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Review Time – The Moon Princess and the Forest Girl: Yurikuma Arashi!~♥

Hey guys!! I hope you have been enjoying my London/Hyper Japan posts, don’t worry more will be up soon regarding the cosplay and what I bought but since I am not living at home for the moment, it has to wait! Instead I’m going to talk about an Anime that I recently discovered, let me give you a little back story:

So on the Saturday of Hyper Japan when me and Pixie had returned to our hotel for the evening, I was looking on eBay for some cute Anime figures because I was a little disappointed I had not bought any ‘full-size’ ones and only little blind box ones. I was really looking for some CCS ones but I came across a set that caught my eye:figures 2figuresI thought they looked really cute and yes I am one to buy something just because it looks cute and not because I actually know what series it came from, I really don’t care lol. I thought they looked cute because of the bear ears and paws, and suggested to Pixie that should I ever get good enough at sewing costumes then perhaps we could cosplay them (a far distant hope haha); this was being advertised by a seller with high positive feedback from Japan, selling the PAIR for £13.99 and £8.00 shipping. After a few days I was alerted that it was almost ending and 10 people were watching, since it wasn’t that expensive I decided to treat myself and buy them.

I was curious to find out about the Anime so I watched the series and read the Manga over the weekend and good golly am I confused! It’s SO confusing or is it just because I am not psychological enough? Anyway people, I am going to attempt to explain the plots for both of these because the Manga is completely different to the Anime, but I can’t promise that I won’t spoil it for you even though I’ll try my hardest not to. Introducing ‘Yurikuma Arashi’!yurikumakumayuri-kuma-arashi-04So, Yurikuma Arashi/Yuri Kuma Arashi apparently translates to ‘Lily Bear Storm’ and is a Japanese Yuri Anime (Anime came before the Manga adaption). Yuri is known as the ‘Girl’s love’ type, exploring romantic or sexual orientation between women. If you’re not into that sort of thing please bear in mind that a lot of Japanese Manga/Anime experiences same-gender relationships anyway, and that in both the Anime and Manga it is very subdued, more like innocent love between two girls.lulu

Manga plotline:

Tsubaki Kureha considers herself an ‘invisible’ girl; she doesn’t want attention from the boys in her school or the bears in her dream, thus making her ‘invisible’. She keeps having dreams about bears and a ‘bear princess’ who looks a lot like the new transfer student in her class. Yurishiro Ginko is a new transfer student who has taken a liking to Kureha; after Kureha confesses that she knows Ginko’s secret, that she is really a bear princess from a bear planet that was destroyed and she is now living amongst humans, the two form a close, loving friendship. Eventually Yurigasaki Lulu joins the storyline, claiming to know Ginko from childhood even though Ginko does not remember her. Kureha is soon to discover that Ginko is stuck in her own delusional world where she sees everyone as bears and after searching through the mother’s abandoned bedroom, they discover a room dedicated to Kureha’s mother and this causes Ginko to relive some horrible suppressed memories…Yuri-Kuma-Arashi

Anime plotline:

After a far-off planet known as Kumaria explodes and rains on planet Earth in a meteor shower, the bears of planet earth rise up and start killing humans. To separate themselves from the bears, the humans created a ‘Wall of Severance’; two bears, Ginko and Lulu, disguise themselves as humans and cross the wall to target Kureha, a student at Arashigaoka Academy who despises bears after her mother was killed by one. Ginko has waited patiently to meet Kureha when she could finally cross the wall again, this time with Lulu in tow but Kureha has no recollection of ever having met Ginko before. Things go from bad to worse when bears start invading the school under human disguises and lives are lost on both sides; it’s a race against time for Kureha to remember what it is that she has forgotten before it’s too late…Xi7tNafSo I hope I gave a decent enough plotline without spoiling anything, more like a guideline for you to understand where the Anime/Manga is going to head because it is VERY confusing, I had to read the Manga twice before I understood (still not fully). I’m not going to give my verdict on them like I normally do in my reviews simply because both are very different.

I personally prefer the Manga because it has a nicer (easier to follow) storyline with a nice conclusion, it’s somewhat of a fairy tale about children who grew up with hardships and shaped the way they viewed the world based on their experiences as well as the innocent and pure love they have.

The Anime is a whole other story. My first thought was that someone wrote this storyline whilst they were high. The Anime is pretty short with just 12 episodes and just when you start understanding it, it’s over! The character’s relationships are in different places compared to the Manga, and Ginko and Lulu are actually bears. It’s a good thing to remember that Ginko and Kureha have a history even though Kureha cannot remember it, that’s the main point of the story; it’s wise to keep the story of the Manga separate as it was written after the Anime was produced.

There are so many things in the Anime that make little sense:10What exactly is the Invisible Storm? I feel like I need a psychology degree to understand the idea behind it, is it a metaphor for something? At first I thought it was Japan’s society but turns out it is actually a society within the Academy run by a group of girls. Why are they so hell bent on ‘excluding evil’? The idea of exclusion does actually come up a lot in both the Anime and Manga which is why I thought it was to do with Japan’s society because they are very set on the idea that everyone should follow the same rules in society, especially in schools.wallofseveranceseparateWhat on earth is the Wall of Severance? I thought it was just a wall but in the majority of the episodes there’s a little section where Ginko and Lulu are ‘in court’ with three half bear, half human characters (these are actually the Student Council in the Manga) judging them and discussing whether they are guilty/not guilty and whether their wish can be approved – this part is probably the most confusing part out of the entire Anime and I don’t think they needed it. It appears that they are working on behalf of the Goddess ‘Lady Kumaria’ who rules and keeps the bears and humans separate.courtWhy does the three leading the court hearing have different types (sexy, cool and beautiful)? Why does the ‘sexy’ character say often ‘that is the sexy way’ and ‘shaba-da-doo’?? What is their purpose? Why do they ask if someone’s love is real?

So many questions…I feel like it would make much more sense if they just got rid of the three random characters, I know it is probably put in there for comedy purposes but I just don’t get it so maybe something got lost in translation? It takes so long to get enough information to understand what Ginko’s goal is and to understand the main plot of the story, I spent the majority of the time confused as hell until maybe the last 3 episodes? Then things finally started to click into place.

Anyway, I’d recommend the Manga and only the Anime if you are going to watch it all in one go otherwise you might just end up more confused when you come back to watching it. I still don’t quite understand it but at least now I have a rough idea of where my figures are coming from! They haven’t arrived yet but I look forward to having them, especially since I am getting my new display unit made soon; they’ll also look super cute with my Super Sonico Gloomy Bear figure who is also sporting bear ears, tail and paws!

Have you watched Yurikuma Arashi? What did you think of it? I hope this made sense and I didn’t give too much away, maybe if you read this you’ll have a better understanding of the Anime than I did! Until next time~♥

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