and then he wasn’t, I guess that’s the nature of his job it is really unpredictable and difficult to plan around. Annoyingly he found out that he could’ve actually come back that weekend but by then it was too late…Anyway, since I wanted to go for some kind of meal for my anniversary, I decided to have one with my friend whom I had been getting back in touch with. I wanted to dress up regardless too since sadly, I don’t get out much (life of an adult), so I decided to wear something casual but put together.
IMG_2310I got myself fish and chips (which was somewhat disappointing – too much batter!), and lemon meringue pie for pudding! We also had yummy mocktails, I’m becoming a bit of a cocktail fan!
IMG_2321Posted this on my IG for Valentine’s day since I was spending it alone T_T. I can’t really remember what I did, probably what I normally do which is chill out, eat chocolate and I think I had a bubble bath. I don’t normally smile with my teeth since my front ones are quite big but I’m starting to feel a little more confident about it.
IMG_2278Wally is getting so big! I was away from him for 3 weeks and he got lankier! I can’t imagine how he looks now or how he’ll look in another 3 weeks when I see him!
IMG_2332When I went out with my friend for dinner, we popped into Tesco beforehand. I picked up yet another cheesey romance called ‘Meet me in Manhattan’. The line about being with someone who lives thousands of miles away spoke more to me than just words because it made me realise that I feel that way too.
IMG_2344I got to see the boyfriend a few days before he went to America; his mum picked me up and we drove to where he was staying on an exercise about an hour away (just so that he could be brought his boot socks I might add lol) and we had Harvester. I wanted something to do whilst he was away during the time that I was home alone, so I took the plunge and spent £499.00 on a gaming computer! I know I had the pink one in mind and it definitely would’ve looked 100x better with my room than the garish black with blue LED lights, but I didn’t want to spend £800+ on an American computer; like, what if it didn’t work and it had to be sent back? Or something was faulty and I struggled to find the right piece because it’s American? Plus it would’ve taken ages to arrive. My want to play Sims 2 overwhelmed my want for a pink PC, and as you can see I managed (after some complications) to upload all of my Sims 2 expansions onto the computer and it works amazingly fast!

Thankfully the TV in my room (which was currently being unused because dad stole my PS2) was new enough to have a HDMI port; I used my old mouse and work keyboard until my white keyboard and pink wireless mouse arrived (it looks a little less garish with them now) and my room feels more like a bedroom now than somewhere where I just sleep.

No joke but that is pretty much all I’ve been up to. I’ve seen friends here and there, and seen family, but nothing photo-worthy hence why I’ve been posting info posts for the time being. It’s been 2 weeks today since he flew out to America, and although it is really tough still since neither of us are live at the same time, I am really proud of myself for coping so well! I’ve kept to my routine and kept positive, only 2 more weeks to go! When he gets back, I’m determined that we’re going to plan our own holiday because I’m going insane being at home. I’m making preparations to start driving and booking my exam for my Computerised Accountancy course, it’s just quite boring right now because nothing is going on fun-wise. I guess it’s a plus that I’m saving money right?

It’s tough without a doubt but if I keep to this attitude then he’ll be back in no time, get it out the way early when the weather’s shit and nothing is happening right? At least I’m out of the house for today, I’m doing my brother a favour by waiting at his house for his delivery. The change of scenery is nice and having another living being in the same room (the cat) is fairly comforting even if she is making this post difficult to write (it’s sad I know lol). I’m currently badgering my dad about us getting a dog, it would just be nice to have someone else at home since he’s hardly ever around!!
IMG_2363IMG_2364IMG_2366IMG_2369See? I’m not joking lol she’s edging her way across my lap which is making it increasingly difficult to type! She was even SNORING a moment ago before she woke herself up and crawled right into my lap haha.

Okay, I’m going to finish this post off with some funny pictures, enjoy! Hopefully the next time I write a life post I will have something far more interesting to write about!

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