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Random babbling update – Hyper Japan and upcoming plans.

Hey guys, nothing to really report, I just felt like writing a random post about what I have been up to and what I am about to be up to.

So R left for Canada on Saturday and it has been really lonely without him being here since I’m used to hearing from him multiple times a day 😦 however I’ve been doing okay and we’ve managed to hear from each other at least once a day! He’s gone for 3 weeks but I’m positive we’ll be perfectly fine and get through.

Hyper Japan is fast approaching (tomorrow!), so I have that to look forward to; I won’t lie but even though I am very excited there is a tiny part of me that wants it to be over already. Even though it is only a 3 day trip to London it has taken a lot of planning and organisation, especially since we are cosplaying this time round, and on top of that there is all of the planning and travelling to do so my poor brain is kinda exhausted from thinking about it already! Every evening after work this week has been dedicated to Hyper Japan somehow, be it finishing the cosplay or packing my suitcase. My dad’s girlfriend kindly helped with doing Lauren’s prop because she A) has the expertise on how to execute my idea and B) has a sewing machine. I crafted my props myself and did ALL (yes all, Pixie just threw money at me lol) the shopping to get everything we needed for the costume put-together and crafting; so even though I’m not creating her prop, I feel satisfied that I did the majority of creating this cosplay by myself haha.

So yes, last night I spent the majority of the evening ‘grooming’ myself ready and packing my suitcase because when I get back home tonight, I will literally have 1 hour to shower, change, refresh make-up and pick up our cosplay dresses from dad’s girlfriend (they needed alteration), before Pixie and her fiancé come to collect me. I’ll be staying with her tonight as it is cheaper to get a train from where she lives. We’ll be catching our train to London tomorrow where we will be visiting the Cutter and Squidge Bakery for Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea, signing into our hotel and then attending Hyper Japan!

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone (not complaining one bit) and I’m super glad that it is finally here to enjoy, well once I’ve got work out of the way today (only 5ish more hours to go!)…So look forward to London/Hyper Japan-related posts very soon! If you’re interested then you can follow me on my IG to see what I get up to (posted ‘on time’ prior to blog posts), and if you’re going to Hyper Japan then please don’t hesitate to come and say hello!~♥

I’ll ofc be sad when Hyper Japan is over but it’ll also be nice not to have anything ‘in the planning’ for a while. Next week I have very little going on other than having a meal with a friend and a catch up with another friend; I plan on using my spare time in the evening to get on with my scrapbook that I am making for me and R! I just ordered a ton of scrapbook embellishments and such, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Actually, I spent A LOT of money this month…

  • Train to London
  • Spending money for Hyper Japan
  • Scrapbook stuff
  • Wi-Fi dongle for gaming computer
  • Steam game download
  • Art crafts for cosplay
  • Clothes/accessories/make-up for Hyper Japan

Hopefully I won’t spend ALL of my money at Hyper Japan and can put some of it towards buying necessary things that I’ll need for our holiday next year in the Lake District (wellies, walking boots, new suitcases, winter essentials, spending money…the list goes on). Hopefully I can start saving a bit too but if I do spend all of my money this weekend then it isn’t a bad thing since I have been putting money back purposely for the past 3 months lol. I don’t have a big shopping list this year:

  1. 2x Anime figure
  2. 2x Rement sets
  3. Gifts
  4. Manga/Japanese-related book
  5. Sailor Moon merchandise
  6. PS1 game

That’s about it tbh, I’m mostly looking for some Anime figures and cute toy sets/display merchandise that I can put on my display because I’m hoping sometime soon my dad will be making me a new shelving unit with more space. I literally have no room to add anything right now which makes me really sad because I have no more room for Tsum Tsums or anything!! As you can see I don’t even have an Alpaca plush on my list!? WHUT!? It’s like tradition! Yeah because again, no room in my room. I already have 3 large Alpaca plushies but only 1 of them is out right now because a lot of my floor space is taken up and I’ve no room to put them; there’s no point me buying another large one if I have no where to put it, though if I spot one I love or even another Pokémon plushie like my Rin-Rin (I want an Eeevee!!) then I can’t guarantee that I won’t buy it.

Once HJ is over it will be back to normal work life but as mentioned above I will be focusing on my scrapbook and also have a new game that I downloaded on Steam to properly get into. The week after that I will be pet-sitting for the first time as R’s parents are also flying out to Canada to visit their daughter, so I can imagine that week will be less stressful for me in terms of the boyfriend being away because not only will he be back in the UK at the end of that week but I’ll be living in his house for a week *insert soppy chat about being surrounded by his things/photo/smell/pets here*. I’ll only be looking after the cats and chickens (Wally will be put in the kennels) with regards to letting them out, feeding them and shutting them away for the night. I’ve never had this kind of responsibility before but I’m glad to be trusted! R’s mum will be collecting me next Saturday and running through everything.

So that’s pretty much everything that I am going to get up to within the next few weeks; the weather is looking really nice for London, so we’ll probably go shop around London too. I believe I’m going to Kaspas tonight which is a Gelato and Dessert House; who says you can’t have dessert for dinner?? I’m thinking I’m gunna get fat this weekend!!



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