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My blog’s new layout! ♥


So for quite a while now I’ve been wanting to change my blog’s layout but I’m no wizz when it comes to designing your own blog layout and stuff, so I had to look for an available template that had everything that I wanted. I’ve had a few comments recently from people saying it was a little difficult to read my blog because you had to read through the ENTIRE blog post before getting to the next one (unless you clicked on a specific blog title where it would just load up that blog post). Don’t get me wrong guys, I didn’t really like that either!! I kept the old layout because I quite liked the title ‘banner’ that came with it as well as how the photos sat on the page, most other templates had the photos loaded directly under each other (touching photos) and to me it just looked untidy plus OCD kicking; but the layout I had uploaded photos with a small gap between them which I thought looked better.

Anyway, I recently found a template that I liked, as you can see, loads about 5 of my blog’s latest titles so you can see what I have written recently and choose what you want to read. This is SO much better because you can see straight away what caters to your interests, and you don’t have to spend ages scrolling through my mega long posts (such as Hyper Japan or the Harry Potter Studio Tour ones) with like 150 photos loading before you get to the next one!

With my last blog layout expecting you to load like 5 full blog posts until you reached the bottom of the page where you find the ‘older posts’ link, it also meant that you missed out on the ‘widgets’ that I had loaded onto the main page such as my Categories, Follow button, Follow By Email, Recent Posts etc. BUT NOW I HAVE A SIDE BANNER!!! Which means you can see all of that and more (organised for your convenience by moi) whilst scrolling down the page without having to load any of the actual posts first!!! I even have a profile picture and my Instagram is now loaded there too so you can see what my latests posts there are!!

OT but the newest IG update is HORRID. I turned off my automatic updates for IG so that I would continue to see the latests posts of those that I follow, but ofc the 400+ followers I have probably have the update, which means unless they have my notifications on, they won’t be seeing my latest posts! I used to get a ton of likes but now because the post ‘isn’t popular’ rather than being the latest, no one is seeing my posts and giving likes/following!!! WTF IS UP WITH THAT!? So I’m hoping that by loading it here, more people will be diverted to my IG, which kinda defeats the object of the point with why I even have an IG which is to divert them to my blog T_T…

Anyway, I am really pleased with the new layout that I have, especially since it loads photos the way I want it to. It’s like what I had with my old layout plus much more. Though, I am currently working on a banner for my blog and the only way to get back to the main page from the ‘About the girl behind the blog’ page is by clicking the title, but when I get a banner I won’t need that title anymore, so I’m not sure if clicking the header image will take you back to the main page, so I have inserted a link at the bottom of my ‘About…’ page so you can easily get back to my main page.

I can definitely see an improvement in views and what posts are being read now that it is more accessible for you guys; I hope it is easier and you’re enjoying it as much as I am!! Not sure when the banner will be ready, I’ve done the main picture but just got to find suitable font to put on it now and yeah, not sure when I will get my lazy ass onto doing it because you all know me haha. I gotta sort out the font for the blog too, make it a bit more readable lol.

Thank you all for reading and supporting my blog, I hope you continue to do so! Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you wish, I always reply back to my comments! Until next time~♥

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