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The latest scandal in Japanese showbiz – The seriousness intimacy can cause. (16+)

Hey guys, thought this would be an interesting random post but a while back I wrote a post about Japanese idols and the strict rules that come with the job (read here). I discovered yesterday that there has been a recent scandal in the Japanese showbiz industry so decided to write a short post about it.IMG_0051So basically a Japanese TV personality called Becky/Bekki (not entirely sure but one article listed her full name as Rebecca Eri Ray Vaughan – it hasn’t been confirmed) was caught out for having an affair with married musician Kawatani Enon. She is half British (father) and half Japanese (mother), and has been on TV since she was 15 in 1999. Now 32, Becky is a popular TV personality with many contracts and sponsors who want her for her innocent, ‘girl next door’ personality; this all came crashing down when the scandal was made public earlier this year.tumblr_o0zzg4Kwot1tenskxo1_1280Becky had met Kawatani in October and she was at first unaware that he was secretly married (July 2015) and insisted that they only met for dinner and attended concerts as friends; however when she found out that he was married in November, she had already fallen in love with him and stated that “I should have stopped [the relationship] at the time”. Many were also unaware that Kawatani was married as he had kept the information private from the public and insisted his wife (known in the news as ‘A’) was in fact just a friend also.untitledJapanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun released intimate photos and private messages sent between her and Kawatani; when the scandal had been made public, Becky was enforced leave from Japanese show business and lost all of her sponsors as well as her appearances on 10 regular TV programmes, all of which stated that they did not intend to renew contracts with her.becky-cheating-scandal-japan-01Kawatani contacted his wife to file divorce papers, rumoured so that he can be with Becky, and because of this outcome the showbiz world accepted her come back as early as the end of May on the condition that she apologises to Kawatani’s former wife. She has attempted to contact the wife by sending her a letter describing her regret and explaining the situation but it was refused. In an attempt to get in contact with the wife, Becky contacted the source that leaked her scandal and asked them for their cooperation to publically announce her apology and wish to speak with Kawatani’s ex-wife face to face.

Wow, drama! I feel kind of sorry for this Becky girl, she got caught up in something that wasn’t entirely her fault. That Kawatani guy should never have gone near her whilst being married, knowing full well he was going to draw her in under false pretences, was married AND could potentially ruin her career! Yeah sure, she should’ve knocked it on the head when she found out that he was married but then she claimed to have fallen in love with him already, I can see how that might be hard to give up.

Not only that but Kawatani gave a real half-assed apology and just asked if his fans could still support him; Becky lost EVERYTHING, all her contracts and sponsors didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. One article wrote that she could’ve exploited the ‘public’s sympathy’ for idols with contracts that limit their love lives, but because her image was to be ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’ (bearing in mind she was 31 at the time, not some little innocent teen) her value to the industry was diminished anyway.l_p0016361708Say what!? Why does he get away with it with his career unaffected when it was technically his fault but she loses everything?? And to top it all off, she is 31 YEARS OLD. 31. It is beyond me how contractors are allowed to have so much control over an adult’s life; yeah okay, so maybe limit the younger ones on what they can/can’t do until they are at least 20 but 30!? Apparently this scandal has sparked a debate over the harsh treatment of female entertainers/personalities:

One person commented “Most of these people have no conventional entertainment skills, their worth to their agencies is all tied into how much the public likes them as people, which means their private lives are the property of the agencies too.”

Last September a 17-year-old member of an all-female idol band was ordered to pay 650,000 yen (£3,800) to her agency after it was discovered that she had a boyfriend. This not only violated the no-dating clause in her contract but led to the break-up of her six-member band. A judge commented that “as long as she was a female idol, a ban on dating was necessary to obtain support from male fans.”

Wtf, we’re not sex objects! We’re not toys that men can leer at and fall in love with whenever they fancy; it’s absolutely disgusting that an individual human being can’t live out the life she chooses completely. Whilst I understand where the Japanese are going with the idea, it is unfair and downgrading to female personalities by forcing them to stay ‘available’ for their male fans, when in reality they are not allowed to be available for anyone not even if it was a fan which is explained as below:

A judge did rule in favour of a member of a girl band once who was dating one of her fans; her agency wanted to sue her almost 10m yen in ‘damages’ for breaking the no-dating clause but the ban was described as ‘excessive’ by the judge.ef66485c5f0b37ff9e01525956cab05510 MILLION YEN!? All because a bunch of perverted dudes want something to fap over. As I said, I understand where the Japanese want the idea to go, but logically for the person’s sake of sanity it’s not reasonable. Someone commented “a woman’s value as a commodity is at risk of evaporating as soon as she appears ‘unobtainable’ to her male fans. The talent agencies get kids when they’re pretty young, so they don’t want them to get caught up in anything controversial or illegal, but the no-dating clause should expire when they reach 20 and are legally considered adults.” I agree with this, I understand why they want this ‘pure and innocent’ image and I guess to some extent they want to protect them from getting an inflated ego (so many youngsters turn to drink/drugs but this is also banned) but it is ridiculous to attempt to protect it once the person in question has legal free right to do what they like with their life. This woman is over thirty, she should have the freedom to think about settling down and such!

I don’t have much else to say on the matter other than I am glad that she has been allowed back into showbiz; these people behind pulling her out of the industry need to remember that she is not a little 16 year-old who they want to keep a child-like, innocent and pure image, she is a thirty-one year-old woman with a life of her own and a future to think about, and it is sickening to hold that from someone. Isn’t it ironic how Japan want to keep these idols ‘pure’ and yet their legal age for sexual consent is 13? Burn~

Abrupt end here.

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