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Chinese ‘split pants’ – Paedophiles dream or fast-track to potty trained children? (16+)

Hello all! Today I have a rather weird and possibly touchy subject to discuss with regards to something I discovered randomly on the internet the other day, but why not? We’re learning about different cultures together!
f9c758b2a788d15c715ea242f8d0535eLet’s get straight to it – crotch-less pants for children, also known as open-crotch pants, open-crotch trousers, split pants and kaidangku in Chinese. It is exactly as you’re thinking, what else comes to mind when you think of crotch-less panties??? They are basically a pair of trousers made of thick material with a crotch-less area and the main purpose of this is to allow children to both urinate and defecate without the hassle of lowering the trousers to enable the child to go to the toilet. The child simply squats or is held by an adult whilst they toilet and this eliminates the need for diapers.

Fantastic invention or repulsive idea??

Fantastic invention:
There’s no need for diapers which means no more diaper rash and no more environmental issues caused by disposable diapers (or extra washing if you use a cloth diaper), children are also toilet trained at a much earlier age. Seems like a parent’s dream that not only is there one less thing they have to teach their growing child but a drastic saving in money with the need to purchase diapers now removed. Some Westerners have even taken to dressing their own children with these trousers, amazed by the idea that some children can be toilet trained before their first birthday as well as acting upon their concern for the environment regarding waste management.

Repulsive idea:
Well first and most obviously is the gaping lack of crotch in the trousers which exposes the child’s naked genitals to the world; apparently it is more common for boys to wear these trousers whilst girls sometimes wear a sundress but it is not uncommon for young girls to wear the trousers especially in the winter months. With China fast becoming a modernised country, modern mothers will take to diapering their child however there are still many mothers throughout China who prefer the trouser method (perhaps in the poorer regions). Bluntly this can unfortunately cater to those with a paedophilic nature (not necessarily those who see it as a norm but what about visitors??) but thankfully more and more people are taking on views that prioritise the dignity and privacy of children, though understand that these trousers are a cultural difference. The kaidangku can also become dirtier and increases the risk of genital infections such as cystitis and UTIs, as well as the risk of frostbite! It has also been said that boys who have easy access to their exposed genitals can develop ‘bad habits’.
maxresdefaultMy personal opinion is that I am highly concerned for the child’s welfare and privacy; I for one would hate to be informed at a later age that half my town had seen my genitals because I was wearing such an item. Maybe it’s just me or because of the way we view things differently here in the UK, maybe it is because my country has recently undergone a massive paedophile hunt where so many famous and trusted faces have been charged with paedophilic behaviour (Rolf Harris will never be the same to me again T_T) but I am extremely against the idea of exposing or sexualising a child of ANY age.

I would much prefer a mother to take her child to a changing room to change their nappy or for a child to be covered up when on the beach instead of allowed to run completely nude amongst hundreds of strangers, preferably in something that completely covers them and does not sexualise or give any suggestion that a child has something to ‘hide’ (basically those miniature children bikinis that barely covers them at all ¬_¬); I’m not saying this because I think the parenting is wrong or even that naked bodies are wrong but purely that these days you can’t seem to trust anyone, and with kidnapping, trafficking and child abuse still on the rise, it is mainly to protect the child from such perverted behaviour.

Note: And I will comment that I believe 100% that NO ONE deserves to be sexually abused; there is no justification in sexual abuse based on how one is dressed even in what some might consider a provocative or sexualised manner, because they will ALWAYS be the victim and the fault lies ONLY with that of the perverted criminal. Whereas an adult is consensual for sexual activity and has the freedom to dress how they wish with the understanding that should they decide to wear more exposed clothing then they may get some negative attention, but a child is not. Therefore I believe that a child should be protected against any kind of negative attention by being appropriately dressed when out in public (I know there are a bunch of different things people could use to argue against my opinion but this is just in general where I stand on the matter).
408921_10150576460892582_46309462581_9071033_623721013_n61NGxrF7MVL__SL1100_On top of that, these children are allowed to just squat-and-dump where they see fit, though most parents will hold them or take them to a suitable area if a restroom is not available and clean up the mess afterwards, I see this as being little different than letting your dog shit in the street, and again completely eradicates the child’s dignity. I have seen photos of children using the kaidangku in highly populated areas, in the middle of the street where everyone is watching or even on public transport!

Apart from exposing the child, there’s also the other issue which is the risk of infection that the child could contract, or worst, frostbite. I think I would have a little nappy rash any day over a UTI because they are much harder to treat and cause much more pain and discomfort which would result in an incredibly unhappy child in a lot of pain.

I completely understand that this is a cultural difference and the children know no different, and the only people who seem shocked by such a thing are foreigners and the younger generation who have a more modernised view. To them there is nothing wrong with it and pretty much everyone is doing the same thing but to us it is astonishing; I myself am a bit of a prude when it comes to that kind of thing (hell I haven’t even farted in front of my boyfriend yet) and I guess that’s mostly because I was brought up that way even though I personally know people who don’t see any reason whatsoever to be embarrassed or private about a body which does the same as everyone else’s.

Maybe it is just because of my culture that has me thinking that way but I would much prefer it if the kaidangku ceased to exist for the protection, both mentally and medically, of the child, or at least stick a zip on that thing so that they aren’t walking around with their bottom and genitals hanging out for everyone to see ALL the time and only use the opening when necessary…I understand the practicality of it and how it is much easier for the child, and the methods behind potty training the child is incredibly useful, but I feel that all children come to the same conclusion of being toilet trained and though the use of a diaper is a longer process, it is also just as hygienic (or unhygienic however you want to look at it) but protects the child’s privacy and dignity.boy-defecates-on-subway-carriage-netizens-shocked-01Although this wasn’t a complete surprise, it never ceases to amaze me somewhat what other cultures find acceptable; I think what surprises me the most is that in some areas of China it is completely acceptable to just squat-and-go whatever age you are!

I am completely respectful that this is their culture whether I agree with it or not, and find it fascinating to learn about all of the differences that separate their culture and mine. Did you learn something new today? So what do you think of the kaidangku?? You might have to watch out for this if you ever visit China! All photos were found on the internet, so all rights belong to the original owners! Until next time!

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