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The latest craze in Japan for girls – WTF is Hoppe-Chan???

Okay so this is a really, really random thrown together post about a current character craze in Japan that I came across whilst reading Cheesie’s blog (she’s my Friday source of entertainment when things get slow at work) – Hoppe-Chan. WTF IS HOPPE-CHAN!? You can read Cheesie’s post about this latest craze for girls over on her blog here, but although Cheesie dedicated a post to it she didn’t actually say what exactly Hoppe-Chan is.

So what exactly is Hoppe-Chan? Tbh I struggled with finding a decent description for this ‘kawaii character’ and only found a couple of helpful pages during my research. So without further ado, introducing: Hoppe-Chan!
aeon02Hoppe-Chan is a cute cream-shaped creature from Japan, who has a ‘squishy-feel’ and sparkly face; she has become very popular in Japan because she is quite rare to find, being available mostly online but also in a few select stores in Japan.
UT8dkvYXwBaXXagOFbXq61NGxrF7MVL__SL1100_Hoppe-Chan comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, often themed. There are ones for different seasons and holidays of the year, glow in the dark, different colours, some can even colour-change depending on the temperature whilst some have straps so that you can attach it to your phone or bag.
UT8dhPYXzpaXXagOFbXKHoppe-Chan isn’t just a figure but also a mascot, and there’s lots of available merchandise of Hoppe-Chan.
44hoppe-chan-hello-kitty-sui-koreHoppe-Chan figurines are individually handmade which is another reason why they are thought to be special; they also collaborated with Hello Kitty for her 40th anniversary!
10986336_1509349009287452_408503940_nSunhoseki is the well established company that created Hoppe-Chan and are also popular for their other cute accessories; it was first created five years ago by a Decoden artist who had leftover silicone and created the cute, teardrop blobs with sparkly faces. Decoden is another massive trend in Japan, so it’s clear to see why Hoppe-Chan is also incredibly popular, though mostly popular with elementary school girls.

So that’s the story of Hoppe-Chan; what do I think? Well tbh I’m not all that impressed…the more intricately designed ones are more impressive and cute, but the average looking ones just look like someone got too happy with their decoden materials. It is literally a silicone blob with rhinestone eyes and cheeks. The fact that they are so popular just because they are considered fairly ‘rare’ to come by even though they are mass produced in a factory (maybe their details are hand-glued to them but I find it hard to believe that EVERY SINGLE FIGURE is handmade) just bowls me over. Why? I don’t find them particularly cute or special but hey-ho whatever rocks Japan’s boat…

I don’t know why I felt like writing a post about this, boredom I guess being sat at work waiting for the day to end lol. Also I don’t think THAT many people know about this craze, so I thought you guys might be interested to know? I guess it’s kind of like those teeny figurines you used to get in packets as a kid like Puppy/Kittens/Ponies In My Pocket where you get a random figure and you try to collect them all, or like Polly Pocket or Crazy Bones; but I personally don’t find anything special or endearing about them…

Thanks for reading! Until next time~♥

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