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Finally reunited! – Dog walking, Harry’s 3rd Birthday and stealing my identity (again)!! (Super long photo post + rants)

Hello everyone!! I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing much about what I’ve been up to and that’s because apart from Hyper Japan and London, I really didn’t do that much last month. I was being a typical, boring adult – wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. Apart from seeing a couple of friends, going to Nandos and seeing some of my family, I spent most of my time at home (or at R’s in the last week of July). I’ve finally got a decent compilation of photos to share and life got a little more interesting…IMG_3117IMG_3142IMG_3148IMG_3159IMG_3153So for the last week of July I stayed at R’s house to pet and house sit for his parents as they had gone to Canada to see his sister as I’ve mentioned, and it was a little weird at first being in the house without him but it wasn’t until the next morning that it hit me full on HARD. I woke up completely alone as they had already left to catch their flight and when I came home after work to an empty house I felt SO lonely. I actually had a little cry because up until that point I had thought staying at R’s would make me feel better and feel closer to him but in reality it made me realise even more that not only was he not here, but he was NO WHERE NEAR; God knows how many miles away on the other side of the globe. On top of that I was staying in a ‘foreign’ house and was missing my dad’s company too…

After a day I felt much better and a bit more settled; I focused my time on doing my scrapbook and playing with Eric who took great interest in what I was doing (wanting to play with everything and standing on the book), I’m not really sure if he was trying to help or hinder me.

Oobie-Doo seemed to come out of her shell a bit too, I even got to stroke her which is a rarity and she had stopped running away the moment I came near her. At the end of the week she even accepted Eric’s invitation to play (he regretted it as she went in full throttle) which she hasn’t done in a long while. I actually felt a little sad for her because I knew that her relaxing days were over once Wally was back home.

It was the first time I’ve ever pet (or house) sat for someone and this experience finally confirmed that I am no longer a cat person. As a child I longed for a cat so much and begged my dad daily to let me have one but he doesn’t like cats and always said no. This experience just confirmed that cats really don’t do it for me, especially when having to deal with their litter box (daily) and sick (twice). I still like cats as other people’s pets but it’s safe to say that I am now a dog person.IMG_3124IMG_3125IMG_3130One thing I was excited about during this week though was collecting my new wellie boots!! After going for a walk a little while back with Wally, I suffered some nasty blisters on the back of my heels because the boots I was using as a replacement for wellie/walking boots were no good whatsoever. Knowing that I was going to be going on lots of Wally walks, I swiftly purchased these Hunter Wellington boots in a Peacock Blue (not OTT but not boring either)! I LOVE THEM. Any excuse to wear them haha.IMG_3166IMG_3168IMG_3171IMG_3175IMG_3183IMG_3196The day finally came when R returned home! YAY! I was expecting him on Tuesday but as always he decided to drive back the day he arrived so he came back on the Monday 1st! It was so good to see him after a month apart! However with him also came Wally when he collected him from the kennels the next day and it wasn’t long before R had wished his grandparents had picked him up instead; struggling with terrible jetlag and an overzealous puppy was not what he needed and Wally tested his patience on many occasions.

He requires a lot of effort on our part which includes walks, though tbh I didn’t mind this bit too much as I got to try out my new wellies and get some fresh air!! The first day we went it was raining and we all got pretty wet, Wally even needed a bath when we got home (my first time bathing a dog!). The next few days was much better, a beautiful evening with bright sun and warm, albeit windy, air; no baths needed afterwards!

It was super fun taking the dog for a walk but safe to say also that despite being a dog person now, I am still not ready for the commitment of one!IMG_3202IMG_3203Finally Friday 5th arrived, I was so happy! Unfortunately Wally really played up in the morning and I completely forgot to bring breakfast with me, so my manager kindly went and bought me a bacon baguette along with a colleague, but sadly it was far too fatty and pretty much cold so I threw 2/3s away. This was the start of my terrible eating day as I had been discussing with R the night before about McDonalds and he had also not eaten breakfast as he walked the dog the same time I left for work, so he went and picked us up food; for me was a double cheese burger, a box of McNuggets and a chocolate milkshake! I had a lot of fun making everyone envious and wafting it under their noses (1084 calories though O_O)!

Shortly after a slab of chocolate cake got put in front of me, the decorators were finishing that day in our office and had so kindly bought us a box of chocolates and a chocolate cake and I think them giving me such a huge slice so quickly after I had finished my McMeal was revenge for teasing them with it!! I attempted to eat but could only finish 2/3s…IMG_3204R’s parents had returned from Canada that Friday and were so pooped they asked us to walk Wally again, which we did and enjoyed because it was a really nice evening (also helped me to walk off some of those calories…) but because they didn’t want to cook, we ended up having Chinese for dinner! I only managed half of a pot of chicken fried rice so that kind of says it all really!IMG_3206IMG_3207That evening we handed all of our responsibilities back to his parents and went back to mine, I didn’t bother going back during the week R was home because he wanted help with the dog and my dad was busy destroying our house. Just look at it! We used to have a wall separating the two rooms but dad decided to knock it down to create one big room so we can fit all of our family members in when they visit lol.IMG_3214P1160451P1160445P1160481P1160500Saturday 6th was Harry’s 3rd birthday!! We were lucky with the weather as it was really nice and sunny; R drove me and my brother there and we all had a really nice time seeing other family members. Summer is full on walking now (though still like a little drunk person), and Harry had friends over and was running around shooting water at everyone (I ended up looking like I had wet myself). Overall he looked like he really enjoyed himself even though I doubt he’ll remember much of who got him what, he got lots of presents! He had a TMNT cake which we all had a tiny slice of before we headed back home.IMG_3215My burn was really obvious by the end of the day; I asked R to put sunscreen on me and you can see where he had reached because it’s still white! He totally missed my shoulders and now I have a really weird, uneven burn…Originally we were leaving earlier because R was supposed to have a BBQ but it worked anyway as my cousins were coming to stay with my brother for the night; we hung out with them for a bit, watching Hero 6 and played Ludo before going back to mine.IMG_3218IMG_3221IMG_3222IMG_3219The next day we got up and went to the nearby shopping city; we were really hungry so went for a GBK which was soooooooo good! I got myself a small cheese burger with extra cheese, skinny fries and a salted caramel milkshake (yeah my healthy eating had gone right out of the window)! It was empty as they had opened late and we were their first customers of the day!IMG_3225We wandered around and did some shopping in Primark, Lush and WH Smith before speeding home. R had to pick up some meat for the BBQ he was suddenly having that evening, thankfully Mole Valley Farmers was still open and selling proper local meat! Two of his friends were coming straight from the airport from their holiday in Portugal for the BBQ and since his other friend had pulled out last minute, we decided to have it on Sunday instead of Monday. In the evening we chilled out and watched Hot Fuzz (so his friends could laugh at our country accent).IMG_3223

So I’m going to insert this picture I found on FB because 1) It’s hilarious and 2) IT’S SO ME, TO THE POINT! Tbh I wished I was playing Sims but instead I had to go to work and I was sitting in work whilst the boyfriend and his friends got to go out shopping and the cinema. It wasn’t fair and put me in a bad mood for the day. I was super thankful to my deputy though who chatted with my manager and convinced her to let me have some days off to enjoy with R before he went back! Yay!IMG_3240IMG_3238On Tuesday we were without a car because R’s Land Rover had to be looked at but his mum asked us if we wanted to accompany her to a nearby town. The weather was really nice so we walked all around a canal with Wally and bought some stuff from Gregg’s for a little picnic; Wally was pooped afterwards.IMG_3243On Wednesday we visited R’s aunt along with one of his other aunt’s, mum and grandparents. We didn’t do much other than have lunch and go for a walk, but here’s a photo of their cat Nigel who chased Wally across the garden for disturbing him and stood his ground!! It was hilarious because Wally was desperate to play but Nigel wasn’t having any of it.IMG_3245That evening we decided to have a bath and use one of the bath bombs we picked up from Lush when we went shopping on Sunday! This bomb is called ‘Sex Bomb’ and it smells really nice and turns the bath pink, though I’m not a fan of the mushy flower that is trapped inside. It is my favourite bomb after Dragon’s Egg!IMG_3260IMG_3262Thursday was a lazy day, we did a bit of relaxing, reading and gaming before R dropped me off to visit granny and his dad on the farm to help out for a bit. I wasn’t feeling very good that day but we went out for dinner in the evening to a Hungry Horse chain nearby; he had sausages and mash, and I had steak and ale pie with chips (though I didn’t eat very much of it). I did want to try the Bubblegum Scramble Sundae but it got so busy that there was a 45 minute wait for food, so we decided to leave it.IMG_3271DCIM100GOPROGOPR0427.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0426.The weather was really nice still so we decided to go for a quick walk and a bit of off-roading before we ran out of light; I got to wear my wellies again and get some more fresh air, I’m currently having countryside withdrawal symptoms now that R has gone back to work! He was adamant, despite the dwindling light, that we were to take a photo with the Land Rover; we used his GoPro and even though it was fairly dark, I think the photo actually came out quite cool. Our faces are funny in the photo though, he’s so busy concentrating on taking the photo whilst squishing me up against him and I’ve got the goofiest grin on my face haha.IMG_3277IMG_3282P1160572P1160575P1160577P1160578My Yurikuma Arashi figures arrived!! I am really happy with them, they were packed together in a big box with polystyrene and everything was in good condition (only opened to take photos for selling). The figures had no faults whatsoever, the boxes weren’t damaged either. The only problem is that both the figures are bigger than I expected, much bigger than my Super Sonico figure; I can’t display them until such times as my new display unit is built so until then I just took photos to share.IMG_3283I’ve already made a blog post on this as a sort of announcement, but I received an email on Friday from someone informing me that this Facebook profile was using my pictures and that their friend was talking to ‘me’ but thought he was being catfished; I have confirmed with him that it wasn’t me and then announced on my social media that it wasn’t me. I posted it on my Facebook and my friends (especially Pixie who personally messaged them) reported it and demanded my photos be removed, within an hour the profile was deleted.

I then got a message from the same person stating that another profile under the same name was created and that they were still talking to their friend, I’m assuming he showed his friend my blog post as he mentioned that his friend was having second thoughts about it. I attempted to check the profile but couldn’t see any of my photos on there (depending on their privacy settings as I am not friends with them, or else they weren’t stupid enough to use my photos on the profile again). The person told me that they were still pretending to me via chat to his friend and others, so I’m not sure if they are using my pictures through chat; there isn’t anything I can do tbh since as far as I can see they are not using my photos. My Facebook is completely private, so I can only assume that they are stealing photos from my blog; I guess that comes with putting yourself out there, with photos easily accessible it probably is super easy to create a fake profile on me.

It’s quite sad really, not necessarily in a ‘get a life’ sort of way (unless they are literally doing it for shits and gigs) but if this person has a genuine reason for why they might want to hide behind this act, such as no self-confidence, no friends, being bullied etc. I hope that is not the case and I hope that they realise soon that pretending to be someone else changes nothing about yourself, when reality hits everything is exactly as you left it. Pretending will always be pretend, it will never become real until you make it real, nothing will change until you change it yourself; it might temporarily fill the void to act out a dream but the vast emptiness left when truth sinks in can be far more devastating than the act was fulfilling.

We watch celebrities, hell even I’ll watch these vloggers that get to do so many exciting things, and be jealous but we’ll never achieve that sort of life unless we strive to make it that way. I work really hard to live the life I have, to ensure that I have lots of exciting things to look forward to and experience so that my life isn’t boring; it’s not just so that I can blog about it and create memories, it’s also to feel like I have done something rather than letting my life slip between my fingers. I’ve never created a fake life but I can tell you now that actually living a life with lots of excitement is a much better feeling that pretending your life is exciting. I also hope this person stops catfishing others, it won’t just come back and bite them in the ass but hurts other people too!

Anyway that’s it for this blog because it has gotten pretty long already, I’ll be writing a separate post about my exciting Saturday next and this weekend I hope to get a start on the rest of my Hyper Japan-related posts! Thank you for reading, as always until next time~♥

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