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An appetite in the Anime Universe – Why does Anime food look so damn delicious!?

Hello everyone! This is a rather random and small post that I decided to do out of sheer boredom and because I am so busy working and then revising at home for an exam that I don’t have much time to spend on the blog posts I do want to write about T_T. Since I have been watching a lot more Anime lately in my spare time, I am constantly reminded that I have always thought that for whatever reason, Anime food always looks so delicious and makes me hungry!! I know that I am not the only one who thinks this about the cartoon food, but it is something that I always caught myself thinking even when I was 8 years old watching Pokémon.
tumblr_mf50v9mwHl1r8suc9o1_500Yes that is Brock creating a yummy looking creamy stew! I always thought it looked super yummy! A couple of weeks back I made a Japanese Cream Stew myself and it was delicious!! I’m not normally a fan of cream-based sauces but I managed to make it with a rich chicken flavour and it was so moreish, my dad complimented me on it and went back for seconds!! I was really pleased with myself considering it was my first try. I’m thinking of posting a recipe post on it the next time I make it but I still think Brock’s looks yummier than mine!
Castle-in-the-Sky-directed-by-Hayao-Miyazaki-1986-天空の城ラピュタ-animated-GIF-5tumblr_n8s1bgpv401spui9lo4_r1_500ho5pp9x1ewsft6aexvgpI think Studio Ghibli makes their food look amazing too, I can almost taste it through the screen!

It is a constant frustration that so much of the food that I see looks amazingly delicious but usually consists of ingredients that I am really not a fan of, and attempting to use substitute ingredients defeats the object of the meal’s recipe. Damn my food fussiness! Never mind, let us look at the delicious, fake Anime food even though I know that all Anime fans crave it after seeing it.
tumblr_nu2f3jsEfq1ufxsino1_500Okay why does the ramen always looks so amazing?? I’ve had ramen countless of times but it never looks as yummy; I am yet to find a ramen that has a really rich and satisfying broth where the noodles and other ingredients compliment it without being bland by themselves.
tumblr_inline_nj1er5u2D61ru9blytumblr_m770b9IKXr1rt9laao1_500tumblr_me868v1aTV1r43mgoo1_500The cakes!! They look so perfect and sweet! Every time I see someone in an Anime tucking into some cake, it always looks exactly what we would consider a ‘perfect cake’, moist, fresh and not overly sickly. The strawberry shortcake has been my visible favourite Anime cake ever since playing Neopets online.
tumblr_o4p72uUeNw1u8eo0po1_500Pudding! This is basically the Japanese version of a crème brulee but I really want to try the ones in the packet like the GIGA PUDDING! PUDDING, PUDDING! GIGA-PUDDING! *cough* okay, yes the er- Giga Pudding kind…
tumblr_n323yd5p431tnimmlo1_500Apart from the fact that it is a very popular and easy dish in Japan, I first discovered Omurice from Anime and always thought that it looked nice despite my dislike for most egg dishes. However, I do like omelette which is how this egg is cooked and ketchup flavoured rice? Yum. Again another dish that would be easy to make here in the UK, so I am sure at some point I will give it a try!
giphyEven the simplicity of cooking rice is judged when compared to Anime rice; it just looks so perfect and fluffy, and has us doubting our abilities to cook probably the easiest food on the planet.
tumblr_nrddi9Wvjc1uxvvvzo1_500Japanese beef stew/curry is another dish I am eager to one day cook, it always looks so rich, delicious and hearty, and now that the weather is getting colder it would be perfect! If it is one thing that gets my mouth watering, it’s beef; my Nan’s beef is the best and one day I will learn from her how to cook it to perfection and the best cut to get, and when I do I am sure I will learn how to make this yummy recipe!

There are loads of recipes that I’m inspired by Anime to try, even the simplest kinds like fruit sandwiches and Japanese cheese on toast! As always, I will be kind and share it with you so watch this space! Hopefully I will be able to try out a few real soon! What is your favourite Anime food??~ ^_^

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