Cosplay and Dress-Up ♥

This Cosplayer…That looks like they just stepped through a computer graphics machine… O_O~♥

Okay so it’s no new news that I at some point want to try out Cosplay; it wouldn’t be anything serious or become a serious hobby but for mere fun and to enjoy myself. So to give myself some inspiration I started checking out some Cosplayers on IG and such, both beginners and professionals. I thought it would help motivate me but tbh checking out some of these professionals has done nothing but frighten me a little about setting foot into such a committed and passionate (and from what I have read also somewhat harshly critical) community. BUT! I will still attempt Cosplay at some point no matter how simple or small it may be; I attempted Lolita didn’t I? Okay so I probably would’ve been shot down by some in that community for the fact that I didn’t wear a blouse or a cutsew underneath my dress but seriously, it was my first time and it was in the baking UK heat-wave temperatures of July so yeah, I didn’t wear one.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m not going to let this professional Cosplayer who literally looks like they walked through a Final Fantasy Game Graphics machine sway me otherwise!! O_O
10447055_897740160261621_5452892158612677808_n11200590_873856919316612_6485019735281797469_n11223301_949090651793238_872335825126926789_n12106949_943498129019157_4762701556987215187_n12227017_970969336272036_8675114011968326784_n12717666_1004199346282368_6689503063262585853_n12920257_1038943326141303_595289406621752465_n994435_983924944976475_6988537649183939832_n10422449_873856789316625_2829236800038657696_nSo pretty…are they even real??? They literally look like a character from some high-graphic Japanese game, so flawless and intricate?? It’s amazing that some of the characters they cosplay are flat, 2D characters and yet they really bring them to life!

All of these photos belong to them as posted on their Facebook page, which I think you should really check out here – Reika’s Facebook!

But yeah, no matter if you’re new to something or a professional in something, whether you can afford the top stuff or not, always remember that as long as you’re doing what you enjoy and what makes you happy, that’s most important compared to what other people think (especially where creativity is involved)!! Even if my Cosplays are poor or simple, as long as I am happy with what I’ve achieved then that should mean more to me than whether or not someone thinks I didn’t do something ‘properly’.

Just felt like writing a random post on this person because I’ve been thinking/reading/seeing a lot about Cosplay and its community lately, and after finding this person I wanted to share their amazing work! So keep doing what you love and have a great day!~♥

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