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Little Twin Stars Cosplay Tutorial Part 1 – The making of Kiki and Lala’s accessories!~♥

Hellooo, how’s it going? Apologies for not writing much lately, I really haven’t been doing anything of interest and a lot of my time has been focused on other things. It’s been AGES since Hyper Japan so I figured it was about time I gave myself a kick up the ass and got onto some long-awaited posts!

I am very excited to be writing this post because this is my FIRST personal Cosplay post!! Hurray! *throws confetti* As you are already aware from my Hyper Japan posts, me and my best friend Pixie made our cosplay debut on the Saturday dressed as Kiki and Lala from Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars!! Way back when we first ever attended Hyper Japan in 2014 when we attempted Lolita for the first time, Pixie mentioned that we would make a very good LTS couple cosplay because she was dressed in blue and I was in pink. From then we decided that we would in fact cosplay these characters at some point, and 2016 was the year!!P1160370So I decided, as a cosplay noob, I would write a tutorial on how I put together the costumes for my first cosplay experience! I think it would be very helpful for those of you who want to cosplay but haven’t yet and are new just like me. The idea of cosplaying can be very daunting because you always see these massive, expensive and time-consuming hand-made costumes, but there are lots of characters out there that require very little materials, effort, money and skill whilst still being effective and true to the characters! We chose LTS because not only are they Japanese which keeps in theme with the convention we attended but they are also very kawaii!!~♥

So first we’ll be starting with the accessories, Lala’s accessories actually because she was the character that I cosplayed and the first set of accessories that I made! First let’s look at the wand.

You will need:

  • 6mm doweling (cut to the length you desire) – B&Q
  • Polystyrene star – eBay
  • Yellow paint (for star) – Hobbycraft
  • Yellow glitter (for star) – eBay
  • Lilac paint (for wand) – Hobbycraft
  • PVA glue (for sealing)

You will also need something to stand the stick in whilst it dries (I used a lump of blue tac), paintbrush, plastic palette (for pouring paint/glue) and something to work on to prevent mess. My dad, having the knowledge and means, helped me to cut the doweling to size and put a hole in the star.p1150721p1150723p1150724


p11507261) Cut doweling to size using a mini saw and sand off rough edges.p1150728p11507302) Create a 1 inch deep hole into the polystyrene star that is the same width as the doweling; to do this my dad heated up a screw gun and drilled into the bottom of the star. You must melt the hole in since the structure of polystyrene will just crumble and fall apart if you attempt to dig the hole; melting the hole will seal off the polystyrene so that it does not weaken the structure and will be smooth and well-fitted to the doweling.p1150735p1150736p1150738p1150805p11509373) Paint the star with yellow paint – Note: I didn’t realise that for most paints you need to ‘prime’ the polystyrene or else the paint won’t stick to it; my paint was acrylic which is usually fine to paint straight onto polystyrene (will state on the back) but I think it was a little thin because it had glitter in it. Not quite knowing what to do, I did an old trick that I used to do with making glittery Christmas cards, and sprinkled the glitter onto the wet paint completely coating it. Once everything had dried, the glitter stayed and made a base that the paint could properly adhere to so I just kept adding coats of paint, glitter, paint, glitter, paint until such times as I got the coverage that I wanted. If you have spare doweling, use this to stand the star up whilst it dries to keep doweling for wand clean.p11508014) Paint doweling for wand with lilac paint, stand to dry by inserting into blue tac.p11509385) Paint star with PVA glue until completely covered; this will ensure that the paint is sealed and protected.
6) Once star has completely dried, paint PVA glue into the hole and insert the doweling of the wand; leave to dry.
7) Once everything is dry, paint around the hole and the rest of the wand with PVA glue to secure the connection and seal the paint.

Ta da! Super easy overall, I just had to wait a long while for all of the drying processes but the final product came out really well! I was really surprised how the star turned out, using glitter as base for the paint worked really well; I finished it with a coat of paint and once it had dried the glitter shone through the paint and it looked really pretty! I will definitely be using this method for other glittery items I create in the future, and the wand held up really well during the day and throughout all the travelling!

Next up is Lala’s bow! Now in most of the LTS illustrations she doesn’t have a bow, just her wand, but I felt like her design would be a little bit boring and that’s when I came across one of her many designs where she is sporting a lilac polka dot bow!tumblr_m3kqpffqkn1r5r8hbo1_500I did actually create a star to go on the bow but for some reason it just didn’t want to sit right, so I ended up leaving the star out and just having the bow which still looked cute!

You will need:

  • Lilac polka dot fabric – Ebay
  • Thread and needle

p1160133p1160134p1160135p1160136p1160139p1160140p1160142I mostly followed this tutorial here to create the bow but here’s a quick run down of what I did (following the tutorial will make my actions more clearer):

  1. Measure and cut out a rectangular piece of fabric depending on how big you want your bow to be.
  2. Fold it in half with the wrong side showing on the outside and sew a simple stitch along the long side.
  3. Fold it inside out so that the correct side is now showing on the outside and move the seam you just created to the middle of the fabric.
  4. Can’t quite remember what I did next, I think I folded the two open ends to the middle of the fabric; if you squash it down where the ends meet  then it will create a bow shape. I didn’t worry too much about the messy ends showing as this will be covered when you wrap the ‘knot’ around the middle of the bow.
  5. Squeeze the fabric into the middle to create the bow shape and sew in the middle to hold the shape.
  6. With a much smaller piece of fabric, follow the same steps to section 3 and then wrap the material around the middle of the bow and stitch into place. This creates the ‘knot’ of the bow and covers the messy stitching
  7. Slip a bobby pin through the knot.

I didn’t follow the tutorial exactly but the result was just as good and required less faffing about; I messily stitched the ‘knot’ in place but this was going to be at the bottom of the bow, hidden by my head once it was clipped in place. Originally I wanted a ‘puffy’ bow but it just didn’t sit right, so I scrapped it and I am quite happy with how my second attempt came out! It’s the first time I’ve ever made a bow too! It was really easy to follow and I just made the measurements fit to how big I wanted the bow. I attached it with a bobby pin since this would be pinned into the wig that I would be wearing.

The next part is Kiki’s star and sash! Now I will be completely honest that I did NOT make this part; overall I did all of the organising, shopping for costume pieces, paying for materials, making my props and researching the make-up, so I don’t feel too bad that I didn’t make Pixie’s prop because I technically made my cosplay and did everything else lol. I did purchase the materials though!

You will need:

  • Yellow fleece fabric – Local fabric store
  • Light-medium pink fabric – Local fabric store
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine
  • Velcro
  • Toy stuffing
  • Flat stuffing

p1160384p1160385p1160386p1160387So I can’t give you the exact run down on this procedure because I didn’t make it, so I’ll give you a brief overview:

  1. Create a paper star template and cut 2x the shape out of the yellow fleece.
  2. With the wrong side facing outwards, sew around the edge but leave a small gap so that you can turn the star inside out.
  3. Cut your sash length from the pink fabric; we ensured that it was about 3-4” wide and long enough to wrap around the waist of the person wearing it.
  4. Sew the star to the middle of the sash, then stuff the star and sew the gap closed (creating a plush/pillow of a star).
  5. A flat stuffing of the same width and length to the sash was used and sewn inside the sash to give it more ‘hold’ then Velcro was sewn to the end of the sash’s length (where it will cross-over on your waist); you can create a sash without the stuffing or use a thick ribbon, but this helped the sash to hold up the bow and star without sagging.
  6. The bow was created separately out of the same material as the sash in a similar fashion to the star; sewing wrong side out, turned inside out, stuffed and gap sewn before another piece of material was ‘wrapped’ around to create the ‘knot’ of the bow (like the head bow). This was then sewn to the end of the sash that would cross-over on top of the other end when around your waist, covering the overlap.

I’m HOPING that you can roughly see what I meant by looking at the photos, as I said above I can’t give you the exact run down because I didn’t make the prop. It wasn’t how I had planned to make it but I trust my dad’s girlfriend better since she has more skill and a sewing machine haha. Because both the bow and the star was sewn in the middle, they seemed to ‘flop’ a little when Pixie put it on, so whilst she was wearing it I used safety pins to pin them up via the sash so that they stood upright; you can sew if you choose but I was being too lazy because it was left until the morning of the day it was being worn. Just in case you are wondering, the star was made fairly small because I didn’t want Pixie to struggle wearing it but we made it big enough for you to see and recognise the character.

And that’s it for the props! You might think that not a massive amount of effort went into making my props but I haven’t crafted anything since school which was like…9 years ago now?? I don’t really have the skill for crafting, so I’m actually very proud of myself considering I did next to no research (at least for the wand) on how to construct it. There was lots of trial and error especially with the bow but it all worked out in the end.

I wanted a cosplay that would be easy to put together with little effort because I work full-time and my spare time is taken up with socialising with friends/family/boyfriend and doing things that I didn’t have enough time to do in the week lol. I don’t think I could ever construct a costume fully from scratch, it would take FOREVER (plus I’m lazy and procrastinate really bad).

Anyway I’m really happy with the way the costumes turned out, I think we looked like the characters and for my first costume that wasn’t store-bought ready-made, I don’t think I did a bad job! My next post will be focusing on the rest of the costume so please look forward to that! Thank you for reading, until next time~♥

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