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Review Time – Romance of the year: Me Before You ♥

Ahhhhh~ I finally got round to seeing it!! Sorry this post is so late I’ve been terrible with writing about what I’ve been up to!! So at the beginning of May I wrote a part post reviewing some of the romance books that I have which you can read here; a book titled ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes was one of them, and it is definitely one of my favourite romance books. Even reading it for the second time fully aware of the ending, it still had me crying my eyes out. Upon doing my research for the review, I discovered that they were releasing a movie based on the book on June 3rd of this year and I was determined to go and see it!P1160005So on the Saturday the 18th, I finally organised going to see it with my brother’s fiancé as only a couple of weeks before its release she had read the book which she borrowed from me and also fell in love with it (I definitely stole her ending, me and my brother were chatting whilst she was reading so she didn’t get the full sobbing experience on the close like I did – Sorry!)maxresdefaultA quick overview for those of you who have not read the book: Louisa Clark is 26 years old and has done very little with her life, content with how simple things are; she’s been working at the Buttered Bun café for 6 years until one day she is given her last pay packet because the café is suddenly shutting down. Desperate for another job in order to help her family get by, she accepts a job in care. Will Traynor lived the high life, enjoying his job, extreme active sports and the love of his life, but it all comes to an abrupt end when he is hit by a motorcycle leaving him as a quadriplegic and without a will to live. They both come together unexpectedly from very different worlds, but neither of them know just how much the other will change their life forever.

We were both ready with our tissues and snuck-in snacks, very excited though I was secretly dreading the parts that I knew were going to stir up a lot of sad feels. The movie was REALLY funny! Like everyone, including the 10-15 men in there (all who had probably been dragged along and not well-informed of the actual storyline), were laughing. I knew the book was funny but I was surprised that they managed to bring it across so well, if not better, in the movie.ME BEFORE YOUEmilia Clarke is just as I thought she would be, the perfect Lou!! She was so funny and SO expressive. She’s best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, but in that she is a rather stony character given that she is a queen. In this she was allowed to be her true, hyperactive, expressive, excitable self and I loved every second of it; it was like everything she experienced she actually felt, you could almost experience it yourself just by seeing how much it affected her. I think GoT was what got her the fame, but this is the movie that will throw her forward into the world of movie acting. She was so funny and I just loved how she fitted Lou’s personality and fashion sense so well, Emilia stated that she is more like Lou in real life thinking of herself as being fairly clumsy and awkward.mby-00388rAs for Will, well I still stand by what I said in my book review that Sam Claflin is not the ideal Will for me. Don’t get me wrong, he played him very well and I enjoyed him but he wasn’t THE Will. Will was much more of an arse in the book and I always imagined him to look a bit more rugged. Yes, I know he’s a rich boy but there’s nothing to say he can’t look pretty and rugged; he did extreme sports so I was expecting him to look a bit more…weathered if you like. Sam Claflin unfortunately was too polished for me, too perfect, too pretty. However he still did a good job and he got the character across well enough that I didn’t feel anything was really lost. I thought their chemistry was really good, and it’s always good to know that Sam actually cried at least three times when he read the book; we love a bit of emotion in a man!4928He mentioned that he did research on the disability to get a better understanding of it and that there were lots of things he didn’t realise with regards to it; he commented (totally true I might add) that “I think Jojo does the balance incredibly well of introducing people to disability and the obstacles that comes with but without kind of force feeding it.” He watched documentaries, YouTube videos and blogs, and that they worked with medical professionals who talked them through the disability and how people cope with it; he confirmed that it was a very ‘informative’ few months prior to filming. Emilia also checked out forums for carers and read from their point of view to help with the part she was playing.Me-Before-You-SoundtrackSo for the most part the movie was really fun, there were a couple of happy-emotional parts as much as there were sad parts; I didn’t cry until the very end, as mentioned in my The Theory of Everything review I try not to cry in front of people, I only tend to proper blub when I’m on my own. I managed to hold it together until the end when Will started crying and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t bring myself to start full-on blubbing so I did that really pathetic thing where you just let the tears roll down your face and you don’t even wipe them off because you’re too ashamed that someone might see. My brother’s fiancé on the other hand cried her eyes out for most of the parts (happy and sad); at one point there was a really happy moment where they attend a wedding and she muttered next to me “I think I’m gunna cry” and I just thought she was joking because it was a happy moment but in reality she was sat next to me crying happy tears. I couldn’t bear to reach down and grab the tissues at the end because I knew it would set us both off even more if we became aware that the other person knew we were crying lol.

Sam and Emilia both confirmed that they did not need aid with crying in this movie; Sam stated he was already emotional – “I think I was just emotional…I was looking at her face and she starts crying.” Emilia stated that she just let herself cry, though admitted that she is an ugly crier and will never let herself properly cry again – “I just cried and now I’ve learnt I won’t do it in future. I’m going to pout and you know, just ask for drugs or something like everyone else does.Me-Before-You-Movie-soupI just really liked this movie, and I definitely want it in my DVD collection (I say that about a lot of films I watch and never get them but I really mean it this time with this one lol). This film isn’t a massive romance, more comedy but it does get more romantic towards the end though short lived. If you love this kind of movie then I highly recommend it, I am so glad that they made it into a movie and gave the book the recognition it deserves! The paperback sequel to the book is supposed to be released on the 30th June, and I definitely plan to get this to check up on Lou’s next adventures! Hope you enjoyed this review, until next time~♥

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