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“Meow, meow, woof! How may we help you today?” – Animal cafés of Tokyo! >^-^<

Helloooo everyone! How are you?? Good? Good! Today I am going to be looking into a popular attraction that many tourists, as well as locals, wish to experience when visiting Tokyo – Animal Cafés!

Animal cafés are a big hit in Japan and there are a varied amount considering it involves close contact with animals! All animal-lovers rejoice that now you can sit in a relaxing atmosphere, drinking coffee and petting cute animals!

There are strict requirements and regulations when setting up an animal café, and owners must hold a licence before doing so. The animal’s welfare is important, in this case to ensure that they are not bothered with excessive unwanted attention, especially when asleep, and are not unnecessarily stressed out. Cafés can help to raise awareness for animal welfare and seek animals from shelters to help socialise them with people, and possibly help with adoption.

Let’s take a look at what types there are within Tokyo!
Cat CafeCat cafés are probably the most popular animal cafés because of the reduced risks with hygiene, injury and animal welfare. Tokyo is home to some 39 cat cafés, the first one opening in 2005 called Neko no Mise (Cat’s Store). Cat cafés are incredibly popular because the majority of Tokyo apartments forbid pets, so those seeking companionship and comfort from the stressful and lonely lifestyle can visit such places, paying an entrance fee to spend time amongst the furry residents. There are lots of different cat cafés to visit, some specialise in certain breeds of cat whilst others may specialise in a certain personalities. Some popular cat cafés are:
Hapineko pageHapineko 1Hapineko 2Hapineko – This café is decorated with cute décor, consisting of coffee tables and cosy sofas with a large window looking out onto the street. It is located in Shibuya and open every day of the year with shorter opening times for holidays. At current they have 16 cats of varying breeds and different admission fees depending on the length of time you wish to stay; a drink and small cakes are included within the fee with lots of options to choose from and you have to pay extra if you want a toy to play with the cats.

NekoJalala 1NekoJalala 2Neko Jalala – I think this café has two branches (I’m not entirely sure how the districts work) but on the Facebook page it has Akihabara and Shinjuku. Their website shows that they have around 27 cats, focusing more on exotic and larger breeds of the house pet. I can’t find out too much since the website is entirely in Japanese, though at the bottom of the page you can find English links to each of their pages. The menu shows a variety of drinks to choose from and the opportunity to purchase tuna to feed the cats. There are two set fees, one for 30 minutes and one for an hour (price is higher on the weekend), and is open daily. It is decorated with bright colours and lots of climbing surfaces for the cats, kind of reminds me of children’s playgroup.

TemarinoOuchi 1TemarinoOuchi 2TemarinoOuchi page 1Temari no Ouchi – This café looks to be my favourite because it looks like something out of Studio Ghibli! With a ‘fairy tale’ theme, it is designed to make you feel like you’re in a kitty forest! The website is entirely in Japanese but they look to have 29 cats of various breeds. They also have a rather impressive menu with lots of drinks, food, desserts and alcohol to choose from! It’s located in Musashino and is open daily.

bunny-rabbit-cafe-japan-3800-ike-mimi4800-aki-candy2342ae6dda6ce74a301bbcc0f0c77b967Another popular café type is the rabbit cafés! Another cute, fuzzy animal that will come sniffing for treats and hop around whilst you drink your coffee. I’m not sure how I feel about rabbit cafés unless the rabbits had been toilet trained (yes it’s a thing!) because it would get dirty very fast with them dropping little pellets all over the place but I’m sure I would still find them cute! Since these animals can get stressed faster than others such as cats, they get to have some ‘down time’ where customers are not allowed to hold them. Some house their rabbits in cages with customers only allowed to hold them for up to 10 minutes at a time and the payment usually covers the opportunity to hold a couple of rabbits within a set time, requiring another fee if you wish to hold them some more. Rabbit food may be included or paid for, and a lot of the time the rabbits are up for sale.

Ms Bunny –
Mimi –
Candy Fruit Usagi no Yakata is plenty to choose from if you’re a cat lover, but what if you’re a dog lover? It is advised that you only visit a dog café if you are truly a lover of dogs, you’re not frightened of them and you don’t mind them wanting to climb all over you to sniff/lick you. It will smell of dog and possibly dog business, and has the potential to be loud if the dogs are energetic. Some dog cafés have dogs up for adoption, others allow you to ‘rent’ a dog and take them for a walk nearby.

Dog Heart from Aquamarine –
Hogoken Café –
kotori1th_DSC_0059800-kashiwa-birdzoo3800-koenji-baron5Another popular café type is the bird cafés, especially wild birds like owls. I personally don’t like birds, not so much large birds like owls but small birds that are going to be flying and flapping back and forth; I’m a clean-freak, so the idea that all of their bird dust is going to be settling in my drink is a mega turn off lol. I think the majority of bird cafés have an ‘interactive zone’ where you can hold the birds (even so lol =_=). You can purchase treats but a lot of reviews said you’ll get plenty of attention even if you don’t.

Kotori Café –
Bird Zoo –
Café Baron –
MAIN-snakegoatpenguin1So that’s the main types of animal cafés but there are a few unique animal cafés opening up in and around Tokyo, from snakes to squirrels and even penguins!!

Tokyo Snake Center –
Sakuragaoka Café –
Penguin Bar –

So that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed learning about the many different animal cafés available in Tokyo! Which café interests you? Until next time~♥

Note: All images are from the internet and credit goes to the original owners.

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      1. Ah yes Sanrio cafés look awesome, I will be sure to write about themed cafés at some point! I tried to include the more famous cat cafés on my post that were highly raved about, the fairy tale one looks so cool!

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