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A much needed weekend away – Travelling through London and food of the world!

Hey guys! I’m back from, as the title states, my much needed weekend away! I had such a good time it was so good to get out! Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures or selfies just because the places we visited were mostly generic shopping centres and I was too busy enjoying the moment but it was still really nice to go somewhere different and treat myself – mostly with food, so I apologise that this post will mostly be a foodie post!
IMG_2625IMG_2628IMG_2629The weather had been super crazy here; all week we had rain, sun, wind, hailstones, sleet and snow, and it was bitter cold. I was worried that it was going to be really crap up R’s end because the whole country had been experiencing this weird weather, the photos above were taken within minutes of each other!
IMG_2631Still I was super excited when 5pm arrived on Thursday, I ran myself a hot bubble bath and spent the majority of the evening packing my suitcase so that I didn’t have to worry about it the next morning and cause me to rush. I did have some difficulty with my make-up (bad make-up days anyone??) but I managed to get myself sorted well in time to catch my train at 13:30. The only problem was I arrived at the station well on time (with half an hour to spare to be exact) and my train was delayed by 30 mins, which meant that not only did I have a long time waiting around at the station but I was also going to miss all of my connections T_T; sorry First ‘Great’ Western, changing your name to ‘Great’ Western Railway does NOT erase your incompetence ¬_¬.
IMG_2644P1150309Eventually I was on my way and I managed to snag a whole table area by myself for a good while; it was nice to relax (especially with the added privilege of charging my phone) whilst listening to music and drinking chocolate milk. 😛 Tbh even though I was delayed, I was a little relieved somewhat because it meant that I would have more time to top up my Oyster card and get a drink without flapping (as well as attempting to navigate Kings Cross station yet again). Luckily we weren’t set to eat until 20:30 so me turning up a little later than planned wasn’t going to affect the evening.

Train rant (skip to the next photo to continue my adventure or stick around to hear me complain about shitty train services):
I managed to navigate the tube by myself with ease again (I always get nervous about that bit) and reached Kings Cross with no trouble, it only started once I had reached that particular station. ¬_¬ Yes for some reason, Kings Cross has my complete hate when it comes to public transport because it is so disorganised and all over the place!! In the main area they have like 10 screens telling you all of the departures (a lot of them telling you the ‘next fastest route to such-and-such-a-destination which can get very confusing if you already have a time for the train you need to catch and you’re not entirely aware of the train’s final destination); I thought my train was at 16:24 but turns out there was one at 16:30. A train got called and I rushed to platform 0 only to find that this train was going to Edinburgh which is definitely not where I needed to go. There wasn’t a single member of staff roaming the platforms and the only screen available telling me where that particular train was going was right up the other end of the platform which I had wasted time walking to; I did manage to find a little help-line box where the guy on the other end told me that the next train I needed was at 16:44. He couldn’t tell me what platform it was going to be on as it hadn’t come in yet and there are two areas split into two lots of platforms (0-8 and 9-11) so I knew I had to get myself out and back into the main area.

Usually the entry and exit barriers are right next to each other, so I walked all the way back to where I had come in but there was no way out! The exit barriers were a little walk away directly in front of the platforms which I had to walk all the way back through and around to get to the main area. I got myself a drink (all whilst texting R that I was going to be late and kept getting lost etc.) and went to the ticket office to ensure the next definite train to my destination when I saw that the next train was at 16:32 (again wrong against the website I had checked and what the dude had told me 16:44 even though at the time I asked it was like 16:25 and I still could’ve caught it), so rushed to get onto the platform but unfortunately missed it.

At this point I had had enough (cue luggage falling over and attempting to juggle taking off coat caught onto my rucksack, phone by ear and tickets in stress-mode) and called R for help because I had ran out of 3G to check the next suitable train; he informed me that the next train was at 16:44 but it was on platform 9 T_T. I was back on the wrong platforms again because I had attempted to catch the 16:32 train, and I’m pretty certain at some point I read/heard something wrong because their call outs and screen times are very confusing in such a rushed place for someone who didn’t quite know how to work the system or figure their way around such a disorganised station!! I couldn’t be bothered to get back out and rush to the other train, so I hopped on the next train that was on the platforms that I was on, it was at 16:53 so I felt like I wouldn’t lose much time until ofc R informed me that this train would take an hour and a half T_T. He also said that I could catch a 17:15 train and get to my next connection stop in 45 mins (much faster than the one I was on) but it got packed real quick, and before I knew it I was smooshed up against the window because a man who was 1 and a ½ seats wide sat next to me and then the train was moving, I had no choice but to stick out the ride.

I swapped okay at my next connection but didn’t get to R until 19:30! Luckily we got back to his pretty quickly, got my pass onto the base and was allowed 20 mins to freshen up before we rushed straight out for dinner with his friends. Originally it was meant to be dinner with his best mate and his girlfriend, a double-date if you like but apparently his friend ‘got excited’ and so it evolved into a quadruple-date and then a 10 person date. We ate at Bill’s Restaurant which is probably a bit more expensive than where I would normally eat out at for steak and chips at £18.50, but the boyfriend paid and it was all very nice ;). I didn’t take any photos because we were around all of his friends and such.
P1150311P1150318P1150319The next day we decided to go into town because R was still on a work shift that didn’t allow him to travel too far so for dinner we went to Byron Burger which was super yummy!! He had been there quite recently and wanted me to try it out too, so I ordered myself a cream soda and float (ice cream scoop) which was probably the nicest I have had and a mature cheddar cheese beef burger with fries, and R had an American and Blue Cheese beef burger and skin-on-chips with coke. Afterwards we just wandered around the shops purchasing bits and bobs (I bought some arty bits, make-up and a new book) before heading back to base to watch the qualifying round of the Formula One race.
P1150324P1150329Whilst shopping in Tesco I came across these cute Tsum Tsum figures and I picked them up to buy because I was looking for more cuteness to add to my shelf in my room, and R so kindly bought them for me ^_^. I got Thumper and Scrump, and a yellow thing which to me looks like some sort of fish but not sure what it’s from, and as my mystery Tsum I got Miss Bunny!! I don’t own anything of Miss Bunny since she is definitely a Japanese sensation so I’m pretty glad that I got her. Later on that evening we visited his mate and his girlfriend, shared pizza and watched Guardians of the Galaxy!
P1150345On Sunday we drove all the way to Cambridge! I was really excited for this day but unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations…It took longer than we thought to get there, I got travel sick which made me sick for the rest of the day, and because R wanted to get back to watch the F1 race we didn’t get a lot of time to view the more scenic areas of Cambridge. The town centre is your standard generic shopping centre with all the normal shops so I didn’t bother to take photos but we did manage to go to YO!Sushi for lunch. Apparently it doesn’t have a very consistently high rating, neither of us had been there before and tbh we weren’t all that impressed.

The system works that you take what you want from a conveyer belt that goes round past all these other people sitting up at the bar where the chefs work behind; if you’re lucky then you’ll get directed to a table where you can order from the menu. There is a sparkling and still water tap with glasses at your seats that you can help yourself to and there is also a help button that when pressed will cause this decorative bubble feature in front of you to flash red (picture below were taken from the net to help explain what I mean):
YoSushi-belt-2Someone will come to you and here you can order hot foods and drinks as these aren’t available directly from the conveyer belt. I can’t quite put my finger on why I wasn’t enthralled by this place but I guess the food didn’t taste overly fresh having been round on a conveyer belt until such times as someone picks it up. R had real fresh sushi when he visited America last and said it was nothing in comparison.
IMG_2654IMG_2657I however was far more interested in the desserts but I knew I couldn’t just eat desserts so I picked up Tamago which is a sweet omelette on rice, and it was okay and the egg was sweet but I feel like it would’ve tasted much better had it been more fresh and would probably taste nicer if I cooked it myself, which is the overall vibe I got from the place – home cooked yourself would’ve been 10x more delicious even if you weren’t an expert sushi chef. I also had a Spicy Chicken roll which had katsu chicken wrapped in salad, rice and shichimi (spicy) powder and drizzled with katsu sauce. This wasn’t too bad either but again probably would’ve tasted better had it been fresh (I’m honestly not a massive fan of eating hot-cooked food gone cold e.g. cold pasta).

I also ordered a Matcha Latte which is fairly new to their menu, this wasn’t too bad but must be drunk pretty hot and would’ve been a little nicer for me if it was a little sweeter. For the desserts I picked up a Matcha Roll which had matcha flavoured sponge and fresh cream inside, as well as some hidden azuki beans which for this occasion I picked out because I didn’t feel like eating them. You could hardly taste the matcha in the sponge which made me a little sad, maybe it is just the recipe but it tasted really bland. Last but not least was the Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake which I had been looking forward to the most because this dessert is incredibly popular in Japan; I don’t think this one was baked as it was very soft and not cake-like but you usually see them with strawberries on! This was incredibly sweet (probably the sweetest, least artificial-tasting sweet thing I’ve eaten that’s Japanese) and it actually hurt my back tooth but I’m quite the sucker for cheesecake and I powered on and demolished it, this was the best item I had eaten but tbh not worth going back to YO!Sushi for, so 2/5 stars from me I’m afraid and R, given the foodie that he is, was also severely disappointed with it.

We did some more shopping (Primark) before heading home to catch the race, but later on we were starving hungry so went for a cheeky Nandos at 21:00!
P1150353On Monday we travelled to another nearby town and it was a lovely country drive and we passed so many pretty villages! Despite R’s constant complaints that the land up there is too flat, it really was very nice around the area that we were driving.
P1150356P1150357P1150362P1150363P1150366P1150369P1150372We were incredibly hungry when we arrived so R checked his phone for food places to eat and Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant popped up! He decided to take us there which really brightened the day, especially since the pair of us have been meaning to go there since we first got together! We both ordered the Tagliatelle Bolognese with a side order of garlic bread. It might look plain but it was absolutely delicious and full of flavour! R had devoured his before I was even halfway through he enjoyed it that much!! We then decided to get some tea which was also really yummy even though it was normal English Breakfast tea, and for dessert he got the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding and I ordered a Epic Brownie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Everything was super yummy (though I wasn’t a massive fan of the popcorn) and surprisingly affordable given the status of the restaurant! All the staff were really friendly, asking us how we were just on passing even if they weren’t serving us. I think this will definitely be a restaurant that we will return to!

We did a bit more shopping before returning back to base and monging out for the rest of the evening!
P1150373Just a random snap of R’s latest additions to his room, a Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper poster which has definitely made his room feel a bit more ‘lived in’. I packed the majority of my stuff on Monday evening before packing the rest away in the morning; I had to sit on my suitcase just to shut it because I had bought so much stuff! I might do a clothes haul for everything I have bought recently? Will give me something to do over the weekend.

I said goodbye to the base and we went to Tesco for a Costa whilst we waited before R dropped me off at the station :(. I was so upset to leave and slept on my way back to London, thankfully despite a 10 minute delay I managed to catch all of my connections and get back home on time. I’m relieved to be back in the sense that I don’t have to worry about train times and planning a long-ass journey but I reeeeaaally miss R now and I thoroughly enjoyed staying with him! Hopefully he’ll be back the weekend of the 14th for my neice, Summer’s, first birthday!

I’m incredibly happy and relaxed right now, even today at work went really fast and thankfully I only have a short week. I’m gunna have to scrimp and save for the rest of the month now, but hey I had a great time. Next we’ll be booking our weekend to London in the summer when he gets his summer leave! I hope you enjoyed all of my foodie pics as much as I enjoyed eating it! Until next time~♥

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