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Easter Break Excitement! – Lambs’a frolicking, cheeky Nandos and Storm Katie.

Hellooooo blog and fellow readers, hope you’re good! I feel like my poor blog has been neglected lately just because my life has been on the down-low lately, but lucky for it I have lots of good things to talk about from this weekend, hurray! Where to start!?

Last I left off I was feeling pretty good, week 4 went really fast and before I knew it R had landed back in the UK. Now that I look back at it 4 weeks definitely wasn’t a long time, it only felt like it at the time. He didn’t get to come home until the 23rd and was sat waiting for me in the station car park ^_^. It’s been so nice having him back home and I had really been hoping he would come back in time for my 4 day weekend for the Easter Break!
P1150129P1150136P1150139P1150146P1150147P1150148P1150151Helloooo Good Friday! I love not working Bank Holidays haha. It is now officially Spring and it is a feeling I welcome with open arms, not because I hate the cold but because I just love all of the little details that arrive with Spring like birds chirping in the morning and into the late evening, daffodils sprouting up in random places and that warmer feeling that settles over the country; everything just looks 10x happier and greener suddenly. Me and R were both pretty skint since March was a long month so we decided to go to Lacock Village not far from where we live, it was my first time and I really enjoyed being out in the pretty village in the center of the countryside!

It was really warm, there were lots of lambs bouncing about and the countryside looked so pretty; every man and his dog (Spaniels and Labradors mostly) were out, and me and R enjoyed some quiet quality time together before heading over to the garden centre just outside of the village for a pick-me-up! It was really busy considering it’s just a small village with not much going on, although here’s a fun fact: some of Harry Potter’s scenes were shot there such as Harry Potter’s house and Slughorn’s temporary home in Budleigh Babberton, whilst the Abbey was used for filming some interior scenes in the movies such as Snape and Quirrells’ classrooms, the scene with the mirror of Erised, the courtyard and some of the corridors!
P1150153P1150154P1150155We hadn’t eaten much that day so we were pretty hungry; we didn’t want to ruin our appetite so close to dinner so we had ourselves a pot of tea each and R got us a chocolate cake slice to share (though too sickly for me) and he was also adamant that we were having ice cream afterwards too, so naturally I chose the bubblegum sundae for myself.
IMG_2397IMG_2399Wally has gotten really big since I saw him last, he has definitely filled out and calmed down a fair bit too. R’s mum was going to help her sister with moving house and since I wasn’t feeling well, I sent R on to help whilst I stayed and puppy-sat him. He was incredibly good and spent most of his time asleep on me on the sofa or sprawled out in weird positions on the floor lol.
IMG_2408IMG_2409R had actually put me in a bit of a bad mood that morning, usually we have a lot of banter but he was grumpy from not sleeping and although I probably took it to heart, I did get upset with how he was with me. However being the amazingly thoughtful boyfriend that he is, he picked up on this before he went to help out at his aunt’s so he bought me a bouquet of flowers as an apology and to cheer me up even though he didn’t have to do anything of the sort! ♥♥♥
IMG_2400We hadn’t been out all day together and I was kinda hoping we’d get to go out somewhere and eat (really wanted to try YO! Sushi) but the weather was mega crappy, a complete turn-around from the day before in Lacock, plus I wasn’t feeling too great with a massive headache. In the end we settled on eating at Nandos; his military ID plus two chillies on his membership card gave us a whole chicken and garlic bread, as well as cutting the bill down from £30.00 TO JUST £9.00. FOR BOTH MEALS!? THAT’S INSANE AND WE RELISHED IN IT. I really had missed Nandos and the only thing that ruined that meal was the fact that it absolutely chucked it down the minute we stepped out the door to go back to the car!
P1150158P1150163P1150167On the Sunday we had to get up early to travel down to Portsmouth for the day; his sister and her husband are selling the boat that they lived on before they moved to Canada for work (where we stayed last Summer), and we all wanted to visit it for the last time as well as checking out the latest refurbishments since the last time it was still very much a work in progress. It looked really good and was all painted up, the shower room was really nice and everything had been built really well! I didn’t take any photos of the actual boat, but some nice views of the harbour. It was incredibly windy (hurt my ears) so walking along the jetty was scary but at least it was sunny which made everything look really pretty. We went for a yummy pub roast before going on a nice walk along the nearby pebble beach where Wally got to meet a dog that looked just like him and at one point even managed to break free and run wild with a bunch of other spaniels which ended up with R’s dad chasing him and a lot of shouting lol.

That evening I had a horrid nightmare, it doesn’t seem too scary now that I think back to it but I was so scared that I woke R up and clung to him for the rest of the night demanding he protect me lol. It was then that I heard the horrid howling of the wind and rain outside – Storm Katie was having a tantrum, and yes we are now naming our storms…this is a recent thing (the last one I remember is Storm Imogen) and apparently it is viewed the same way as naming hurricanes. We don’t really get hurricanes here but since 2015 have started naming our more severe storms (11 so far) so that it can be addressed more uniformly, and that local businesses and flood areas can be informed of when a potentially dangerous storm is likely to hit. I’m betting that the next storm is called Storm Larry.

Anyway, Storm Katie hit the south really hard, which means the boat took a great knocking; the jetty and surrounding area as well as some of the other boats were damaged. It must’ve been such a rough night for all of them :(.
IMG_2411IMG_2414IMG_2417IMG_2420IMG_2422IMG_2430We didn’t do an awful lot on Bank Holiday Monday even though I had wanted to go out; we were both a bit too skint to go out for the day, so we spent a lot of it lounging about watching movies. R’s sister had driven up to update us on what the storm had done that night as well as attempting to get some sleep since she had barely a wink. I decided that we would go to a nearby village and take a walk since the weather wasn’t too awful and I wanted to get out of the house regardless, even just for half an hour. This village has a canal and the rain from the storm had caused the water to rise really high, any higher and a lot of the areas we were walking around would’ve been flooded! The only part we couldn’t cross was past the little bridge, the water had crept right up the pathway and was too large a gap to jump but luckily there was a wall we could leap over onto a dry footpath. We were only out for 20 minutes but it made me much happier to actually get out and spend a little more time with R before work the next day.
IMG_2444IMG_2447On Wednesday which was our last evening together, I came back from work to find R polishing his pride and joy (his car guys, get your minds out of the gutter geeze!!), whilst little Wally was sat inside upset he was on his own and yet could see people outside. Since I’m dying from a cold, I decided to make us both a cuppa and keep Wally company until he had finished. We did some cuddling, playing and fast running before he took himself outside for what I hope was a wee and not a random poop somewhere hidden or eating something disgusting lol. He loves to sit on your lap and chew his toys which he has done since early days, but he seemed to be bone idol this day because whenever he dropped his toy off the sofa he would only be bothered to support the front half of his body when attempting to get it haha.
IMG_2458When R had finished, he whisked me out for dinner which was a really pleasant surprise! The weather was really nice even though it was cold, so we headed for a pub out in the country (no signal or anything!!); we had hoped to go for a walk but we got there rather late and it took longer than expected to be served our food, a shame since it was really nice weather and I know R wanted to take in as much of the country before he drove back to work the next day. He had a burger and I had Atlantic cod and chips which we both dived into too quickly for me to take a photo, but I did manage to get a photo of our desserts which was a lemon meringue pie and some Ferrero Rocher torte (he was devastated that there was no more chocolate fudge cake available).

Naughty of me but this post was written at work to try and pass the time there. R has gone back to work now as he only had a week off and I don’t know when I’ll be seeing him next. I’m obviously bummed out but every time it gets easier, we’re always moving forward and working hard. Hopefully it won’t be too big of a gap until next time, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to plan a weekend away when he knows what he’s working. I was really determined to make the most of our 4 days off together and to get out the house even just for a little bit. I got paid so now I can treat myself (a new book!) as last month I barely treated myself to anything and yet still struggled for money and ended up taking money out of savings, so screw it I’m going to have a little spending spree especially since I got a raise at work! Woo hoo!

Hopefully it won’t be left too long until I do another life update, another great bit of news is that I booked my tickets to Hyper Japan with Pixie!! 3 DAYS AGAIN! I am very much looking forward to it even though I don’t know what to expect there because they haven’t put up the schedule yet! We plan to get to London on the Friday around the time that we can sign into our hotel, then we can get ready and go to the convention which is on 14:00-20:00. We’re planning on being a little more relaxed this time because we have already been before (this being my 4th time), so don’t feel that it is necessary to be waiting for the doors to open. I’m really excited!!

Anyway, thank you for reading! Until next time~♥

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