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Walking new footpaths – Organs for donation, caught in the downpour and the pretty pink tractor!

Hellooo my lovely readers, I hope you are making the most of the summer especially now that it is fast coming to an end; I noticed lots of dead leaves being blown about already! I personally have been spending more time outside this year than I think I ever have, I love it! In my last post I had visited the zoo and watched the sunset, R had returned home and I was suffering the holiday blues but a lot has happened since then…IMG_3340IMG_3341IMG_3342The following weekend my friend JY got me out of the house which was desperately needed; my dad was doing some extreme decorating downstairs with the floor and radiators so I literally was cooped up in my room. We decided to go walking since we were both skint, so I wore my Canada t-shirt that R’s parents got me whilst away and my Under Armour hoodie that R got me whilst he was also away.IMG_3345IMG_3343IMG_3348IMG_3349It felt good to be back outdoors again, we visited the local forest and walked around before making our way to the hill that me and R watched the sunset from the weekend prior. My new walking boots had arrived earlier that week so I finally got the chance to wear and trial them! I’m incredibly happy with them and that hill was nowhere near as difficult to get up as last time, I felt like a little billy goat! We got right to the top where we spotted a giant black cloud raining in the distance and suddenly felt the urge to quickly leave. I think we got to the bottom of the hill before it soaked us…at least we were forewarned or it could’ve been a lot worse!IMG_3354IMG_3356So here is a couple of updated photos of the now-one room downstairs; it’s been painted a light grey with a light oak laminate floor (which btw had to be pulled up twice after being fully laid because my dad dropped a nail gun on it and then wasn’t happy with the final lay). It looks really nice and spacious now!IMG_3357My Organ Donor card arrived as I had ticked on my driver’s licence that I was happy to be one; personally I think that if I’m dead then it won’t matter too much if someone else gets to live with my organs, especially since I have a rare blood type. My family and R know about this, so now it goes in my purse so people are aware.

R came back on Thursday evening last week because he had Friday and Monday off, so on Saturday we decided to go to Swindon rather than the normal city because I was bored of it. He wanted a Nandos and I wanted Hobbycraft so it was the perfect place to visit or so we thought…IMG_3368IMG_3369IMG_3379IMG_3381IMG_3382This part of the country was experiencing some big thunder and lightning storms along with heavy rain on Saturday and we got caught in it! We were in Nandos when the storm struck and it POURED it down, we thought it might’ve stopped by the time we left but it didn’t so R was all “let’s just go, it’ll be fun and I bet it’ll stop soon, it won’t be bad blah blah” and ofc it got 10x worse and soaked us through. We were so wet and cold that when we popped into HMV the till girl asked if we were okay and started putting out slip hazard signs. We visited some shops before hopping back in the car to head to Hobbycraft where we proceeded to blast the heating at ourselves and turn on the heated seats in an attempt to warm up and get dry!IMG_3384IMG_3386On Sunday we decided to visit The Great Dorset Steam Fair! R and his family were really excited as it is more within their interests than mine (though I did miss out on the Bath and West show so I was more than happy to go to an outdoorsy event) though neither of us were happy for the 06:45am wake up call…We were out the door by 07:30 and there by 09:00am, not so bright eyed and bushy-tailed though.IMG_3387IMG_3390IMG_3397IMG_3399IMG_3400IMG_3406IMG_3408IMG_3409IMG_3410IMG_3414IMG_3415IMG_3430IMG_3431IMG_3432IMG_3437IMG_3398So as you can imagine there were lots of steam-related things there; steam engines, steam tractors and other steam vehicles along with vintage cars and other old-age modes of transport. I wasn’t really that interested tbh (not a vehicle girl) until I came across this…IMG_3412A PINK TRACTOR!! I named this photo ‘When our worlds collide’ because it legit expresses that even though me and my boyfriend have very different interests, we still work together in harmony just like this pink tractor. IT’S SO CUTE.IMG_3417IMG_3420IMG_3423IMG_3426IMG_3427IMG_3429We then went and watched the falcon show which was very interesting as they had larger birds of prey, such as the Bald Eagle, than most falcon shows. The guy was pretty humorous talking about how most times the birds just want to rip of his head, especially the Russian Steller’s Sea Eagle which is absolutely massive (bird with the yellow beak)!

Afterwards we watched the Gundog show which was so funny my sides started to hurt from laughing so much; the chap doing it was telling us about how they used hawks to catch the rabbits as well as ferrets and dogs. The ferrets were especially funny because one of them kept dashing away from him and bouncing around with one of the others; at one point he legged it and when the guy went to get him, he started bouncing around doing a little war dance that they do when they want to play fight lol it was really cute. They had a Springer Spaniel, 3 Cocker Spaniels (one was a tiny puppy called Gilly), a black Labrador (who was absolutely desperate to jump out of the truck and play her part) and a Hungarian Vizsla Pointer (who was insistent that a leaf was the target and not the feather the guy had on a stick lol). It was all really funny and they showed us a demonstration of how they used the dogs, ferrets and hawk all together when hunting (unfortunately I didn’t get any photos as I was too interested in actually watching the show).IMG_3438After more wandering around, I was starting to get hungry. I had a few cups of tea and a bacon roll but all the walking stopped me from feeling hungry until everyone else decided they wanted more food; upon passing a crepe and doughnut stall whilst hunting for a cash machine, I was set on getting a Nutella and banana crepe (and some fresh doughnuts).IMG_3442IMG_3450IMG_3455IMG_3457IMG_3459IMG_3464IMG_3473IMG_3474IMG_3480We wandered up to the military re-enactment area where they were just starting a military horse show. First of all they paraded the horses around the edge of the paddock (the Dapple Grey was our favourite because he was hench), before showing us how they used lances to take off the enemy’s head or spear their heart, and also how they did ‘tent pegging’ where they took out the tent pegs to drop the tent on their unsuspecting enemies during surprise attacks on the camps. It was all very interesting and at the very end they lined up before charging to the other end of the paddock so that we could hear the sound of charging horses.

The guy however made inappropriate remarks about Germans (as focusing on WWI) but thankfully he was reminded of this and admitted to the crowd his bad habit of making inappropriate comments which made it quite awkward, especially when he told a German in the crowd to “stand over there so that we can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get up to anything funny” which offended the ¼ German in me a little.IMG_3488At the very end we decided to go and watch some Steam Tractor pulling which I think had been delayed because it was wet. This part wasn’t all that interesting to me and I was starting to get very tired and sore from all the walking lol (maybe I would’ve taken more interest if the pink tractor was pulling).

Finally at 17:10 we decided to leave, that’s 8 hours of walking! It was so tiring and my legs were still hurting days after! My wellies got good and dirty, and it would’ve been nicer had the weather not been shite for 6 of the hours we were there and I had actually remembered to charge my camera so I didn’t have to use my iPhone but overall I had a good day. We got back and had a Chinese whilst watching the F1 race; I later stepped on a bit of glass and hurt my foot, and woman’d up a bit with a nice bubble bath and LUSH Cosmetic’s bath bomb Dragon’s Egg!

On Monday morning R had to go back home 😦 so I spent the rest of my day tidying my room, organising my scrapbook stuff and scrapbooking. Everything is suddenly really in the air right now which is quite scary! Things are going to be changing over the course of the next 6 months at a rapid pace which will be good for me in the long run; first of all I am focusing on driving!! That’s all I have been up to lately, I’ve had a rather stressful week so I’m looking forward to just relaxing, scrapbooking, theory learning and possibly taking photos for my Hyper Japan haul post over the weekend! Thanks for reading, until next time~♥

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