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Navigating my blog space – A super easy guide to finding your way around kawaiikanae.com!

Hey guys! So this is going to be a really random (and possibly to some, unnecessary) blog post but as I was looking at my page, I wondered if people really knew how to navigate it since to me it looks mega simple, but then I designed it *hur hur*. So I’m going to give you a quick guide on how to use it via the points below, so that you can get the best out of my blog without unnecessary scrolling/waiting for page to load previous posts until you find the one you want!

Top of page:

Banner – Not only ‘advertises’ my blog but by clicking this, you will be refreshed and taken back to the main page!

About the girl behind the blog – Interested in knowing a little more about my personality and how this blog came into existence? Click here!


Search bar – Got a keyword that you want to search or remember seeing a tag on a blog post you want to revisit? Pop it in the search bar!

Profile photo – So you can see what the writer (moi) behind the blog looks like!

Contact information – Just in case anyone wants to contact me for business proposals then they can do so via email; on some of my more personal blog posts, I will leave my email at the bottom as a reminder that if you wish to contact me for advice or a chat then you are more than welcome to do so. Below that is a list of the social media I use and the name you can find me on.

View by month – I do write a fair bit on here so blog posts get pushed down relatively fast, if you remember a blog post you liked you can search for it via the month I wrote it (if you remember).

Post topics – Likewise you can search for the blog post via its topic by using this function; I have lots of categories, e.g. Games and Gaming, for you to choose from and most of my posts have been put in more than one category.

Top posts – Just in case you fancy seeing what my most popular posts are, they can be viewed here! Why is my ‘Anime Boobs’ post so damn popular!? All my readers are perverts!! Lol jk jk.

Follow buttons – The small, blue ‘follow’ button is so that you can follow me on your WordPress account and see on your ‘Reader’ page what posts I upload; the grey follow button is so that you can follow me via email and have an email sent to you notifying you whenever I upload a post.

Instagram – This little function allows you to see what photos I upload to IG, just in case you consider following me ;).

I chose this blog format purely because I liked the photo layout and the sidebar; if you cannot see the sidebar then it is because your screen isn’t wide enough (for example I cannot view the sidebar on my work screen because it is a ‘square’ screen and not a widescreen monitor) or you are on mobile. However you can view the sidebar on smaller monitors by zooming out – to do this hold Ctrl and press the ‘–’ key.

So that concludes this post, hopefully it will help less tech-savvy readers to work their way around my blog! Thank you for reading, until next time!~♥

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