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Review Time – My initial thoughts on the Sailor Moon Manga! /(^ × ^)\

SMHellooo you, hope you’re good! It’s now July and since I am going to have a very kawaii July thanks to the Hello Kitty pop-up café and Hyper Japan events that are fast approaching, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a kawaii-themed month of blog posts revolving around Japan especially since it has been a little while since I have posted anything of the sort!

Today I’m going to do a little review on the ever-popular Mahou Shoujo Magical Girl Manga ‘Sailor Moon’! I actually finished it a little while ago but I had a whole bunch of other blog posts planned beforehand so I think it fits perfectly to post now and kick-start my kawaii-filled month!
tumblr_static_aq4mzb4texkcwkwgoc4oc8kc4Anyone with an interest in Anime/Manga/Japanese gaming would’ve heard of Sailor Moon, she’s like the original magical girl where the Mahou Shoujo genre exploded. I first heard about it when I was about 6-7 when my brother told me that he had seen it on TV in the mornings; I never really got around to watching Sailor Moon, a little bit here and there but my Anime experience began with the Mahou Shoujo Cardcaptor Sakura (or Cardcaptors as it is called here in the West). However despite never really watching or reading it, I really admired the characters and their designs, it’s the kind of Anime you can appreciate and like despite knowing little about it because it is so popular.

I created myself something of a spreadsheet with all of the Anime I would like to read and watch, Sailor Moon ofc being one of them. I read manga online because it is easy for me to access during breaks at work and I can always check out whether or not I actually like the manga first before thinking about buying it on hard copy. It took me a long time to get through the Sailor Moon manga (with extensive breaks here and there) but I finally finished it (not including the ‘extra’ mangas such as ‘Rini’s Picture Diary’)!

First thought:
BOR-ING. Oh dear…were you expecting me to say it was fantastic?? The reason why I took so many breaks throughout reading this manga is because it honestly did bore me much of the time…Usagi/Bunny/Sailor Moon is SO WHINEY. That’s a well-known fact since she even describes herself as a cry baby!
Bishoujo-Senshi-Sailormoon-v03ch12-p47SMnudThe characters have no dimension to them and Usagi is what, 14? And she falls in love with Tuxedo Mask instantly and they do this great swooning kiss every time it gets all romantic. Plus TM is like 3 years older than her and they end up in bed together a lot with her wearing practically transparent lingerie or even nothing at all (ಠ_ಠ); yes I know they are destined lovers be it past, present or future, and yes it is less creepy when they are due to marry and they are slightly older, but it is still creepy since she is barely of consenting age (which btw is 13 in Japan)! I wish the author made her at least a little bit older…tumblr_m9fdrxnAw91raaodpo1_500I don’t feel like any of the other characters actually have personality, they just have ‘types’ of personality e.g. Sailor Mercury is the computer nerd. In fact I preferred Sailor Pluto, Uranus and Neptune more to the main 4 sailor scouts Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Chibiusa/Chibi Moon has more personality than Sailor Moon which is why I think she might be my favourite character. Luna, Artemis and Diana lose their significance in the story as time goes on and Saturn, well she was blown up more than necessary in the end. Tuxedo Mask is pretty useless all over as all that ever seems to happen is that he gets kidnapped or brainwashed or something that proves unhelpful to Sailor Moon; if you want to know how useless he is then please check out this link but I will warn you that it contains plot spoilers – http://io9.gizmodo.com/10-reasons-why-everyone-but-sailor-moon-knows-tuxedo-ma-1659484664
bishoujo-senshi-sailor-moon-1045109Basic spoilers: The overall plot is the same each time, every time there is a new enemy; master enemy sends minions to retrieve silver crystal from Sailor Moon for power, minions make up some silly plan to suck energy from everyone and draw Sailor Moon to them, attempt to overthrow Sailor Moon and her fellow scouts but suck terribly, get blasted with one of the scouts power moves and dissolve into dust – BAM. Instant dismissal. There’s always some cry about how the enemy is going to take over the world and destroy everything or how they just can’t defeat the enemy but then someone gets a power-up and they instantly blast them to oblivion with ease ¬_¬. It only gets really interesting at the end where it finally seems that they don’t win every time, but if you don’t have patience then it’s a long time coming. It’s like Team Rocket in Pokémon, you know exactly when they’re gunna pop up and you sure as hell know that Pikachu is gunna thunderbolt their asses into outer space.

Overall thought:
I’m still not a massive fan of the manga just because it was so repetitive. Kudos to the person who came up with it because I can see that it is massively popular so there must be so many more people out there who love it and are against my opinion of it, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the manga. I like my mangas to be like stories, where you can really get into the plot and character development and follow their journey but Sailor Moon is nothing like this.

Good points:
I will however still continue to enjoy Sailor Moon purely for the artwork; it is very enchanting and pretty to look at, even with the poor anatomy I find the girls’ features very pretty. There’s so much detail that has gone into certain features such as their eyes, their hair or their accessories. Overall I find that the magical girl vibe is well kept in this manga and all the merchandise that has released from it is just too pretty not to own! If as much effort was put into the plot as it was put into the creative design of the characters then it would probably have a damn good story! Shame.
tumblr_mrkz68NzQn1qeqkw2o1_500Secondly is the fact that despite being released in the 90’s, this person’s thinking was way ahead in the future. I love the fact that they openly embraced topics that would’ve been frowned upon at the time such as cross-dressing and homosexuality. I absolutely love Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s romantic passion for one another, how loving and protective Uranus is over Neptune. I also think that Uranus has probably the most beautiful and interesting design out of all the scouts and after Chibi Moon is my favourite scout.
Sailor-Senshi-sailor-moon-23589205-1024-768Hope I didn’t ruin it for you readers too much! I think it would’ve been better if they had either shortened the story or made a better plotline for it. I will probably watch the Anime and maybe like that better than the manga, and I will probably continue to buy merchandise from the franchise because it is so damn pretty!! Sorry if you like the manga, I just didn’t find that it kept my interest that much and thought I would do a review on it because I know so many really enjoy it! What are your thoughts on the Sailor Moon manga series?? Until next time~♥

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