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A spontaneous visit to the East – Eating Giraffe, first Long Island Iced Tea and an event dedicated to Land Rovers!

Hello everyone, long time no see! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you I’ve just been really busy and doing not much at the same time; I had a lot going on but nothing worth blogging about, I’ve mostly been reading and scrapbooking in my spare time. I did have a fairly exciting week so now I do have something worth blogging about!img_3501I started reading Harry Potter again because 1) I had been reading a lot of HP fanfiction lately and really enjoy reading about the world, 2) it gives me lots of inspiration and 3) it is a really good distraction to life’s problems and stress lol. I was wandering around Waterstones and came across some HP merchandise since they are promoting the new HP book (which I have got and completed – I’ll do a review on it soon), and I found a Slytherin pin badge! I was thinking only a few days before that I would love to have the badge to put on my scarf but didn’t have one, now I do!img_3503The weather here has been out of whack seriously. One minute we’re in the middle of a heat wave and the next it is bucketing down with thunderstorms and lightening. Despite the rain though, it still remained really hot and muggy!p1160808img_3519So I had some time off but nothing planned and decided to spontaneously visit the boyfriend, so on Wednesday (which was creeping up to 30 degrees) I woke up at 07:30am, packed and appropriately dressed by 09:30am and at the station for my 10:00am train. I made sure to wear something loose, breathable and comfortable for the long 4 hour+ journey, so I wore my long basketball-style vest, cropped leggings and sneakers!

I got there at 2:30pm, thankfully there was little disruption to the trains and I got everything on time. I did meet a Portuguese guy who needed help with the tube and he ended up following me all the way to Kings Cross; we chit-chatted all the way there before he said goodbye and gave me a big hug (we did shake hands first as us Brits do but I guess they are more friendly in Portugal that they hug??). Despite being tired when R picked me up, we ended up going out for dinner at Nandos with 4 of his guy mates; it was a very testosterone-heavy meal I can tell you lol.img_3524img_3525img_3526img_3527img_3529img_3531On Thursday I spent the majority of my time in his room whilst he went to work; I read some more HP, did some rough sketches for future drawings and watched a lot of First Dates. I have watched a couple of episodes of Stranger Things and was very interested but unfortunately I don’t have Netflix so can’t watch anymore.

In the evening we went out for dinner and ate at the restaurant Giraffe (did I just make my first click-bait title!?). I chose the Spaghetti all’ Amatriciana which is kind of like a spaghetti bolognaise with a bit of chilli, and R chose the Chicken Katsu Noodles. For dessert he went for the Hot Choc Brownie served with vanilla ice cream and I chose just a bowl of salted caramel ice cream.img_3537We then went to Frankie and Benny’s next door for cocktails, well I did because I really fancied one, R just had coffee but I tried my first Long Island Iced Tea which was really nice. I really enjoy trying cocktails!img_3540img_3542img_3543R had Friday off but unfortunately the weather was TERRIBLE, the worst it has been all summer! There was so much rain that it caused flash flooding, and it is just lucky that R has a Land Rover now so we could drive through the puddles blocking off the road. Because we couldn’t really go out anywhere we spent most of the day chilling and only popped out briefly to Tesco because I really needed to get out of the room lol. We popped into Costa for a pick me up which was a hot chocolate and Millionaire Shortbread-type thing, before heading back and watching The Purge: Anarchy (which was really good though a tad scary) and watching the sunset from his window.p1160814On Saturday we woke up at 07:30am and got ready to visit something that R had been looking forward to for a really long time – The Land Rover Owner International Show. He had had his ticket booked for a long while but I wasn’t aware he would be up so early to attend it and since I didn’t want to be up at 06:00am to catch a train back home, we booked a ticket so that I could attend too. It wasn’t my ideal day out what with being up so early and walking around in the freezing cold wind to look at cars but whatever makes him happy lol.p1160818I’m just going to throw this photo of a Jacuzzi in there (it was at the event) before I share a ton of Land Rover-related photos; it looked so nice and relaxing, and had this random ‘floating’ tap in the middle of it, baffled a lot of children haha.p1160815p1160816p1160819p1160832p1160833p1160838p1160842p1160839p1160843p1160844p1160852p1160853p1160857p1160849p1160854There was so many different kinds of Land Rovers, I had no idea! Did you spot the special Tomb Raider and Minion ones??p1160820p1160822p1160824p1160830p1160834p1160835p1160836We watched a couple of shows as well in the main arena; the first one was someone driving rally-style Land Rover cars around the track at high speed and spraying mud everywhere, the second was more interesting where a Land Rover team were competing in a mini competition to drive through the off-road obstacle course, not many got far though because they kept getting their wheel stuck on a log.p1160856p1160861p1160845p1160848p1160859p1160864Here’s a few random photos! Please excuse my tired and minimal make-up face, I was not going to doll myself up for this outside event lol. Two of my favourite things at the event was the bubblegum sundae and all the dogs!! There was so many there so it catered for both of us and I have a feeling that had we had a ton of money we would’ve came home towing 2 extra vehicles and 6 dogs. So many puppies! The flat-coated retrievers looked like giant versions of Wally! In the last photo I got photobombed AGAIN and this time I spotted it just as I took the photo lol, he found it hilarious (unlike R who looks like he ate something disgusting but I think I just caught him off guard lol).

We were going to do the off-roading experience that you can do but R thought they had ran out of tickets and wasn’t aware that you could just turn up and pay a slightly higher price to do the experience, so unfortunately we didn’t get to do that but he had a good day still so that’s the important thing; next year though!p1160866Last photo of the day was taken as we were making our way back to the car, it’s of the ‘Land Rover Only’ car park that R was extremely excited to finally get to park in haha. He also made a funny and said “Now to find the car…I think I was parked next to a Land Rover” his sense of humour all over, at least some guy passing us got a chuckle!

Unfortunately the end of the event also meant time for me to head home. R decided to drop me off in Cambridge since we would be passing there and I had to catch a much earlier train than the one I planned to because he had to head back and pack for Sweden which he flew out to today! 😦 I got back a little earlier and basically just collapsed shortly after 9:00pm but dreamt about spiders because there was a giant spider in my room and I had to call my dad on the phone for him to come up and get it because I didn’t want to take my eye off of it and risk losing it =_=.

Today seems to be going really fast and I totally had more that I wanted to do! I am feeling a little bummed out that R is away again so soon but thankfully it’s only for 2 weeks! I doubt I’ll be doing much for the rest of the month now as I’m skint, visiting the bf doesn’t come cheap! Thankfully it’s only a couple more weeks until payday! I’ll probably be posting up some overdue planned posts, so look out for them! Until next time~♥

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