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So there are still kind and considerate strangers in the world…

On a daily basis I pass a lot of people of all kinds; young, old, fat, thin, pretty, not so pretty, male, female, dog. I walk everywhere you see, so I’m bound to. Unfortunately some of the people are…let’s say, rough around the edges for a better word. More often than not I see and pass people with characteristics that I’d personally rather not associate myself with; I know it’s terrible of me to judge a book by its cover but when you have pretty much the same routine every day for 5 days a week, you do actually end up surrounding yourself with the same people every day going about their routine. It’s just a shame for me that a lot of the people I see every day seem to have an attitude that they care very little for the consideration of others.

There are still lots of nice people but sadly the less-than-nice people stand out more to me because the nice people are quiet; like, for some reason there’s some strange taboo to talk to other people in the street which in this day and age is somewhat understandable since everyone is busy going about their lives with little time to think about people they don’t know, but still it’s a little sad. Maybe it is just where I live, it seems to be the same wherever I travel in the UK; people just don’t really talk to strangers anymore, not even to just comment on the terrible weather. From my personal experience, the only people who have attempted to speak to me randomly out of the blue as of late are either drunk or a little…odd (like the towns crazy person or something).

This morning however, a perfectly sober and normal gentleman said something to me that installed in me a little more faith in humankind. He said:

Do you work in the fashion industry? You definitely should. I drive past you a lot and you have to be one of the best dressed people I have ever seen! You’re really very good at it, you should definitely work in the fashion industry.

Completely random. I thought he was calling me over for directions but instead he took a moment out of his day to give me such a kind compliment. I was wearing my normal work slacks which literally consists of black jeans, black sneakers, my vest with mirrored leopard design on, leather jacket and teal bag. No jewellery other than my ring and hardly any make-up other than bright pink lips; my hair had literally been brushed through. The only thing I visibly change on a daily basis is my top. To me I didn’t look very fashionable at all considering what my wardrobe is like on my non-working days, but to him I was. It was really sweet and made my morning, it was also nice that he recognised me as one of his daily people and that without realising it I had made some sort of impression on him even though I am one of those quiet, nice people I mentioned earlier.

It’s nice to know that there are still some friendly people out there who are willing to say hello or give you a compliment. I’m not just saying that because he complimented me but I mean in general, for society. I personally don’t talk to strangers because I lack the confidence but I have seen many people where I have wanted to go up and tell them that I liked what they were wearing or how their hair looked; maybe the next time that happens I’ll pluck up the courage to do so and make that person feel good about themselves.

So thank you kind gentleman for making me feel good even though I wasn’t in a fantastic mood, thank you for being a kind stranger. x

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