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Great Britain has left the room. (16+)

Morning guys, here’s an update if you are at all interested in the affairs of my country. The UK is no longer a part of the EU (or so that is what has been decided, though I guess things could always change depending on where it goes from here).

Wow. What a thing to wake up to. I personally didn’t think it would be decided so quick, I wasn’t aware it would be confirmed immediately after the votes were counted haha. Our Prime Minister David Cameron has officially resigned, come October he will have left; I always thought he was a bit of a twat so I’m not too fussed about that though I am grateful that he decided to step down and let someone else take over (who agreed with us leaving I expect) and guide us to our next destination. Let’s just hope we don’t have another shit-head in his place.

I don’t really know what to think tbh, in the end I didn’t vote. Most people would tell me that I wasted a vote but since I didn’t have a decision made, I deemed it even more pointless to make a pointless vote. When I did the quiz I got the result of 68% OUT which surprised me but in the end, despite what I said in my previous post, I still wasn’t convinced enough to make a vote.

I don’t really know what will happen now, I guess I feel a little apprehensive because it does mean things will get difficult at least for the next 5 years whilst we sort ourselves out. I think it is important that we ensure the EU as well as the world that just because we have become independent does not mean that we are not willing to work with others; trade is one of the biggest worries I think, so some bridges will need to be rebuilt before we can trade with some countries. We will also need to elect a new Prime Minister and stabilise our Government’s rules.

The GBP has already decreased in value around the world which is sucky because it was quite strong and meant that going abroad was cheaper for us overall, though it is still relatively strong and could become stronger again in the future; and I do hope that this doesn’t affect our ability to travel around Europe too much.

Overall I think our country wanted to stay in the EU but just wanted a bit more independence and say about what we do. I personally thought that the whole thing might be rigged, that we were just voting to feel ‘involved’ because usually the final vote comes down to what the Government decides, and I assumed that we would be remaining in the EU because I knew that was what Cameron wanted; a lot of people I had spoken to were going to vote Leave but it was still a big shock to find out that we are actually leaving the EU and even more so that Cameron had resigned.

It is a shame that we are leaving, I don’t want our country getting ahead of itself, acting all high-almighty because we are independent and ‘Great’ Britain again like back when we were an Empire; we need to stabilise our relationships with other countries and be just as open and accepting as we were before rather than thinking purely about ourselves. But we’ll see where it goes from here…

10 thoughts on “Great Britain has left the room. (16+)

  1. When I first heard the news, I thought how exciting that GB has left the European Union. I’m from the Netherlands and don’t always agree with the large contribution fees and all the bureaucracy that comes with being a member of the EU. But once some of my acquaintances from the UK started sharing their opinions, I completely understand that these are uncertain times. I think that the people who voted for a Brexit did so because they are unsatisfied with certain aspects of their live, such as job losses. But only time will tell if the economy will change for the better. Take care ^_^

    1. Thank you so much for your response and well wishes! All we can do now is ride the wave; there is currently a petition to do a second referendum because the votes were apparently close (don’t quote me on it) but yeah we’ll see. I’m not too worried because everything has to balance somewhat for things to work, I don’t think our country would let us go into complete ruin. Everyone is just really worried right now which I get but I don’t think it’ll be as bad as everyone is making out!

    1. Actually there were many things that prevented us from being entirely independent whilst being in the EU. Many of the decisions had to go through unofficial headquaters in Brussels if they were to potentially affect the EU, whereas now that we are entirely independent we can make decisions as we please. That’s what I meant by ‘independent’.

      1. I see what you were getting at, however, that’s incorrect.

        Firstly, we were, and still are, an entirely independent country. To say that we weren’t is hugely insulting to the hundreds of countries that have fought bloody wars and lost countless lives to achieve independence. The EU wasn’t a domineering force that colonised the UK, we joined the EU willingly because of the huge benefits it brought our country of collaboration, freedom of movement (which is great for individuals and businesses), freedom of trade, and millions of pounds of funding and investment for the poorer parts of the UK (mainly Wales and the West of England). We also didn’t have to fight to leave it, we held the EU Referendum (not UK Referendum as you have referred to it above), which is allowed by the EU, and can leave the EU if we so wish. The EU aren’t preventing us from doing so, that decision is, and always was, entirely up to the UK.

        Secondly, the headquarters in Brussels are not unofficial. The EU parliamentary system is no less official or unelected than our own parliamentary system. Yes, some people in the EU parliament are not elected directly by the public, however, that’s exactly the same as the House of Lords whose members aren’t elected by the UK public. We still call it a democracy, and we have the opportunity to vote and have our say.

        Thirdly, many things in the UK will still be affected by the EU’s rules once, and if, we leave the EU. We just won’t have a say in the making of those rules but will still have to abide by their rules if we remain in the EEA or wish to trade with EU countries. That’s a much worse deal than our current one.

      2. Tbh I’m pretty ignorant on the topic and I’ve never, and will never, pretend to be an expert in anything that I blog about. I’m not a politician nor am I even that interested in politics. I’m going by what others have explained to me (and regardless of your view it IS a view held by many with regards to what I have written); I merely wrote what was going on with the country. I may have written some things that others, like yourself, may deem incorrect but I guess that depends on what view you have. I didn’t post an argument and wasn’t challenging anyone’s view, it’s quite obvious that I’m pretty oblivious to what goes on with the workings of our country so I’m not sure why you felt the need to ‘inform’ me of the truth. I just go with the flow, whatever happens happens.

  2. I didn’t think you were oblivious to what was going on, and I didn’t feel the need to inform you of anything, so I’m sorry it’s come across that way. You wrote a post about it which I found and thought you’d welcome some debate on the topic. I wrote my comments because some of the things in your original post (such as the independence issue) were incorrect, and that’s not a matter of my opinion vs yours, it’s just a fact. You’re welcome to your own opinion, I was just trying to add some helpful points to the discussion.

    1. Oh I really am ignorant on the topic believe me, I’m pretty useless with politics. It’s difficult to get things across in text, I guess the region I live in is very conservative so a lot of people I have spoken to would agree with what I wrote. I wasn’t really trying to have an opinion on it, more like briefly explaining what was going on with the country to some of my non-UK readers but I’m not surprised I got some things incorrect as I really don’t know enough. I apologise that I am not debate material on the matter of politics lol. Are you happy or sad that we are leaving the UK? I’m interested to know what you think.

      1. Very sad about it. I think it’ll be one of the worst decisions the UK will have ever made. Ultimately, it’ll be the younger generations that will bear the brunt of it and it’s likely the repercussions will be felt for a long time. It’s a shame that we’ve sent a message to the world that we, as a country, don’t want to be inclusive and outward looking. And it’s a shame that that message has predominantly been sent by the poorer parts of the country who have, ironically, benefited hugely by the funding that the EU has poured into them.

      2. Thank you for your comment, it was interesting to know what someone else thought! As mentioned I come from a conservative region, a lot of people I spoke to wanted out and thought it was for the best. I personally don’t really know, I guess to some degree there are pros and cons on both sides but it wasn’t enough to convince me to make a decision. All we can really do now is see what happens.

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