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Making lots of changes – Hair cuts, blog changes and failing exams! T_T

Hey guys, long time no proper see! I know I have still been posting lately but I haven’t posted anything about me really because I’ve been pretty busy knuckling down and revising for an exam which…well, I’ll get back to that later…I really haven’t been doing anything for the past 3 weeks as I’ve been skint AF paying for lots of stuff (exam fee, assessment fee, train journey to R), but since I finally have an exciting weekend booked I figured that I would post up the snippets of what I have been up to! Or haven’t…your call.
IMG_2386IMG_2479IMG_2487Okay so let’s start this post off positively! When R returned from America he gave me a present, I had joked for a while about wanting ‘something shiny’ after hearing it from a movie I was watching around Christmas and since then mentioned about wanting a Pandora ring. I did tell him not to buy me anything as really I was just looking for a nice piece of jewellery of good quality to wear (I have a lot of costume jewellery but nothing that I can wear daily), and to my surprise he bought me a ring!! It’s not Pandora, it’s even better! White gold in fact and it’s beautiful! I love it so much, it’s perfect and dainty and sits on my hand so nicely without being overwhelming because my hands are pretty small and dainty themselves. The first photo was taken when I first received it but R took it to a local jewellers to have it resized because it was too big for me and now it fits! I wear it every day, it cheers me up to look at it; it was the perfect anniversary gift for our 1 year! I’ve never received a ring before, I have received necklaces before but unfortunately I received these gifts right when the relationship was taking the plunge, and so I even began to think that being bought jewellery by boyfriends was cursed; thankfully I received this at the beginning of the relationship and we are still together, maybe it’s just necklaces
IMG_2498Another change I was determined to make was to my health; I had been eating a lot of comfort foods lately since it turned colder back in Autumn, but I am set on being overall healthier again. R got himself a sports blender and I had recently been thinking of having smoothies again so decided to buy myself the same make as it was on offer in Tesco. I might do a more detailed post on this little machine, but it’s basically a blender where you blend it in the bottle, screw on a different lid and go; it’s really convenient, super easy to clean and means I can do it in the morning fresh. In the photo above I attempted a Cantaloupe, apple juice and strawberry shake but for some reason melon really doesn’t like being blended. The bulk of the melon rose to the top and became a stiff mass, whereas the juice ended up at the bottom?? It was a pain to shake back together and overall wasn’t that nice lol – lesson learnt, I’ll just stick with my strawberry and banana breakfast smoothies.
IMG_2506IMG_2507IMG_2508IMG_2509IMG_2510So as you guys would’ve seen from my IG/blog profile photo, I had my hair cut!! I have been meaning to get it cut ‘short’ for AGES because I was really getting sick of maintaining long hair, which in the recent months had become extremely dry and knotted. Unless I slathered it in a thick, strong conditioning mask, then my hair would knot up in seconds of high wind, was constantly breaking off and really flyaway. I decided it was time for the big chop, to cut off all those dry, broken ends and bring my hair back to a new, healthy and easily manageable length. I chose to get my full fringe put back in and some long layers so that it doesn’t look so blunt. I was mega happy with it afterwards; I didn’t feel nervous at all so knew it was the right thing to do! I can walk out the door having simply brushed my hair and feel like I look good! It’s amazing what wonders a good hair cut will do, and at £16.50 for the wet cut and complimentary basic blow dry afterwards, NOT BAD!!
IMG_2511So that complimentary blow dry was a little wasted, since the heavens had opened to reveal torrential rain that I had to walk 15 minutes home in; I was soaked through!
IMG_2623IMG_2519IMG_2551Ofc that didn’t stop me from taking some selfies of my new hair cut!! Love it so much and I think it suits me so much more than long hair! I got a lot of compliments too!
IMG_2522IMG_2524Now that I had had a makeover it was time for my blog to have one too which I had been meaning to do a long time ago but couldn’t find a template that I liked. Finally I found one and loaded it up making adjustments here and there, and then I finally sat down and designed myself a banner! I was looking for something pretty simple, capable of looking somewhat professional but then still fitting the ‘cute’ theme of the blog and blog title; I have been inspired by Pastel Goth and such lately, so put a galaxy print inside a heart for the cute/kawaii theme and simplicity, and then my name in bold black across the middle (the font I may yet change but this is it for now) because it is simple and clean. I’m not a graphics designer (I really should’ve taken that for GCSE’s), so unfortunately I’m not good with designing stuff but I tried my best based on a few inspirations that I had picked. I like it anyway…
IMG_2561IMG_2582So I have been seeing this game a lot lately, it seems that the design has exploded and made its way onto all sorts of merchandise; for those of you who haven’t played it, really the game is so dead simple that I am convinced it is purely the design of the cats that has made it so famous. It’s called Neko Atsume and the aim of the game is that you get a little yard space which you must fill with cat toys/beds/foods etc. to invite cats in, which you buy with silver or gold fish; cats will visit your garden and you can check your cat book to see which cats you have seen and those you haven’t.

You can take photos of your cats to add it to their profile (they are pretty cute, especially their little butthole) and when they leave your garden, they will pay you back with fish for the items they used. You can pay in-game purchases to buy stuff faster but it actually isn’t that hard to save up if like me you are only checking a couple of times a day. I managed to save all of my gold fish for the yard expansion and have spotted most of the cats, though I expect if I checked back more frequently I would’ve spotted more. The cats also bring you ‘gifts’ which you can collect. It’s a really simple game and fairly ironic that I should download it when I spend so much time chasing real-life cats out of my own garden (they like to poop everywhere).
IMG_2569Ages ago Pixie visited me on passing and gifted me with a Simba and Nala Tsum Tsum! I was so excited that Disney had FINALLY released more TLK merchandise that I rushed straight out and bought Scar and Mufasa as well! I have been waiting since I first began collecting Tsum Tsums for TLK ones to be released but because they have very little merchandise for the films, I highly doubted that Japan would release any. Thankfully they have! They are so cute! I am yet to collect the rest of the group even though now I am really struggling to squeeze them onto the shelf they are stacked on…
IMG_2576I don’t really take selfies anymore unless I go out and get dressed up, but every now and then I’ll share an unflattering ‘just got out of bed/still half asleep/can’t sleep’ selfie haha – also shows off my ring~♥
IMG_2593Okay so on Saturday I had my first ever Krispy Kreme doughnut! I have been craving cakes like, PROPER BAD. All I want to do is eat cake, taste cake, sniff cake, make cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. It doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore because all I want to do is eat it and think it, R actually wondered if I was pregnant haha. No guys I’m not, but ever since I booked me and Pixie in for Afternoon Tea at the Hello Kitty pop-up café in Cutter and Squidge, all I have wanted to do is eat cake, like real cake. THIS DID NOT SATISFY ME. Tbh my first Krispy Kreme was a caramel-filled one and I could taste it’s sickliness before I even took a bite. I ate it to be polite because my brother let me have it instead of him, but it is official, I do not like doughnuts unless they are one of the three: 1) An iced doughnut from Greggs, 2) A jam-filled doughnut, or 3) A fresh-from-the-van doughtnut. Krispy Kreme = yuk.
IMG_2603IMG_2607IMG_2608I couldn’t sleep Saturday night and turns out I download cute games when I am sleep-deprived haha. Along with QuizUp (I recommend this to you guys, it is a good quiz game) I downloaded a game called SailorDrops! It’s pretty cute and is basically a gem-swapping game (which I thoroughly enjoy) but super cute, magical girl-themed! I can’t remember downloading it but I have been playing it.
IMG_2621IMG_2622Last but not least is my least favourite ‘change’…Yesterday I sat my Computerised Accountancy exam and it’s a pretty good bet that I failed miserably…Somewhere in the beginning I f***ed up because suddenly nothing balanced, and since I am dealing with money figures it is quite important that everything balances. I freaked out and asked to start again but was told I wouldn’t have enough time as I was already an hour in (which I didn’t realise); the guy told me not to worry that it doesn’t balance as I am being examined on my ability to process the information on the programme not balancing the figures. He said it was to test whether or not I understood how to put the information on the system and that yes, it might not balance but I should be okay so long as I managed to complete the tasks. I had no choice but to continue and I did indeed complete all of the tasks requested of me.

I left the exam feeling incredibly bummed out because I was double-checking everything. I know I messed up right at the beginning with some damn codes that I can’t seem to get my head around and that the terminology on the exam is always different to that of the programme, so it can be really hard to understand what they are asking of you! At the end of the day I am frustrated because I KNOW that I can do it, but if they aren’t clear about what they want you to do in the exam then you end up trying to do guess-work and winging some of it because they are asking you to post information to something that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately this isn’t an exam that you can miss out a task and go back to at the end and try again, once you mess it up that’s it, and I’m cursing myself that I didn’t backup my data after each task because then I could’ve back tracked to when I messed up without losing everything before the mistake; you’d think I would’ve learned having had to restart the mock assessment FOUR TIMES because of a simple mistake.

I can only hope that the guy is right and that the exam has a relatively low pass rate; I passed the last mock assessment with 86% which was pretty good considering I had hardly revised since I was testing it to see how much I could remember. I still flipped out when I got stuck or confused because by this point the exam was in just over a week and I had (for once) had more confidence in myself that I knew more than I actually did. If the pass rate was 60% or something then I might have a chance, but if it was like 80% and I passed that assessment by scraping through with 86%, then there’s a good chance I have failed the actual exam because I’m pretty sure I managed to cock it up more than the mock assessment. At least in that assessment I passed 10/14 tasks with full marks, but I don’t think that will be the same this time.

So I phoned R and my dad, and I went home and had a good cry. Why? Because I am damn disappointed in myself. I have been working on this since I enrolled on it last June, and tbh if I had not got lazy then it probably would’ve been done by now, but all it has proved to be is an unnecessary stress to me which is why I got lazy with it. I don’t NEED it in my life I’m just doing it because it will probably make things easier when I come to look for a new job. At the time it was a good idea but I can honestly advise you to NEVER take a home college course on something that you know nothing about, especially something as complicated as Accountancy; if you are going to do something like that then enrol in evening classes or something, but make sure someone is teaching you. I attempted to teach myself from scratch with no basic knowledge in bookkeeping and now I am paying for it (not just the £500+ it cost either). I walked into that exam with confidence that I could do it, I felt sure I knew what I was doing. I didn’t realise how much it meant to me to pass the exam until I was actually there, though I still stand by my true feeling that at this point the main reason I want to pass the exam is so that I am done with the course, because I am so f***ing done with it.

So yeah, I’m a mix of emotions at the moment because I don’t really know what element of failing the exam hurts me most. Though there is still a very slim chance that I could’ve passed the exam as it is yet to be marked, but my overall gut feeling on how I did has me down as a fail. I would rather have low expectations on something like this because I don’t want to get my hopes up only for them to be crushed again if I do fail. For now though, I am trying to put it out of my mind; if anything I must look at this as a learning curve, that at least if there is a next time then I will be more prepared. If I have failed then it is not going to take anything away from my life, everything will go on just the same as before but I will just have to deal with the looming stress a little longer.

I know that many people are currently going through examinations at the moment, whether they’re in school, college or University. I wish you all the best of luck and remember, that one failed exam does not mean a failed life because it is just one of the many things in your life that you can either exceed or fail at. There will be many more failures in life but far more successes, so don’t be too hard on yourself and see it as a learning curve for the next time!

Sorry for the rant guys, I just really needed to get it off my chest because this whole thing has been boring into me for a long time. Fingers crossed that I do scrape a pass, who knows maybe I will surprise myself like I did with the mock assessment? But for now I am trying to put it to the back of my mind and forget about it because I have a lovely weekend to look forward to and I don’t want it to be overshadowed by this stupid exam. Pixie advised me not to check my emails until after the weekend so as to not ruin it just in case I do fail, which I think is a very good idea. I only have to work 3 days this week and then I am off on Friday to travel up to R, and at some point over the weekend we are hoping to travel to Cambridge for the day! Just talking about it has me excited again, so I really hope the week flies by!

Thanks for reading, wish me luck on my exam! Until next time~♥

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