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Review Time – My unexpected surprises with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Manga!

puellaHello guys, hope you’re good! Wow that title has a lot of ‘m’s in it. Today I am writing another short manga review, this time on the well-known ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica’ series! So I think this series is probably the next well known after Sailor Moon, it’s one of the most referred to series when you type ‘Magical Girl’ into Google images.

I actually own the first volume of this Manga on paperback and it was the first Manga that I purchased. I completed it really quick but never got round to buying the others (there are only three), so I just read it online and as I suspected it was a very quick read overall. Despite being popular like Sailor Moon, it doesn’t have the same fame and I always wondered why. Sailor Moon gets all this adorable merchandise and artwork but this Anime doesn’t despite being as popular? And I soon discovered why…madFirst thought:
First of all, it’s more like an action magical girl Manga rather than romance magical girl; it wasn’t long before I realised that this Manga is really dark!! It’s not all cosmic star super powers and falling in love like I initially thought.

The characters have a good variation of personality; they don’t have ‘types’ like the Sailor Scouts do, some of them are quite different compared to the rest but they still come together and work well without clashing. I don’t have any particular favourites tbh because you don’t really have much time to form a favourite, you’ll understand what I mean if you ever read it.kyubeyKyubeyKrazeeI just want to say don’t be fooled by the stuffed toy-looking thing called Kyubey; I always had a funny feeling about that character and his vacant expression, it creeps me the hell out.Puella-Magi-Madoka-Magica-The-Different-Story-SayakaThe storyline is nothing what I imagined it would be, it twists and turns so much but in a good way as there are lots of unexpected surprises and revelations which makes it for an interesting read! I will admit that it got me a little confused sometimes because they like to hop back in time and show you what happened previously but don’t always make it clear, so you’re left wondering why everything has changed because it looks like someone just put the wrong pages next to each other. It comes together in the end and tbh I quite like how they wrapped it up, it was very good.

Overall thoughts:
I really liked it because it had a story that developed, unlike Sailor Moon; I like that it went somewhere, there was character development, there was a lot of emotion and there was a good plotline that got tied up well. I like how the wish granted determines the strength of the Puella Magi created, that was a very good idea; and I liked that there was a very good reason behind everything in the end. It’s a shame that it ended so quickly, after reading it I went on to read one of the other Mangas from the series (I read the 4th one oops) but very quickly forgot what had happened in the main one! It was all over so fast, that a lot of the details that I should’ve remembered for the next Manga’s story to make sense, I forgot! I had to skim through and re-read just to write this review.tumblr_nknadsm76e1ttzgl6o1_500Anyway overall I really liked it, it was completely different to what I thought it would be and I loved that such an innocent-looking Manga had a dark twist to it. I think I’ll purchase the other two volumes to add to my collection! What are your thoughts on this Manga/Anime? Did you enjoy it too? Sorry the review is vague but I didn’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read it (also it’s so short that spoiling one thing would be close to spoiling the whole thing since it is so tied together), so I just hope this encourages you to read it yourself! Until next time~♥

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