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Kawaii Toys! – 5 adorable toys that I would LOVE to add to my shelf display!~♥

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! This is a really random post but it is FULL of kawaii nonetheless! The other day I spotted a toy on Instagram that I thought was SO ADORABLE that I would just love to add it to my shelf display one day in the future and decided to write this little post and share with you 5 adorable toys that are super kawaii!keytumblr_npouqvD75x1qb4eddo1_500prod_1780675412I love toys and I don’t care what anyone says about a 24 year old owning a ton of toys in her room; some people like to display music posters, others might like make-up or cats, I love adorable looking toys, especially the vintage kind! I don’t play with them of course, the majority sitting on my shelf express my interests and above all memories of my childhood. When I was a little girl, a lot of the toys were multi-coloured and adorable looking; I find that the toys these days are less attractive than they used to be especially the ones that have been revamped like The Littlest Pet Shop (though some of these are still cute), however I sometimes come across ones which even for today’s time are incredibly cute!
toyYou see for me, toys are not just toys. They are memories, creations of imagination, inspiration and happiness-inducing! Some of the toys are so delicate and intricate in their design, looking at them gives me a great sense of pleasure and injects my own creative imagination with fresh inspiration. It is like surrounding yourself with 3D miniature art pieces, and above all they are so cute and colourful!

Anyway, here are 5 toys that I would absolutely love to add to my shelf; some of these are incredibly expensive or have many to collect, but I am determined to own at least one of these pieces one day and perhaps in the future I can purchase a decent shelving unit to display them all on as I am seriously running out of room right now!
licca1licca2licca3Licca-chan (Rika-chan or full name Licca Kayama/Kayama Rika) is a Japanese dress-up doll and is the equivalent to the Barbie doll that is so popular here in the West. Why Licca-chan over Barbie? Well ofc is the adorable dolly design she has as well as her adorable clothes!! There are lots to collect and you can purchase them on online (though whether or not you get an authentic Japanese doll or a Chinese version will depend on where you buy from), they are also not that expensive to buy. I would love to have a few of these on my shelf! There are cute Hello Kitty, Lolita, Princess and Pop Idol style dolls!kpopkpop2KIKIPOP_TOPHello KIKIPOP! Are absolutely ADORABLE!! They are created by Azone International and can also be found under the name ‘Kinoko Juice’; I believe kinoko means ‘mushroom’ in Japanese, and these dolls were inspired by just that! Can you see it? Well apart from their hair being quite mushroom-y, their eyes also have mushroom shapes in them which gives their eyes not only that adorable Anime feel, but also their own signature! Unfortunately these dolls are incredibly hard to come by as they are sold exclusively in Japan and in limited numbers, plus they are incredibly expensive (£150.00+)!! Maybe one day I can find an online site that will ship them internationally or I can pick one up when I do manage to get to Japan one day! They are too cute not to have!zelfzelf1zelf2Zelfs! Now these are much easier for me to get hold of because they are easily available here in the UK, and they also remind me more of the toys that were available when I was kid, though tbh I think they are a modern version of the Troll Dolls but these are much, much prettier! I absolutely love their pastel colours and pretty designs; they are not overly expensive so collecting them will be much easier for me! I think I will start with these first, there is too many cute designs to choose from!crushKawaii%20CrushkcrushKawaii Crush is a fairly recent toy (2013) and is aimed at young girls; the characters express their kawaii personality through their clothes, pets and accessories and look super adorable with signature Anime-style eyes! I think they look pretty adorable and are super colourful, they would really brighten up a shelving display, plus their accessories have the adorable Japanese cute face on!! Unfortunately they aren’t exactly easy nor cheap to get hold of for me living in the UK, as they seem to be no longer available though I do remember them being sold in our shops once upon a time.numnoms1numnoms3numnoms2Num Noms are another easy toy for me to get hold of and remind me a lot of the Kawaii Crush toys; they are little ice cream/pudding tops that you can stack on top of each other and not only are they incredibly cute with their little faces, they are also scented like their dessert!! How yummy-I mean adorable is that??? I loved scented toys when I was a child!! They are also in cute, pastel colours and I cannot wait to add these to my shelf because it will really brighten it up!!

So that’s it for my 5 kawaii toys that I’d like to add to my shelf! There are so many more adorable toys that I plan on collecting and adding too but these are very popular with me right now! Maybe by the time I post this I will already have some added to my collection! Do you have any kawaii toys to recommend? If so please comment below because I’d love to know!! Until next time~♥

4 thoughts on “Kawaii Toys! – 5 adorable toys that I would LOVE to add to my shelf display!~♥

  1. I have 3 of those Star Castles that turn into tea sets! 😀 also I wish I had known you wanted some Kawaii Crush toys before I gave mine away! 😦 I would have sent them to you!

    1. OMG the castles are just the cutest but I can’t find them anywhere unless mega expensive!! Aw that’s so kind of you, I don’t know why they don’t sell in the UK anymore and are now high price? I didn’t think they were that popular here to begin with but they are cute lol.

      1. Wow I had no idea they were going for so much! This is the one I have and in NRFB form they want $600!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/152150477603 (It’s the big one but in white, not pink.) Mine is in played with condition and doesn’t have the box, and I’m not sure all the parts are there, otherwise for that much money I’d consider selling it! I also have two smaller tea set Starcastles that I don’t see listed on eBay.

        Okay, I did a quick Google and found out that I have the Peppermint Tea Castle and the Berry Tea castle. http://www.ghostofthedoll.co.uk/starcastle-teacup.php

        And in the past I’ve admired that Little Twin Stars Licca-chan doll but I just can’t afford her.

      2. Ah you’re so lucky! They are so pretty. Yeah Licca Chan is expensive but I hope to at least own one some day, there are a lot of pretty ones besides the LTS one!

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