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Kitty’s Secret Garden – The Hello Kitty pop-up cafe!~♥

kt_cs_graphic-02-e1460632701994HI GUYS! Straight to it, thanks to a blog I’m following on WordPress (here’s looking at you Kawaii Street Fashion), I discovered today that a Hello Kitty pop-up café will be coming to London!!! This was super exciting news as I have long wanted to go to a proper themed café! I always see on IG photos of people who got to visit a themed café in Japan, be it Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Purin, Pokemon, Maid or Anime; I thought “No fair! Why doesn’t the UK get anything like this, they could make SO much money!?” but we never do, and the one time I got to experience a Maid Café last Hyper Japan it was pretty disappointing compared to what I was expecting.
QP194425_942longcutter-and-squidge-605871fefaddb35044658bc510cc4f20This pop-up café is being set up in the Secret Garden area of the Cutter and Squidge Afternoon Tea café in Soho, London! The café looks super cute and looks like it serves some really deliciously sweet treats! I’ve never had proper Afternoon Tea at a dainty café (yes despite being British, not everyone owns a tea pot here ok) and I was super excited to discover this! It is running from the 1st June-31st August, which is perfect because me and Pixie are going to London in July for Hyper Japan!

Originally I was going to have us arrive in London just before 2pm as I expect we won’t be allowed to sign into our hotel until the afternoon and the convention luckily doesn’t start until 2pm anyway; since we have already been before (this being my 4th time), we felt there was little need to rush about. But upon seeing this I decided that it would not only be a wonderful treat to kick-start our girly weekend but also the perfect start to our Japanese-themed weekend! I figured that since we would have very little time for eating between catching our train, signing into the hotel and attending the convention, that it would be perfect to have lunch there before we go to drop our stuff off at our hotel. I have mentioned Hello Kitty-themed cafés on my blog before and I had promised to take Pixie if we ever went to Seoul, but for now we’ll settle for one in London!!
HKcafeI’ve already booked my table which you can do here, and I’ve been bouncing off the walls since I heard about it this afternoon! One teeny little issue is that I discovered through the actual Cutter and Squidge website is that it will cost £40.00 PER PERSON O_O; and I had offered to pay for Pixie as a treat since she often buys me lunch whenever I visit her. I just gotta suck it up and save because there’s defo no backing out now that we’ve both got mega excited over it and I’ve already booked the table T_T lol. It better be worth it for that price!!

Still it will definitely be an experience for the both of us and I can’t wait to try all the adorable sweet treats, especially since there will be HK-themed treats!! I’m super excited and it’s another thing to look forward to because that’s what life is all about right? Enjoying yourself when you can! Will you be visiting the Hello Kitty café? Have you ever visited a themed café? Until next time!~♥

3 thoughts on “Kitty’s Secret Garden – The Hello Kitty pop-up cafe!~♥

    1. I read your blog, that sucks!! I can’t believe they took so long to get back to you. Was it busy? I think we will still go for the mere novelty but I will also be writing a review on it, so we’ll see if our experiences match up. I sure as hell hope they don’t take forever to get back with my food, especially at £40.00 per person! I am going to Hyper Japan after so really need to be going within a couple of hours. Thanks so much for your review, it has helped give me an idea of what to expect.

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