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The final week – “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “Please?”

Hey guys, here’s a really random little post because my blog has been SO structured as of late (I had other things to do with my time so a lot of my posts were scheduled beforehand this month), so I want to break it up a little with random dribble about what I’ve been up to.

Last week was pretty boring tbh though I did go to Nandos with my work colleague and meet my friend for a catch-up, but overall I didn’t do that much. I am however thankful that the week went really fast and already it is Tuesday!

On Saturday I was able to have a very lazy morning as turns out R’s mum wasn’t to be collecting me until 3pm; I played Pokémon X on the 3DS (cba with Pokémon Go because I’m too lazy lol) and blogged before spending an hour with his mum showing me all the things I needed to do: Look after chickens, look after cats, water plants. Check! After that I did some scrapbooking and watched Grease on TV.

Sunday was another lazy day, I had a really good sleep and spent the majority of my morning playing Pokémon X; guys I can’t get past the second Gym Leader, Grant! It’s so frustrating because he’s a rock and I have a water Pokémon that would normally defeat everything but his Pokémon are Rock/Ice and Rock/Dragon, so not only do I need to find a Pokémon that is strong against Rock but also ones that are strong against Ice and Dragon too!! I think this game has made it more difficult to train your Pokémon and defeat Gym Leaders because I would definitely be further ahead by now! I’ve defeated all of the local trainers including the ones in the gym, and have battled Grant at least 6 times now (with at least two of those that I’ve allowed myself to ‘black out’ for because I needed the EXP). I just can’t seem to beat him and so I’ve been reduced to having to train out against wild Pokémon that get you very little experience, I am attempting to evolve my Eevee into a Sylveon because I have not yet owned that Eeveelution (plus Fairy beats Dragon which I’m sure I’ll need later on). EDIT: I DEFEATED HIM FINALLY.

Anyway I got frustrated with that so decided to start packing for going to R’s but just as I had packed everything up I got a FB message to tell me they weren’t going to Canada anymore (for personal reasons)!!! T_T I was actually really gutted because I was looking forward to having a fairly content last week of R in Canada and being somewhere else other than my four walls that I see every day! I couldn’t do much about it so I just left the packing because I was too lazy…

…Which is a good thing because yesterday morning I got call from his mum asking if I could offer my services again as they decided to go in the end! So I was feeling pretty chirpy again and now I am ‘moved in’! I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my scrapbook, I’ve already made a start on it!

I’ll also be blogging about Hyper Japan very soon so expect that up before the end of the week, I just wanted to break up all of the unrelated, scheduled posts lol. See you soon!~

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