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The last few weeks at a glance – Surprise news, temperamental weather and Summer’s 1st Birthday!

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! Just a quick post today about what I’ve been up to recently which as per usual isn’t very much but I like to keep track of what I get up to because it is always fun looking back on it and reading my more exciting posts when I’m having a down day!

Firstly I just want to share some news with you; that exam I mentioned taking in my post ‘Making lots of changes…‘ was something that I have been really stressing about and I recently received my results, turns out I actually got a competent grade for the exam!! Okay so at first I was a little unsure of whether or not that actually deemed me a pass and had to get my tutor to confirm for me which she did in her next reply and was definitely confirmed when AAT emailed me that I would be expecting my certificates in the post soon. I PASSED GUYS. CHEESE AND RICE I ACTUALLY PASSED. I was so sure that it was going to be a fail. I am now officially AAT registered and Sage certified, I am capable of doing Computerised Accountancy at a basic level! Hurrah!

Now that that is out of the way I can finally start looking at, what I hope will be, the last exam I willingly undergo and that is DRIVING. I would very much like to start driving so I am hoping to have passed that before the end of the year comes round, though if I don’t fully succeed in that I won’t be too harsh on myself because thanks to this college course my intent on driving got delayed somewhat. As long as I get myself on the way to being a driver very soon then I will be happy, so as of next week I will begin looking at my theory!
IMG_2678IMG_2667With that announcement out of the way, let’s check out what I’ve been up to! Thankfully I only had 3 days at work after returning from visiting R, so I planned to do some heavy blog work on the weekend and did a little ‘photo shoot’ for my ‘What’s on my bookshelf?’ post! Ofc having a full face of make-up including falsies and cute hair, as well as wearing pastel fashion, I couldn’t help but take some cute selfies as well as the shots for my blog! I have a lot of nice photos but tbh they turned out accidentally like professional photos and it seems too cheesy to post them! However the one where I’m giving Miruku a hug was cute enough to use haha and I thought I’d share what the hair bows that I got in my recent Select haul look like in your hair, you can see that they are really big!IMG_2669When I had finished I decided to play around with my hair; I really like the ear/horn/moon bun hairstyle but my hair is pretty fine and short so it can be a little difficult to put the buns together without them looking rubbish. However I did this with my hair and it looked really cute! Bun bun or bear ear hair, and it was SUPER EASY. Even for someone like me who majorly suffers hair styling skills can do it and it doesn’t look messy and literally takes just minutes to put together. Perhaps I could do a really quick hair tutorial for it since it is so easy and cute??
IMG_2683Breakfast the next day was chopped strawberries and banana because I didn’t feel like eating it in smoothie form. It was a really yummy and refreshing breakfast, I was so full that I didn’t eat the yogurt treat and it was the perfect start to my summery day!
IMG_2665IMG_2682WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES OF CHUNKY, SHORT, PASTEY LEGS REFLECTING THE SUN BACK TO SPACE. I am so sorry, cover your eyes children! That weekend the weather was also really hot and really nice, we had a mini heatwave! Ofc we did because the UK doesn’t know how to have consistent weather with warnings well in advance. Since I had been really productive the day before, I thought it was only fair to me that I spent almost the entire day lounging about and soaking up the rays. I made myself a cream soda float! Well it would’ve been had I had the right ingredients which I swear I did but I didn’t, so I had to settle with diet cloudy lemonade and diabetic ice cream…it worked though! Even if my brother did complain that it wasn’t the real deal, it worked really well in the heat!
IMG_2685IMG_2687I recently had a bit of difficulty with IG; out of nowhere my photo posts dropped down to 10 even though my profile was only showing 9. I was incredibly confused as well as angry because all of my photos were still showing up under my personal tag. I contacted IG three times but all I could do was write a ‘report’. R sent me a screenshot from his phone to say that he could still see all of my photos and others said the same, but there were still some people who said they couldn’t see anything other than the 9 photos. Thankfully it righted itself the next day but what a frustrating bug!?
IMG_2699IMG_2702P1150536P1150537P1150541P1150598P1150609P1150640P1150655P1150658P1150659P1150701The following weekend was Summer’s 1st birthday! My ootd was very casual consisting of acid wash jeans and a Simba t-shirt with flicky hair and coral lips. It was really nice to see all of my family together including my aunt and cousins, even though R couldn’t come. My sister and her partner did a really good job at pulling the party together and making tons of food! Summer’s cake was super pretty and was made by the same lady who made Harry’s 1st birthday cake, it was really yummy too and I finally satisfied my cake craving (thanks Liam for photobombing me too…)!

Unfortunately it was really cold and there were blankets everywhere but it did warm up a bit towards the end of the day especially if you were sat in the sun; they were really lucky with the weather considering they were having a garden party! Towards the end of the day, me and Summer attempted to do some bonding because for some reason she doesn’t really like me 😦 but it is also because she is really clingy to mummy and cries whenever she gets left with someone else. Thankfully I had her in my arms for about 20 minutes or so and after some initial crying she calmed down and didn’t mind me so much.
IMG_2708IMG_2709Not too long ago I bought this pretty pink cosplay wig because me and Pixie are going to cosplay at Hyper Japan for a day!! We are terribly excited, especially since last week I managed to sort the main part of our costume out! Fingers crossed it all comes together and this happens! I decided it was time to get my wig out and start brushing it because a lot of the curls had come out, so I’m brushing them back into place and I’ve done half of it already. I’m going to do a make-up and wig test next week as well as getting on with making the accessories for my cosplay!! So excited to be making my cosplay debut this year!
IMG_2714IMG_2719Firstly please ignore the horror that is my shed’s paintwork in the second photo, dad is attempting to remove the house’s protective coating in order to put on a new layer but his methods aren’t going down too well. Anyway the weather has been really fickle lately, I sent R the first photo to make him jealous as it was incredibly warm and sunny down here still but the sun had disappeared his end; however within a matter of days the weather had turned mega miserable and these huge black clouds were constantly looming over.
IMG_2717I recently rediscovered K-Pop and decided to download some Hyuna onto my phone because they were really cheap, so I purchased ‘Melting’ and ‘A Talk’ as well as Troublemaker’s ‘Chemistry’. The Melting album cover is so cute!!
IMG_2732IMG_2730IMG_2731So on Friday R came back to visit! We went for a pub meal with his parents and some of their friends because it was his father’s birthday! R called for double celebrations because I had passed my exam so he bought me a bottle of nice wine~♥. I ordered shoulder of lamb with vegetables and R ordered himself Swordfish which I got to try a bit of, and it was really weird because it tasted slightly of fish with a tough meat texture and a hint of chocolate cake (as R put it) or cocoa aftertaste! Check me out being all exotic! His mum got a panna cotta for dessert which she let me share, as well as having some of R’s chocolate ice cream and his dad’s raspberry sorbet! Spoiled by everyone!
IMG_2726On the Saturday we decided to go back to mine as my sister and her family as well as my nan were visiting, and R hadn’t seen them for a really long while because work kept getting in the way. At one point my sister just handed R Summer and he immediately looked anxious because he wasn’t sure what to do with her lol. She however looked incredibly happy to be sat on his lap, so she likes him just not me…¬_¬ The weather was really cruddy so in the end we just spent most of the day with my family before returning back to his.
IMG_2728Wally has gotten so big now!! And he had the BIG operation already, can’t believe this was the squiggly little puppy that we picked up just before Christmas! He hasn’t changed much though other than his size. I took this cute shot of him when he snuggled up against the pillow we dropped on the floor; he was actually awake but he blinked as I took the shot and it looked like he was sleeping! Aw!
IMG_2729Unfortunately Sunday came round so fast! We woke up this morning and decided spontaneously to go to the nearby Sunday market; the queue was massive and it was really busy! Sadly there wasn’t much going on at the market and we came back after half an hour but we did come back to a cooked breakfast of pancakes! Not just any pancakes though, my first time ever trying pancakes WITH BACON AND MAPLE SYRUP! Don’t knock it until you try it, it was really nice!! Shortly after, R dropped me off home because he had to drive all the way back to work :(. Hopefully though he’ll be back within the next couple of weekends and the weather will be better so we can do something nice!

So that’s everything that I’ve been up to lately, not too much but seeing lots of family has really been nice. I have some more review posts for you guys, some that I am very excited about so I’m looking forward to getting them up for you soon!! I hope you’re enjoying the new content and blog layout, I will continue to try hard! Until next time~♥

2 thoughts on “The last few weeks at a glance – Surprise news, temperamental weather and Summer’s 1st Birthday!

  1. Ah, I always love reading your blog posts but this is my first time commenting as I’m quite shy ^^

    I like how you say you haven’t done much, but it’s way more than I’ve done and you managed to write a long post about it all :p

    Lovely pictures! You’re so pretty! ❤

    Also, congratulations on passing the exam and best of luck with the driving lessons! Are you learning in an automatic or manual?

    I live in the UK too, and yeah our weather really needs to make its mind up. The recent sunny + warm days have been wonderful, but those black clouds always make a reappearance sooner or later…

    1. Hello Faerieinjapan! Aw thank you, please never be shy because I absolutely love reading and replying to any comments that I get!

      Over 3 weeks my phone builds up with little moments, I guess it looks more than it is because I decided to talk about random little things like the weather, me sitting out in the sun and what music I listen to but in reality it isn’t that much haha!

      Thank you so much~♥

      Ah it was a real shock, thank you! I am excited to learn how to drive and I will be doing it in manual since once you can do manual you can also do automatic, so I won’t have to retake the test to do it in manual. I’m a little nervous so just easing myself in with looking at the theory side before I look at getting an instructor!

      Hello fellow UK-er! Woo! Yeah it does, this morning it was pretty warm and sunny where I am but already there is a big grey cloud. I honestly don’t know what I am expected to wear! Typical British weather!

      I am very glad you like my blog, thank you so much for reading and supporting me!~♥

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