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How come not all of the Disney Princesses are considered and included in the Official Disney Princess franchise? + 10 things you probably didn’t know about Disney princesses!

Picture2qewdHello everyone! Here’s another random post; I thoroughly enjoy Disney films but I don’t have a lot of Disney on my blog (except for my obsession with Tsum’s), so decided to write this little post which was fun to research! Every now and then when I actually spare 5 minutes to think about Disney princesses (I’m more of a Disney Animal lover myself), I wonder why not all of the princesses or female protagonists are considered princesses. Some might like to argue that it is because the majority of the female characters are not royalty, but then how do you explain Mulan? Why is it the rule for some princesses and not others? So I Google’d it and this is what I found:

In order to be an Official Disney Princess, they must satisfy the following requirements:

  • They must have a primary role in a Disney animated feature film.
  • They must be human (or mostly human).
  • They must not appear primarily in a sequel.

Atlantis-The-Lost-Empire-atlantis-the-lost-empire-5820791-1280-960Things such as falling in love with or the marrying of a Disney prince, or descending or marrying into royalty giving them the title ‘princess’ is not necessary to become a Disney Princess. The reasons why they are not considered an Official Disney Princess even if they hold a royal princess title, may be one of the following:

  • They are not marketable.
  • Their film did poorly at the box office (for example Kida from Atlantis).
  • They are too young.
  • They are not human.

Megara_smileThe following female characters would be eligible to be Official Disney Princesses and may have appeared on merchandise or have been labelled a Disney princess (e.g. in Kingdom of Hearts):

  • Alice – Alice in Wonderland
  • Giselle – Enchanted
  • Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Jane Porter – Tarzan
  • Megara – Hercules
  • Tinkerbell – Peter Pan

These princesses rank higher than the Disney Heroines, labelled as the ‘unofficial princesses’; Alice, Esmeralda, Jane and Megara all lack royal or noble status, though Alice did appear on merchandise and the other three even appeared alongside the Official Disney Princesses for a short while before being removed. Tinkerbell was previously included with the Official Disney Princesses but was removed to become the main mascot for the Fairy Franchise. Giselle also fits the bill to be an Official Disney Princess being human, of royal status (despite not the one to marry the prince), the primary character of her film and gained good film recognition at the box office, however it was realised that royalties would have to be paid to Amy Adams, who voiced and played Giselle in the film, for using her likeness so she was dropped.
Tlkscreenshots_act3_34The following would not because they do not meet the requirements needed to become an Official Disney Princess:

  • Atta – A Bug’s Life – Animal
  • Dot – A Bug’s Life – Animal
  • Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista and Andrina (Ariel’s sisters) – The Little Mermaid – Not primary characters
  • The Blue Fairy – Pinnochio – Not a primary character
  • Eilonwy – The Black Cauldron – Film did poorly
  • Kida – Atlantis – Film did poorly
  • Melody – The Little Mermaid II – Film was straight-to-video
  • Sofia – Sofai the First: Once Upon a Princess – Was a TV series not a film
  • Ting-Ting, Su and Mei – Mulan II – Not primary characters
  • Wendy Darling – Peter Pan – Lack of royal or noble status
  • Bianca – The Rescuers – Animal
  • Boo – Monsters Inc. – Too young
  • Faline – Bambi – Animal
  • Nala – The Lion King – Animal
  • Kiara – The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride – Animal
  • Lady – Lady and the Tramp – Animal
  • Lilo – Lilo and Stitch – Too young
  • Maid Marian – Robin Hood – Animal
  • Roxanne – A Goofy Movie – Animal
  • Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck-It-Ralph – Too young
  • Tiger Lily – Peter Pan – Not a primary character

The majority of those in this list are animals which would count them out for being princesses but Eilonwy and Kida were both princesses of royal status and human so would’ve been eligible to be Disney Princesses, however since their films did poorly in the box office they could not be marketed as official princesses. Vanellope von Schweetz was the lost princess of a game therefore giving her the princess status but because she was too young she couldn’t become part of the official franchise either. These characters are known as Disney Heroines.

Now it’s time for 10 things you probably didn’t know about Disney Princesses! Hope you enjoy, how many of these did you know?

Tiana1. Tiana is the only princess with dimples!
Lea2. Mulan and Jasmine’s singing voices were performed by the same person, Lea Salonga.
Tumblr_static_cinderella_dress_transformation_gif3. Walt Disney said that the transformation scene in Cinderella where she changes from rags to ball gown was one of his favourite pieces of animation.
Merida-dinner4. Merida is the only princess with brothers.
enhanced-buzz-1323-1373769585-95. Belle is the only person in her town to wear blue, symbolising her position as an outsider; later the Beast is seen wearing blue as well.
tumblr_n5r3msgwwT1trmkp7o1_5006. Merida is the only Disney princess with a non-American accent.
pocahontas7. Pocahontas is the only Disney princess with a tattoo.
Screenshot 2013-12-30 21_38_498. Snow White is thought to be from Bavaria given that the best-known version of the fairy tale was Bavarian which was collected by the Brothers Grimm. Some also believe Rapunzel to be from Bavaria given that the story was also collected by the Brothers Grimm, but the Disney version of the story Tangled is set in a fictional kingdom called ‘Corona’ with the castle inspired by central European architecture found in Germany, Poland and Hungry, so it is assumed the island kingdom resides on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany and Poland.
sb29. Aurora is the quietest princess having just 18 lines and 18 minutes of screen time in her own film.
Self-Care410. Mulan and Merida are the only princesses trained in archery.

So there you have it! If you were wondering like me why certain princesses are not considered princesses, I hope this has answered that question for you! I thought I’d add the 10 things in for a little bit of fun. I really want to go to Disneyland, I’m actually looking into going to Disneyland Paris some point within the next year so fingers crossed that happens!

On another note I’ve been re-reading my posts from when I went to Hyper Japan and I am really looking forward to it now! It isn’t all that far away and I booked my hotel with Pixie over the weekend! So excited to be able to write posts on that again! Hope you enjoyed this little post, until next time~♥

3 thoughts on “How come not all of the Disney Princesses are considered and included in the Official Disney Princess franchise? + 10 things you probably didn’t know about Disney princesses!

  1. I already knew why some princesses weren’t Disney princesses but the facts were really interesting and quite a few of them I didn’t know/realise! I loved this post ❤

    Also, where do you think Aurora/Sleeping beauty is from? That's a subject I always see up for debate. Some claim she's from England, some say France and others say Germany. I like to think she's from England as there's a lack of English (official) princesses ❤

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hmm I think in Europe somewhere but not England even though the names are very English haha. I think perhaps Germany? I honestly don’t know, it’s so hard to tell! 😀

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