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Happy 200 posts!! – Will you be voting in or out?

Hellooo, just a quick random post today to firstly say I wrote 200 pages! Woo hoo!! I actually would’ve hit 200 a little while back if I hadn’t of deleted some of my previous entries but meh, I am now at 200 (well 201 now)!

I hope you have been enjoying my blog and continue to do so, I have lots of exciting events coming up to write about and next month will be a kawaii-themed month for my blog! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me so far, following or just reading my blog; thank you, thank you, I love you!!!

Moving on to something that is very important today – the UK referendum. Today the UK will be voting on whether to remain in the EU (European Union) or not. It’s a massive decision to make for our country, so please everyone go and vote! Tbh I was sat on the fence about what to do, as with most things there are pros and cons to both sides. I actually settled my answer by taking a quiz from 38 Degrees; I know it seems silly to let a quiz decide, but it was a decent quiz that provided me with arguments for and against so that I could understand a bit better the decision I was making. I got my answer and that is what I will be voting although deep down I feel that regardless of what we want, the Parliament will always have the final vote on such things.

I’m feeling very apprehensive because I don’t know how drastic things will change if we do decide to leave the EU. The thing that bothers me a fair bit is our freedom to move around the EU will inevitably be altered if we do leave, it might become more difficult and countries will have the freedom to hate us even more than they already do. =_=

Anyway, will you be voting today? I wonder how this will all pan out…

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