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Life update for June – A day at the seaside, the water balloon fight and off-roading for the first time (mega long photo post).

Hey guys, how’s it going? I can’t believe how long ago it was that I posted my last life update! I really haven’t been up to much at all other than chilling and enjoying the weather because everyone else has been too busy to meet up. The last couple of weekends have been more exciting so I finally have something to talk about!

Tbh it hasn’t been all hunky-dory, it has been pretty stressful for me with some personal issues going on and to top it all off we had a death in the family. Unfortunately my uncle passed away; I didn’t really know him since he was hardly around when I was young, usually he was out fishing or at the pub when we visited. I guess it makes it even harder when you haven’t seen him for 10 YEARS. You see, this family belong to my mum’s side but when she passed away (when I was 14) we lost all contact with anyone on her side. I won’t go into detail but 10 years had passed; I only really heard from them when I received a birthday (sometimes Christmas) card or in recent years, the occasional message via Facebook. It was a shock to hear that he had passed but it seemed like fate had opened a door for us to meet them sooner than we expected and so we decided to go to the funeral to support my aunt.

9th June rolled round pretty fast and we were all nervous. Just me, my dad and my sister went because me and my sister are the only ones blood-related to my aunt. It was the first funeral me and my dad had attended since mum’s (and in the same place too), so it was quite difficult not to let all of the feels flooding back affect us. The service was nice and we donated to an otter charity on my uncle’s behalf. Seeing and hearing my aunt IRL for the first time in a long time was overwhelming, and when she spotted us (the only attendants of her side of the family) she burst into tears which effectively set me and my sister off. It was still great seeing her and my cousins though, it was an all-round emotional reunion. We didn’t attend the wake as dad had to go to work and Janai had to get back to the little ones but there was the promise of keeping in touch from now on.

Funnily enough, me and R popped into Tesco the evening after for some bits and amazingly we bumped into them! 10 years of not seeing them and never bumping into them, and after seeing them briefly the day before they suddenly pop up, weird that! My aunt and cousin got to meet R, and the next morning my aunt visited for a catch-up; she talked mostly to my dad whilst I just listened, I guess she was focusing most of her attention on one person, probably after a bit of normalisation.P1150813P1150814P1150818When R had finished seeing Granny he picked me up and we headed off to the seaside; I wanted to go somewhere that was different to the countryside, and thankfully the weather was really nice down there, warm and sunny but not overpowering though it was bright!P1150821Despite being a warm, sunny Saturday and arriving at midday, there weren’t many people there as we were able to snag one of the many available parking spaces. We wandered down along the sea front to the town centre and popped into Debenhams (originally so that I could use the toilets because I flat-out refuse to use seaside public toilets =_=) but we ended up having macaroni and cheese in the shop’s café which had much needed air con.P1150825P1150826P1150828P1150831After lunch we just wandered around all of the little souvenir/tourist shops and along the sea front, seeing the donkeys and the sand sculpture for the Queen’s 90th birthday.P1150834P1150839Please excuse my tired face, I was squinting a lot of the day because it was bright and I wasn’t wearing my glasses >_<; I think I’m gunna need to get contacts! We decided to get an ice cream to eat on the way back to the car, I was set on a whippy ice cream with bubblegum sauce (as usual) but the only place I saw do the ‘bubblegum sundae’ that I wanted was the Mr. Whippy van parked outside Debenhams which we were nowhere near! I checked out all of the ice cream shops (for which there are many) but they only sold bubblegum ice cream which I’m not a massive fan off (it’s Banana Blue that I like)! In the end I had to settle for a Salted Caramel scoop and R got simple chocolate; I’m LOVING  salted caramel at the moment, I’m out to try anything with the flavour just like I like trying anything bubblegum or matcha flavour! Sadly just after I purchased the ice cream we passed a stand that sold whippy ice cream and they had bubblegum sauce!! T_T

We went to Wagamama’s for dinner which had terrible service; I didn’t get my dinner until at least 10 minutes after R got his!! By that point I wasn’t even that hungry anymore and was just pissed that my dinner was so delayed, and R had already finished the majority of his! I really don’t fancy going to Wagamama’s again!P1150848P1150857P1150859The next day I visited my aunt and cousins as it was my cousin’s 8th birthday and she was having a little party. After the last water fight they had, my cousin was super excited to have a water fight during the party. My dad, going overboard as always, filled up a massive tub of water balloons prior to driving there, and purchased a big water gun. They had a fantastic time running around the garden getting absolutely soaked; I had only 4 or so hours sleep and felt a little off, as well as cold since the weather was already dark and damp (might’ve been different if it had been warm and sunny), so I didn’t join in but instead took photos to remember the day.P1150932That still didn’t stop me getting wet when my dad threw a bucket of water at someone stood near the door which was open; I was stood in the doorway chatting to the person outside and the majority of the water splashed my front. I got a bit grumpy because it meant that I would have to sit around damp whilst everyone else got changed into warm, dry clothes; I did have a change of clothes in case I changed my mind about joining in but they were short-sleeved and cropped, not warm enough!!P1150936Once everyone had dried off, me and the birthday girl set about building the Lego set me and R bought for her – Lego Elves! I’ve bought a few of her sets now, I was the one who started her collection since her sister was all about Lego Friends. She’s in love with dragons at the moment and I saw this water dragon set that originally I wanted to get myself (I still love Lego) but it fitted better getting it for my cousin as her birthday was coming up. She was so pleased that she ran at me for a hug, so we built it together and this is what it looks like all made up!IMG_2811After that I came home and sat down to munch on my seashell chocolates that R bought for me whilst watching Adventure Time!IMG_2830P1150953IMG_2833IMG_2836The following weekend (18th) I decided to attempt making a sweet; the recipe is for ‘rainbow fudge’ and is very easy without the use of complicated candy-making skills and equipment. It was mostly made up of white chocolate and marshmallow fluff! I don’t really like white chocolate but I just wanted to make something that looked cute; I added only a little food colouring because I wanted a more pastel-coloured fudge rather than the bright coloured fudge the recipe made but because the mixture was a cream colour, the colouring didn’t colour it as well as I had liked. Next time I’ll add more but it wasn’t bad for my first try! Even though I don’t really like white chocolate, I think this wasn’t that bad to taste and the crunchy strawberry sprinkles that I added on top even added a little extra flavour! It made quite a lot and only took like 1 hour and 25 minutes (including organising ingredients and cleaning up) to make, with an hour extra in the freezer to set. I still have some left but unfortunately no one to give it to! I then went and watched ‘Me Before You’ with my brother’s fiance.2015-Ford-Focus-ST-02On Friday 24th I finally got to meet R’s newest love; his Land Rover. It really upset me that he got rid of his Ford ST (stock photo from internet) but I think he was getting impatient with his other Land Rover taking forever to fix, and that it would be cheaper if he just got rid of both of his cars and traded for the one. In the end he picked a Land Rover Discovery 3 and was mega excited to go out off-roading in it.IMG_2872P1160054P1160067On the Saturday he actually took me out for a day on the plains with his friend and his Land Rover; I was a little apprehensive because I had never done anything of the sort, and after over an hour waiting in the car by myself whilst R changed the oil on his friend’s vehicle (with no signal or 3G I might add T_T), we finally set off!IMG_2876011025It was incredibly bumpy but thanks to the comfortable seats and air suspension, we didn’t feel it half as much as we could’ve done. The weather was beautiful, we were expecting some rain that day but it mostly held off until we were on our way back; the views I got to see were really pretty!036We did have a trail set in mind but a few times we went off track; either the boys wanted to drive through some wooded area, across a field or through a puddle, we didn’t really keep to the actual green lane and we even got lost a couple of times (thanks to R’s outdated map). At one point a large Buzzard flew up in front of us, unfortunately it was too fast and this was the only photo I could get.037045We had some problems with the other Land Rover but thankfully it meant we could stop at a garage and I could use their toilets (I didn’t like the idea of peeing in a bush, I’m not that kind of girl lol). When we got going again we came across a lot of large puddles and ofc the boys wanted to drive through, but not before they checked out how deep and sticky it was with a spade because they didn’t have a recovery kit and it wasn’t ideal if one of them got stuck going through. I actually filmed the footage so I can’t post it though I am considering editing it together and posting it on YT because I would like to maybe start vlogging or something when I go and do things (especially conventions).048057It was really relaxing being out in the countryside, the views were so pretty! It isn’t often that I get to be out and one with nature, so I am definitely looking forward to doing more of this!063We stopped off at an air field for a break and watched some people doing a skydive; R’s friend was involved with planes so he was telling us all about the different types of planes and even offered to take us up in one at some point but I flat out refused, no thank you!!! After that we headed home but made a detour to a ‘fjord’ that R knew of (I believe that is what it is called); we ended up driving through it and he taught me about ‘bow waves’.070071IMG_2881The Land Rover was pretty dirty when we got back but we used a pressure washer on it before we got back to his. I thoroughly enjoyed going out and can’t wait to do it again, next time we’re going to take a picnic! Though saying that we did actually go for a little off-road drive the next morning but it wasn’t for very long because R had to go back.IMG_2882We went out for dinner that evening with his parents and their friends again, I just had a normal Chicken Tikka curry but for dessert I had this beast!! I had such a tough time deciding what to eat for dessert because they also had WATERMELON CHEESECAKE but in the end I picked this cake/mousse/caramel slice called ‘Millionaire Gateau’!IMG_2869The weather was really shite at the end of June, it felt like we were never going to see summer; thankfully with the coming of July, the warm, sunny weather also came!!IMG_2921IMG_2917IMG_2923Along with the weather, I had had a really crappy week and was pretty ill but thankfully (even though he was informed that he couldn’t to begin with) R was able to come back home this weekend also. We got up quite early on Saturday and I got to join his mum for a walk with Wally for the first time! It might not seem like a big deal but to me it was really nice to be able to go out and watch the puppy I had picked up last Christmas, be a dog in the fields, plus it’s good to get used to walking a dog for when I get one ;).

After some good running and lots of walking, we visited R’s dad on the farm he was working on. I got to ride in a tractor for the first time (thought I might as well get used to it considering there’s a good chance R will become a farmer later in life lol) which was pretty exciting, Wally was desperate to get in the tractor though he loves it!!IMG_2898IMG_2908IMG_2903After we dropped his mum and the dog off, we headed to the nearby city for a bit of shopping and food. Nandos was what I was craving and it was SO GOOD; I always get lemon and herb 1/2 chicken with creamy mash!!! After that we just wandered around the shops, I picked up some bits needed for my cosplay from Primark and then we headed home for some chill out time.

It got to 8pm and the weather was still bright, warm and sunny, and I felt like we hadn’t quite finished the day so we decided to take Wally out for another walk!IMG_2932IMG_2933IMG_2940It was really nice to get the chance to walk Wally if I’m honest, he responded incredibly well on the lead with me. I felt relaxed and confident anyway but considering he’s not used to me walking him, I was surprised by how good he was. He was so good in the car and even good when the cows came and visited us!IMG_2942IMG_2944It was so relaxing and R did a lot of reminiscing as we were walking around the land where he worked on a farm before he joined the RAF. The land where we live is truly beautiful, I definitely don’t appreciate it enough and it is understandable why R misses it so much! It was such a nice feeling to have a dog at my feet again too, I can’t wait until we can get our own!

This morning we just lounged around, cleaned out the Land Rover and had a bite to eat before R had to leave :(. Unfortunately he will be going to Canada next weekend for work, an unexpected trip but luckily it is only for 3 weeks which I am sure we can cope with. I have Hyper Japan to at least look forward to whilst he’s away and I’m sure he’ll be back before I know it. We’ve also been discussing holidays and are looking to go to the Lake District next February for our anniversary and hopefully visiting his sister in Canada this time next year too. It feels really good to have something to look forward to but for the rest of this year we are also looking to go to the Friends Fest exhibition and the Harry Potter Studio Tours!

Though I am incredibly sad that I won’t be seeing my boyfriend for 4 weeks with the added stress of not being able to communicate well, or even be in the same time zone for 3 of those weeks, I am confident that we will be okay. This weekend really was wonderful and a perfect way to spend time together before he goes.

Well that concludes my blog post, I have scheduled a lot of kawaii-themed posts for this month and I look forward to writing about Hyper Japan and London soon! Thank you all for reading and congrats if you made it to the end of this mega long post, until next time~♥

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