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Saturday excitement – A day at the zoo and watching the sunset!~♥

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! Today I’m continuing my ‘summer holiday’ posts with what I got up to last weekend! I’m currently suffering from some severe holiday blues right now, why does time fly when you’re having fun?

So from my last post you’ll know that I had 3 days off work during the week; although we didn’t get up to a massive amount, it was really nice to have the time off during the week that R was at home. On Friday we went back to mine in the evening and chilled before going to bed early because we had to be up pretty early the next day…P1160580P1160583P1160586We were going to the zoo!! HURRAY!! I love going to zoos, makes me feel like a kid again! We decided to go to Marwell Zoo which required a bit of a drive, so we were up early and grabbed some snacks from a service station! R told me that he only listens to ‘conventional’ music when I’m around, so I forced him to listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Kim Hyuna for the rest of the way lol.P1160589P1160590P1160594P1160599P1160604P1160607I was so excited, the zoo is really big and because it is a conservation zoo they put a lot of effort into their conservation and breeding programmes, they have lots of vulnerable and endangered animals there too! I really wanted a leaflet with a map in but apparently they don’t do them anymore!? Wtf, what zoo doesn’t have maps handy for their customers?? Had to print my own out for my scrapbook…

One of our favourite animals to see was the giraffes, as mundane as they might be to some; they were currently having feeding time and I’ve never seen it before, they are really tall when they stretch! We got quite close to some too who were eating from a trough, though can’t say I was very fond of the smell of their food, farmyards smell much better! Every time we saw a monkey, R was like “What are you doing in there? Oh there you are, I mistook you for that monkey.” ¬_¬ Don’t worry I got payback later…P1160610“Alright Martha?” “Morning Judy.” For some reason my zoo animals have really strong West-Country accents…P1160611P1160613P1160614Amur Leopard in the back there snoozing…It’s funny how wildlife draws in other wildlife, even if that enclosure belongs to a big, foreign animals. These ducks and moorhens had settled in the rhino enclosures, the moorhen even had chicks!! Which btw were so cute and fluffy that we stood there cooing over them rather than searching for the rhinos like everyone else haha.P1160615P1160616“They don’t look very happy, but I guess I wouldn’t be either if people kept staring at me all day.” “They kinda look like you when you’re sleeping too R, only no one wants to look at you all day.” – Me quiping back to monkey jibes haha.P1160618P1160619P1160624P1160625P1160628We were hunting for ice cream when we came across the tiger enclosure, the female had just had cubs (three I think) and they were hard to spot at first; one of the zookeepers enticed mummy over with some meat on a stick and had her standing up against the gate so that she could check her over, it was pretty cool to see. It was then that we saw the cubs in the distance, they were a good size which means that the likelihood of mummy rolling over in the night and squashing them is very slim now, usually that happens shortly after birth because they are so small and despite the zoo keeping round-the-clock eyes on them it can still happen but three cubs is a brilliant turnout!P1160636P1160644P1160649P1160655We finally got our ice creams as most of the stalls had run out, we had to ask at a few stalls because we were set on having Twisters! There isn’t really an elegant way to eat these…P1160635P1160640P1160643P1160660P1160673P1160683P1160684P1160688P1160689P1160693P1160694We looked around at more animals, went through the walkthrough Avery, Wallaby Walk and Reptile House before…P1160695P1160706P1160711P1160714…We got our faces painted!! I was really happy to get this done tbh, I haven’t had my face painted since I was a child but thought why the heck not??? R said before we went that he would be fine to get it done but once we were there he totally chickened out, squirming and being a right wimp. I acted very grumpy with him and tried hard to convince him outside of the shop because he said and I’m a woman, I remember everything that he says. Eventually he gave in, he became a dog and since I was already wearing make-up, I asked for some tiger print around the edge of my face and a nose with whiskers to complete the look! R said we should call this one – “When the woman gets her way”. XDP1160717P1160718P1160720P1160731P1160735P1160737P1160749P1160752P1160755It was coming to 3pm and we were starting to get hungry; we had made our way to the top of the park so it was time to walk back down the other side. We came across this big house which I think you could go inside but R was getting hangry so we didn’t, as you can see he started dragging me along haha. If I hadn’t of insisted I knew which direction I was going, we would’ve made it to the café on the other side of the park but instead we ended up near the main gift shop which thankfully had a small café in. We had a quick look around the shop but nothing interested me enough to buy (though part of me had wished I had got a postcard or something for the scrapbook).P1160756P1160758P1160765P1160763We then went looking for the snow leopards, my favourite animal at the zoo! Unlike the other big cats which were difficult to see, both of these snow leopards were sitting on their rocks in full view so we got some good pictures! Last time I came the female had had cubs which is a fantastic feat for the zoo’s efforts and the surivival of the species!P1160770After that we decided it was time to head home, the zoo was really fun but R is set on us visiting a safari park next time so that we don’t have to walk round haha!IMG_3292IMG_3293IMG_3295IMG_3296IMG_3301We went back to mine and had dinner with my folks before hopping back in the Land Rover and escaping to the countryside! We went to our most popular spot where lots of paragliders and hand gliders were flying about; we took some photos and some time lapse videos with the GoPro before moving onto another hill with great views to watch the sunset!IMG_3307We had about 20 minutes to spare before sunset so, much to my dismay, we raced up this VERY steep hill to catch it. I wasn’t wearing the right shoes and I am so unfit it should be illegal for someone in such poor health to run. This is my reaction (unbeknownst to me) when R said we were going to go up the next hill to the very top, I think I was asking if we could go this way because it looked less steep but I was wrong (I had changed into comfy clothes and had no make-up on, so excuse my mess of an appearance). It’s just as well we didn’t climb to the top then as we would’ve missed the sunset!IMG_3309IMG_3316I’ve never watched the sunset before, by myself or with another, so it was really nice to actually watch the sun disappear. The land looked really pretty right up to that point and I was very glad that it would be down from here.IMG_3314R wanted to run (and I mean run) up the hill to the very top, so I waited whilst he did so and filmed him haha. This is how he looked (zoomed in) once he had reached the top, there was no way that I was going to reach the top, he almost creamed in himself! He looks so tiny, it looks like I snapped a shot of an alien which is fitting considering there was a crop circle in the next field haha. We headed on down the hill before making our way back home for the evening and it confirmed that I was in dire need of some walking boots if R wished to go back up there again; my black flat sneakers definitely didn’t provide any support at all!

So that’s it for that weekend 😦 I had such a great day on Saturday and I was pretty miserable come Sunday morning when R had to leave at 10:30am to head back to work after 2 weeks off together. I’m currently suffering the holiday blues and getting back into my individual routine, which includes sleeping alone, staying at mine and using public transport, and has proven not only difficult but disheartening. For 3 weeks I had lived out of a bag, staying with R each night because my house is currently a building site that I can’t even relax in, and driving everywhere; when he left I had the horrid task of tidying my room, putting on wash loads and packing everything back into its original place, it’s almost like a ‘cleanse’ for when he has gone and I’ve got to get back into routine, and I absolutely hate it.

He’ll be back on Thursday evening though as it is bank holiday weekend, so I’m excited for him to come back. We’ve got lots to discuss and are currently in the process of sorting out our holiday in Cumbria next February, I even managed to order my walking boots which have arrived and have already been tested (but that’s for another post)! As of now though I am currently looking into my theory for driving very soon, I’m pretty terrified of change tbh but it looks like my current situation isn’t going to change anytime soon so something has to change my end! Thank you for reading, until next time~♥

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