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Review Time – Skin brightening magic with the Precious Mineral MAGIC Any Cushion! ♥

Hi guys! Welcome to my FIRST beauty product review here on this blog!! Ommmggg~ These photos were taken a while back (hence the long hair) but since I am still using this product, it’s fine that they’re a little late and at least I can give a decent opinion on them! Sorry that the advert photos aren’t better quality but the ones that I could find in English had a watermark on them and these were the best I could find!

Introducing: Etude House Precious Mineral MAGIC Any Cushion!

The Precious Mineral MAGIC Any Cushion is a popular product from well known South Korean brand Etude House. The cushion products have become famous for their minimal application and effortless blending, originally starting as a BB cream compact. Etude House have used the same technique with this product which is a primer/brightening skin base!

The Specifics:

There are 3 colours to choose from – Pink, Mint and Peach. Each one is suited to a different skin tone; the Pink is suited to paler, cooler skin, the Peach is suited to warmer, dark or dull skin, and the Mint is suited to skin suffering from redness. The main focus of all is to brighten the complexion and even out discolouration.

The MAGIC Cushion is considered a 6-in-1 product providing Moisturising (Hyaluronic Sodium), Whitening (Arbutin for whitening and clear skin), Anti-Aging (Adenosine for anti-wrinkle treatment), Sunscreen protection (SPF 34 / PA++), Foundation and Cooling properties as well as using Pearl Mineral Powder for fine, even coverage!

How To Use:

Simply press the puff sponge onto the product-soaked sponge to transfer product onto puff, then pat onto skin and apply evenly focusing on problem areas.

The Verdict:

Wow, so much squashed into one little product, all those helpful properties such as whitening and sun protection! Asian skincare is very particular when it comes to loading their products with goodness and protecting your skin! Around the time that these were first released, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample set of all three colours to try!
P1080934P1080969P1080135P1080136P1080149P1080152P1080157The pots were small but it was enough to test them multiple times each; I discovered that the peach colour did very little for me and the mint one, though did help to cover my redness, made me too pale. The pink one suited me the best so I decided to purchase it in the full size.
P1150261P1150267P1150262P1150269P1150272The packaging and compact is super cute! Coming in pastel colours, the compact is sturdy and strong with a thick lid; upon opening there is a mirror and the puff sponge that sits on top of a lid that reveals the product-soaked sponge underneath. The mirror is a good size and the puff sponge is a cute pink which is really soft and easy to clean. The product-soaked sponge is kept safe from drying out and from coming into contact with bacteria which is definitely a plus as hygiene is important when keeping your skin clear, especially when it comes to make-up products.
P1150273The product is light pink and applies evenly and lightly on the skin, giving you a subtle dewy look and brightening your skin. It does say that you can just use the product on it’s own but I would advise at least applying a powder to your skin afterwards to reduce the sheen and bring your skin back to a more normal tone. It definitely makes my skin look brighter under make-up, especially with some mineral powder applied on top, but I find that it doesn’t absorb much into your skin and is very slippery, making it difficult to blend other ‘wet’ products on top. However once you apply a powder to set the make-up, it sits quite nicely without extra creasing from having another product layer; I use mineral powder and I do think the powder blends better and the texture of my skin looks softer after use.

I don’t find that it really helps my make-up to stay any better like a primer, so I see this as more of a colour-correcting base product, but it also doesn’t make my skin any greasier by the end of the day. The product has a slight smell that you will get a whiff of throughout the day but it isn’t unpleasant at all; it does cool my skin and hasn’t caused any irritations on both normal and aggravated skin.

One issue with this product is that after a few uses the soaked sponge seemed to dry up, looking closer I noticed that most of the product had just been pushed to the bottom of the sponge. I flipped the sponge over to get to the product (bit of a messy procedure) but again after a few uses the product sank to the bottom. You can still use the product but you’ve just got to press a little harder and flip over the sponge.

Overall I really liked this product and I give it 4/5 stars! I hope you enjoyed this little review; I look forward to doing more beauty reviews (on both Western and Asian, higher brand and drugstore, new and old) in the future! Sorry that the photos are either a little blurry or have a shadow in them, I am yet to get a lense with a better zoom so that I don’t have to get the camera so close…I will try harder next time! Until then~♥

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