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My favourite escapism technique – What’s on my bookshelf! (Introduction)

Hello everyone! So I thought I would do a more personal blog post today, I mean I know I write about what I get up to in life but I don’t write much about my personal interests in detail (except Japan of course but that’s mostly me trying to keep in line with my blog’s main theme whilst still trying to provide you guys with interesting content when my life resembles the living dead). Soooo today I decided to write a post on something I’m pretty passionate about – reading!!

I am quite the book worm, I’ve always loved reading even when I was younger and was always ahead of people my age (I won’t be modest here, I really was lol). My favourite series to read as a young child was the Animal Ark series; short stories that revolved around a young girl named Mandy and her experiences with all kinds of animals, and her parents who owned their own Veterinary practice in Welford, Yorkshire. I was bought the book ‘Kittens in the Kitchen’ when it was first released in 1994 (came with an audio tape too!) and I never looked back; I enjoyed reading about the animals and wished that my parents owned a Veterinary practice, it wasn’t long before my doctor’s kit was out and I was bandaging up my stuffed animals (and Pebbles our dog – bless him). I desperately wanted to be a Vet when I grew up, that was until I unexpectedly got a blood/body/needle phobia and that swiftly went out of the window T_T.

If you are trying to get your children to read more and you know they like animals, then I would seriously suggest the Animal Ark series! They are still available on eBay and Amazon, and you might even be able to find them at car boot sales still! Titles such as ‘Puppies in the Pantry’ or ‘Foals in the Field’ might catch the attention of girls, but there are also titles such as ‘Monkeys on the Mountain’ or ‘Tiger on the Track’ that might be more suited to boys!
1010I stopped reading for leisure when I got into High School because it was all about computer games and discovering the internet! I was put off reading for a bit because of English Lit for GCSE’s and then A Levels (so damn hard lol), but when my dad’s girlfriend spooked me a little with one of her ‘true ghost experiences’ (even though I don’t believe in ghosts lol), she handed me Harry Potter to take my mind off of it (which I hadn’t read like everyone else at the age of 7) and I was back to being hooked on reading. When my anxiety became a major struggle at the age of 18, her daughter handed me Twilight (again I was very late with jumping on the bandwagons and usually saw the movies first); it was then that I realised that reading had the power to switch off my mind and relax me, it allowed me to indulge in someone else’s life, world and worries instead of focusing on my own.

It was from reading Twilight that I began to fall in love with my guilty pleasure…cheesy romances. My passion for reading re-ignited with teenage supernatural fiction, and yes I know these are aimed at like 13-16 year olds but damn the easy reading style and light storyline was enough to pluck me from the crap of everyday life. And don’t even get me started on E-BOOKS, WTF is that about? Everyone owns a bloody Kindle these days, what ever happened to reading an actual book?? I still thrive when I enter a Waterstones and come out with a brand new book, with fresh, untouched pages and that new-book smell. Yeah sure, Kindles are easier to carry and use but nothing will ever give you the same feeling as reading a story from an actual book.

Now you know a little bit more about one of my biggest interests, I decided that I am going to start doing book reviews! I love reviewing things and since I buy/read/own a lot of books now, I think reviewing them would be nice to give the books I enjoy some further credit as well as an attempt to get more people to read! I’m going to end this post here as a sort of introduction post because I’d quite like to focus more on the actual books and reviewing them in the next post; for now I’ll be focusing on what’s on my bookshelf before I start purchasing new books! So if you like reading, I hope you’ll stay tuned! Until next time ~♥

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