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Shopping time! – My recent shopping haul from Select! ♥

Select-logoHey guys! Today I am doing a shopping haul post, hurray!! I love shopping, who doesn’t!? I haven’t done a haul post in a loooooong time, since my birthday? In the month of March I pretty much bought myself nothing unless I actually needed it and for some reason, I ended up really struggling for money and still reaching into my savings to tide me over until pay day; so I thought, I never had this problem before when I just bought whatever I wanted??? So last month I splurged. A LOT.

So I’m going to be talking about one of my FAVOURITE shops to buy from here in the UK, I’ll give you a little bit of background info regarding how long I have been buying from them and why I buy from them:

  • My sister (who is 14 years older than me) used to buy from this store when she was a teen and I always loved her clothes. I think maybe it went into administration or something because it disappeared for a long while until it reinvented itself in my teen years! I started shopping there when I was 21 I think and it took a year or so after I started shopping there that they introduced size 6!!
  • The clothes are great quality and vary from dark and edgy, to chic, to spring girly – ALL YEAR ROUND.
  • They do great discounts and offers, there is usually always something on sale and you only have to spend a reasonable amount (recently £35.00) to get free shipping, whereas most other stores require you to spend £40-50.00+ for free shipping.
  • The clothes are really affordable as far as women’s clothes go; I can purchase 2 dresses and something else with a total cost that would match just 1 item of clothing from say, New Look or another highstreet store.
  • The fashion changes frequently but a lot of their older items are kept in store for longer.

The one main problem with this store is that it isn’t easily accessible! I used to have a store here in my work town but they closed it down T_T. The closest store to me now is in Bristol or Portsmouth; if you have a store close-by then I am seriously jealous!! I can only be thankful for their online store!

Anyway I was originally going to do a haul from another online store but since I wanted so much from this store, I decided to just do it for this one instead. I’m hoping to do more of these hauls and share with you guys where I buy from! Some of the clothes that I have worn in photos that I have posted both here and on my IG are pieces such as:

10845587_10152745164743994_743321730685457645_oMy Houndstooth bodycon dress.
P1100623My pink leather jacket.
IMG_2551My ‘Too Busy To Pick Up’ crop sweater.

A lot of my more unique items come from this store and surprisingly not many people know about it unless they have been in a store because it isn’t ‘high street popular’ like New Look, H&M, Topshop, River Island etc. My pink leather jacket was such an amazing find because I have been looking for a pale pink jacket for AGES (especially since the majority of ‘pale pink’ jackets are usually more nude/salmon coloured)!! So let’s get started!
P1150501Starting with the smallest items first, here I have a pair of frill socks with a black check design. I have a pair just like this but with a black houndstooth design which I lurve and forgot all about until I asked the boyfriend to throw me a pair of dark design socks for my outfit. The print is bold and edgy but the frill adds a hint of cuteness to it! These cost me just £1.49 (discounted), you can never have too many socks (sock hoarder here).
P1150496P1150500Next up are these large hair bows! I am also a hair bow hoarder even though I rarely wear bows now (I will wear more in the summer I swear), I just can’t help myself! I have been looking for bigger bows since I have a lot of tiny ones and these are in such cute colours too! PLUS THEY SPARKLE. I DON’T OWN ANY SPARKLY BOWS. I like that they are quite stiff too so will hold their shape, as many of my bows are either floppy or slightly puffy, and that they also have a crocodile clip which makes them easier to put in and take out of my hair. These cost me £4.00 each – totally worth it~
88975Forgot to take a photo of the hat but it looks like this. I was really umm’ing and ahh’ing about whether to buy this hat, not just because of the style but because it is a hat which I rarely wear much of. I own a fair few bobble hats and beanies for when it gets cold in the winter, but I don’t own any fashion hats that you accessorise with because I find that a lot of them don’t suit me. I decided to just risk it and buy this Fedora hat with a PU rim, I’ve been thinking about them for ages and thought I’d take the plunge; the rim isn’t overly large (I find the really big, floppy rims to suit super tall people only) and it cost me just £3.99 (discounted) – bargain!
P1150485Moving onto my bigger items, I got this ‘little black dress’; I have been searching for a LBD for a while because there’s not much that suits me, but I really liked the look of this dress because the bust isn’t too revealing, despite the little V, because of the straight bust line (which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have any boobies) and the metallic belt gives the waist more definition. It’s a little longer than I wanted it to be (the struggle of short legs =_=) but it looks more balanced when worn with a pair of black heels. It’s not ill-fitting in anyway and although the straps aren’t adjustable, they fit perfectly and aren’t tight against my skin but won’t fall down. I don’t have to worry about upper body fat leaking out in the wrong places because the dress is a stretchy material, so it is easy to put on and take off, and the skirt is free-flowing making it comfortable to move around in but the material’s weight won’t have me accidentally flashing anyone if the wind picks up! Overall I think this is a decent LBD for the time being, though I would like to get myself a more body-fitted dress as well, it’s suitable to wear to both black-tie and more casual events, and for just £9.99 I’m not complaining!!
P1150711Next up is my second favourite dress of the lot; this black grid design dress is perfect for casual-wear and clubbing! It’s a tight bodycon dress with simple t-shirt sleeves, and when I say tight I do mean tight because it was a little bit of a struggle getting it onto my body as it literally clings to you! The only worry I would have though is ensuring that I don’t get any make-up on it when I try to get it over my head and shoulders, and you’ll have to peel it up-and-over when you take it off, but I love these dresses for wearing casually because they suit me well and are easy to dress up or down! Sneakers or heels?? Anyway, this dress was on sale at £6.99!! YES PLEASE!
P1150488Lastly is my favourite, this white grid dress; very similar to the black grid dress but it is mostly white and I like how the pink and black lines pop off of it. I bought this again with the same intention as the dress above but I just wanted one with a different pattern, though thankfully this dress is slightly bigger overall than the black one which means getting it on and off isn’t as difficult (though you will have to go through the same motions) which is good considering it’s white and we really don’t want to be getting any make-up on it (I lack a lot of white clothing because they always get dirty)! Again, only £6.99!! More please!!

So that’s all for my Select haul, there are SO many things (especially dresses) on the website that I want, especially since a lot of the ones I am eyeing are on sale!! Definitely shop there if you like this kind of fashion, it’s good for your pocket and your style! If they sponsored people I’d love to be sponsored by them because I don’t think I’d need to shop from anywhere else as they do so many different styles! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little shopping haul post, I quite enjoy doing these and I hope you have found somewhere new to shop! Until next time~♥

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